Your favorite fighting movies

SUrf NinJas was awesome dudes. They had ninjas that surfed.

I second this. You’ll never look at martial arts or fighting movies again after this one.

  • Iron Monkey
  • Miracles/Black Dragon (even though it only had 4 fight scenes in the whole movie)
  • Contract Killer
  • Black Belt Jones
  • Black Dragon Fever (though the black guy wasn’t even the main character)

Every few months this piece of shit keeps popping up to remind me it’s not dead yet…

Let’s see…
The Last Dragon
Black Belt Jones
Cleopatra Jones
Blood and Bone

Edit : Since Rhio2k brought up Double Impact I had to bring these up.


Peep a movie called Bruce Lee: A Warrior’s Journey. It reconstructs the completed portion of Game of Death according to Bruce Lee’s original specifications. (The movie called Game of Death that was released after he died was a bastardized version that had nothing to do with the original concept.)

While you’re at it, also watch Way of the Dragon and Enter the Dragon.

overact much? that shit is worse than the overacting in dbz.

clan of the white lotus
master killer
the one-armed swordsman

Ip Man (the first one)

Who Am I
Iron Monkey
Unleashed/Danny the Dog
District B-13
Ong Bak

No one said kung fu hustle? What is this shit? Oh ya and Indiana jones can take on almost anyone, he has the power to know how to beat anyone

Indy w/ about-to-be-killed assist
Jackie Chan with ladder assist

The best has gotta be Riki Oh.
[media=youtube]3-sVzoEh78c[/media] (“why don’t i just strangle you with my intestines” 1:44)

But in all seriousness, my favourite fighting films are all kung fu flicks. 36 chambers of shaolin, enter the dragon, fist of fury, twin warriors, 5 deadly venoms, fist of legend, and way of the dragon

Dude I just saw this today on showtime and its already one of my favorite fighting movies. The last fight scene was just epic.

Now for my list:
King of the Kickboxers [media=youtube]jna8FblC3dA[/media]
Kung Fu hustle
Enter the Dragon.

A ton more but they’re just not coming to mind at the moment.

Enter the Dragon
Game of Death (unfinished proper version)
Way of the Dragon
Prodigal Son
Fong Sai Yuk part 1 and 2
Street Fighter 2 Animated Movie
Fist of the North Star
Rumble in the Bronx
First Strike

damn when i was little, I used to watch King of the Kickboxers like everyday after school, that was my shit,

Cosign on The Last Dragon.

Riki-Oh was pretty incredible too

The original, where Jackie Chan gets trained by an old drunk?

I haven’t been able to sit through my two attempts at watching this movie yet. Maybe I should make that my project for this week.

Rocky, Rocky II, Rocky III, Rocky IV, Rocky Balboa (The REAL Rocky V), Gladiator (Not the Russell Crowe one, the one with Cuba Gooding and Brian Dennehy), Enter the Dragon, The One (some insane looking stuff in this one), Kill Bill.

there was this dubbed b-movie i remember watching when i was little, i only remember bits and pieces of it, but i remember a scene where, this grandpa was beating this two chicks that were trying to kill him, and then they put a bag over his head and finally killed him they were in a garage or something, and later on the grandaughter/daughter ends up killing them later in her own home after they tried to come kill her

I also remember a white guy being in the movie fighting this asian guy in a bamboo dome like structure with bamboo spikez, like the one in king of the kickboxers

wish i could remember this movie

Oh dam, how could I forget about The King of the Kickboxers. The acting was horrible but the fight scenes were were the best that b-movies had to offer.

“I’ll send you to hell to join your brother.”
“I’ve been there…for 10 years!!” :rofl:

Oh and how could I forget The Perfect Weapon. :looney:

i didn’t see The Protector…madness. imo better than ong bak. Blood and Bone looks good too but havent seen it yet.