Your Favorite Fighting Game Specials/Supers

What’s up, SRK.

Fighting game characters are some of the most unique and recognizable video game characters ever. Over two decades of fighting games - everything from Street Fighter to Mortal Kombat to Children of the Atom, Guilty Gear, Blazblue, Primal Rage, War Gods, etc., has yielded what probably amounts to hundreds if not over a thousand different characters.

Each of these characters are unique in the way they look and act, in their motivations, outlooks and attitudes.

Those are all fine, but what REALLY draws me in and makes a character memorable are their special moves. You know what I’m talking about: those flashy, badass, physics-murdering, mind-melting, roll-that-stick-then-press-a-button attacks that make or break (or sometimes really break) a fighting game character.

We’re all on SRK and that means we all love fighters, which means that each of us has a few special moves firmly rooted in that ethereal, sacred, holy ground that is the entire body of our existence.

What are yours?

I’ll start off.

  1. George XIII (Rachel Alucard, Blazblue: Calamity Trigger): During my summer of passion with Blazblue, few moves stand out as clearly in my mind as Rachel’s electric frog prince. Besides being an absolutely ridiculous concept, George was actually really useful. You could use Slipheed to push the poor frog across the screen and shock unsuspecting fools. My favorite part though, was the way Rachel so elegantly and pompously called his name every time she summoned him.

  2. **Spinning Piledriver **(Zangief, Street Fighter II): I was probably around 6 and my friend knew how to do Zangief’s SPD. I’d sit there in his living room, trying to mimic him but to no avail. I mean, how the fuck were you supposed to throw someone when your dude jumped up in the air every single time you tried the motion? It wasn’t until I was 15 that I finally got rid of my 360 phobia and I’m happy to say that I now wrestle bears like a champ.

  3. Senkugoshoha (Gouken, Street Fighter IV): Before SFIV, who actually had any idea who Gouken was, what he definitively looked like and how he fought? I was admittedly kinda obsessed with this old dude, and I remember, during the summer of…08’?, when Capcom Japan released an “April Fools” redux of the old Sheng Long joke. Taking a look at the picture though…it was too well detailed, too well made…could it be true? Would Gouken finally make it into a SF game after a decade of waiting? Indeed he did. After snagging my copy of SFIV, I immediately unlocked him and started learning the mysterious elderly master. I have Gouken and his trademark Senkugoshoha aka “rush palm,” to thank for my modern day fixation with fighting games. You brought me back dude, thanks.

  4. Freeze (Sub-Zero, UMK3): I didn’t know what “being salty” meant back when I was a kid, but you knew you found something beautiful and glorious when you beat the other kid so bad that he started crying on his birthday. Hey, it’s not my fault you challenged me to MK without prior knowledge of my time on a Chinese zen mountain practicing QCF motions. Freeze, uppacut, freeze, uppacut. Rinse, wash, repeat until tears start flowing and you get scolded for not playing nice. Deep inside though, everyone at the party knew that little fuck had it coming to him.

Alright, your turn. Favorite supers/hyper combos/desperations/etc. also welcome.


Demitri’s Midnight Bliss or Lord Raptor/Zabel’s Slam Dunk supers stand out in my mind. Actually, just put me down for all DS/Vampire moves.


custom combo + one move being repeated over and over = gold mine of salty tears


On topic, Makoto Nanaya’s Particle Flare and Big Bang Smash, because I’m a huge sucker for anime cut-ins. >_>

Slayer’s Instant Kill
Jam’s Instant Kill and Hidden Overdrive

3S Ken Super Art 3

Kyo’s Vermillion Heaven Exorcism
All of Oro’s supers
Mu-12’s Omohikane
Jam’s Instant Kill
may’s goddamn whale super
Bang’s Furinkazan
Gato’s Spinal Tap

1:54, 480p


Valle CC

Vega’s Bloody High Claw in the SFIV series, and Red Impact.

Final Kamehameha
BigBang Kamehameha
hell basically any super from DBZBT3, yes im a huge fan of DBZ and that game really made the techniques look amazing

Speaking of which, Android 18’s Kienzan from DBZ SB3 on the Super Famicom. Nothing like having the only homing projectile in a game where everyone lost their homing projectiles (but got buffed runaway due to the ability to fly out even in the close in screen).

