Your favorite soundtracks?


What are some musics you like in the game?
I personally like the victory theme, the “boom” sound effect helps too.
I also like the Volcanic Rim theme and lastly, the Character Select theme.
Some of the remakes are bad. Capcom’s starting to run out of ideas. :frowning:

Capcom needs music like these:



dudley’s theme is always top tier


sakura. It’s not even close

  1. Makoto
  2. Guy
  3. Dan
    would of said Ibuki too but nah I rather her 3s theme than SSF4 theme


I find the SF4 soundtrack lacking.

I replaced all the music with street fighter ex plus alpha’s soundtrack.





Fawk yes, SF: EX has the second best musics in the franchise. (Street Fighter 2 being first.)


I didn’t think that SFIV really had “character theme’s” anymore (but I’m probably wrong on that). I liked it when each character had a stage / music associated to them.

I like the Alpha soundtracks a lot.


Best Sf4 theme in my opinion has to be Balrogs. None of the others stand out.
I love the whole 3rd strike online OST though. Specially knock you out :wink:


My favourite is the African airport (Guile’s?) stage.

It reminds me of the music on the forest level of ‘Panzer Dragoon Zwei’…

ETA - If we’re going on fighting games in general, of course, then (pretty much every) Soulcalibur beats everything else into a cocked hat…


This song is beautiful:


And so is the VAST majority of the EX series songs.


Also Capcom’s training stage themes in general.




Oh, and Felicia’s UMVC3 theme is brilliant. :slight_smile:



I’m talking about the soundtracks of SSF4.
We ARE in the SSF4 category after all.


Oops, I thought this is the General Discussion section. Sorry.

If Street Fighter IV is concerned, I like Sagat’s theme,

Cammy’s theme,

and Ken’s theme,

Abel’s theme rocks too.