Your Favorite KO Screen!

Well I can’t be anymore concise. Mine’s Hyper Combo Finish!!!:cool:

Finest KO. The way the announcer yells it just feels so satisfying. HCF is awesome too though, especially with the background doing that crazy shit.

Finest KO… what’s that from?

I like GAME! personally.

EDIT: and googling “finest KO” shows that it’s from CvS2.

"knocked Out * * Chuuuuuiing !! *

  • Uaaaaaagh *

" Alright That’s Cool "


Always awesome.







To obtain a finest KO, satisfy one of the following: 1) counter a super move with a special move 2) counter a special move with a level 3 super 3) counter a super move with a super move 4) finish an opponent with a level 3 super who is taunting for 2) & 3), one can start with any normal/special move that counter the special/super move, as long as the finishing hit is the level 3 super, finest KO will appear.

When the screen explodes when a character is finished off by a super move.


I had absolutely no idea you were gonna say that.

ps Brandon Heat is sexy.

hcf… and i also like akuma’s rd finish

I like it when the announcer says “You Win!” It makes me happy to know that a human won, instead of the computer.

CHICKEN! (From Tekken 3/TTT) :bgrin:


Second being Finest KO. Seeing it never gets old and it always sticks out, but seeing Hyper Combo Finish is pretty standard.

Oh, that’s what I was thinking. Finest KO is pretty sweet. I liked those in CvS1. I don’t know if they were called Finest KO, but you know what I mean. With the sweet spinning design and shit?

SKREEEEEEEEEE (Raging Demon finish)

And the Super KO from Mark of the Wolves looks pretty nice.

Finest KO. Nothing is as epic.

Raging Demon finish in 3S is pretty close though.

ko from cfe