Geese Howard’s Raging Storm

Shermies HSDM from 2k2:

Wolf Hawkfield’s Giant Swing (Virtua Fighter). In fact Wolf has a* ton* of awesome moves in VF games, he’s like an amalgamation of every great wrestler who ever lived. People’s Elbow, Burning Hammer, Shining Wizard…

I also love Vega’s Flying Barcelona Attack. Especially when he used to climb the cage back in SF2. I remember playing that when I was 7 or so with my friends trying to figure out how to do it. Finally learning how to do Izuna Drops was just… amazing.

Terry’s entire moveset.

Akuma- Shun Goku Satsu. The official Instant Death Super. Many imitate, but none can replicate. SHOSH!

Akuma- MISOGI! When you saw this move cut fuckin Bison in half, you knew Shin Akuma means buisness.

Ken- Shippu Jinrai Kyaku. Ken’s official playboy super. Something bout hit confirming into this just makes you feel so badass.

Dan:Legendary Taunt. Dan’s claim to fame. Pulling one off is just the best. Plus it seems to change like, every game.

Dan: Dankukyaku.Holy Crap, Dan’s got a move thats a frame trap, high damage special move, anti air, pressure tool…you name it. So amazing haha.

Dan: Gadouken. Taste my fireball! it goes less distance than my fist! Getting KO’d by this is just too much haha.

Geese- Jei Ken. Just love the way the move looks and how Geese says it. JEEEIII KEN! JEEIII KEN!

Geese/Rock-Raging Storm. I wanna anti air with this all day.

Geese/Rock-Deadly Rave- Remembered the first time you finally mastered this move? Nothin quite like that feeling.

Ryu- Shin Shoryu- This move is even greater than the Shinryuken to be honest. Ryu’s full concentrated power. BAM!

Bang shishigami- Fu Rin Ka Zan- Bang is just too amazing. I wish he could be in more games. What other super gets their own damn theme!?

Yoshimitsu- Slap U Silly- Yoshimitsu is the unorthodox Ninja. This move is the perfect example.

Yoshimitsu- his new super in Sf x T- Now thats swordplay! I swear, i dont know why Yoshimitsu IS a ninja at all. He should be a Samurai.

Guy- Bushin Muso Renge. Shun Goku Satsu w/ a ninja twist. Guy pulls it off very well.

Guy-Izuna Drop. Izunas will always be my favorite grab based move. They just look so awesome.

Devil Jin- Samsara- I really like this new move in Tekken 6 and the idea around it. A launcher that can be turned into a mix up game of having to deal with a quick High, a mid that can be combo’d after and crushes a lot of moves, a grab, or an unblockable laser?! Too bad all of them can just be side stepped. If DJin is in Sf x T hopefully its better in that game.

Jedah- All special moves. Honestly. Hes got everything and makes it incredibly unique and bad ass. Spinnign death blades, Izuna drop that shanks u with his sword wings, cuts off his own head and attacks you with the blood from doing so, THE PUMP!, demon blood hands that drag you down, stealing your soul and signing it on a contract of your own blood, etc.

Vice’s Gorefest normal command grab. Grabs you by the throat slides forward while scraping your face on the ground. They took the blood out on her CvS2 version but added a additional move to it. My Favorite. Just down right dirty

My Top Favorite specials / supers by game are.

  • KOF & Fatal Fury ( Vice, Geese, Rock, Gato, Kim Dong Hwan, Ralf, Goenitz, Yashiro, O.Yahshiro, Yamazaki)
  • Marvel Series (Everyone, Especially Thanos “Reality!”)
  • Guilty Gear (Everyone game is sick, dem Instant Kills!)
  • Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (Dio, Shadow Dio, Vanilla Ice, Hell everyones is cool)

Cutting the list short before i go crazy up in this thread, i could go on and on…

Bionic Arm!

kim kaphwans’ super. The one where he just dashes up to you and starts kicking your ass.

Jills Tyrant super from MVC2.