Your Favorite FG Theme Songs


Merged: What's your favorite fighting game soundtrack?

Top 10 because I’m too much of a scrub to post videos:

  1. Paul’s Theme - Tekken 2
  2. SLUM NO 5/ USA Sports Team Theme - KOF 98
  3. Terry’s Theme - Garou Mark of the Wolves
  4. Yoshimistu’s Theme - Tekken 2
  5. Swamp Stage Theme- Marvel vs Capcom 2
  6. Spinal’s Theme - Killer Instinct
  7. Ibuki’s Theme - 3S and SF4
  8. Beach Stage Theme - Tekken 4
  9. Ryuji Yamazaki’s Theme- Fatal Fury
  10. Sentinel’s Theme - COTA X-Men


Here are a few of my favorites"""


Lol come at me bro


I posted 2 videos, but it said they were awaiting mod review, and that was hours ago.

So mine are:

The new KI theme
Guilty Gear “still in the dark”


-Dudley’s 3s theme (original, NOT the 3sOE mix)
-Arakune’s theme (BBCT and BBCS)
-Slayer’s theme (GGXXAC)
-Mad Gear Hideout (Only good thing about SFxT, imo)
-Anakaris’ Vampire Hunter theme


We already have a thread for this


There was a 2 year old thread I found, and I tried posting, but i didnt see it ge tbumped or anything.


Street Fighter Alpha Character Select song

and Vanilla Street Fighter IV Character Select song. 100 times better than AE character select song. Please bring this back in Ultra!


Juri’s theme song.


Guile’s theme of course


I’m digging Ken’s theme in 3S


If stage themes count then this


the one true fighting game song




I got more…hold on


^^^still one of my favorite themes of all fucking time


Love TVC music. Assist OK!


Guile’s theme due to this damn KFC commercial . .


My girl May