Your favorite spot/place you grew up in to play fighting games and what is it like now?


I’m just wondering where you guys used to go to for playing fighting games in the arcade.

One hot spot for me was Mr. Gatti’s, it’s where I had my first Tekken experience. I played Tekken 2 there and enjoyed playing it, but at the time, I knew no commands. There also used to be Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter, which had the one of the best openings of the *Capcom vs. *series.

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Some crappy arcade in Plymouth where I played Street Fighter II, I can’t recall the name now, but I think it’s an estate agents now!


A pizzeria in Queens where I used to play Street Fighter II with my big brother, its still there but they don’t have arcade machines anymore…


There were never any good arcades in Killeen when I was a kid. :frowning:


The arcades died at least 7 years ago. I saw a NeoWave KoF cabinet at a CiCi’s Pizza a few weeks ago. :slight_smile: Is that game any good?


Fuck Yea. Shit man lol. WIsh I had a Neowave Cab close by. Its a great game
Check out one of these Neowave **combo exhibition’s **

Anyways I got UVP Arcade here in Philly. They Got like 0 SNK games. But they have 2 or 3 Marvel cabs. TVC, Blazeblue, 2 SSF4:AE setups IIRC, and etc. From what i know they have upgraded nicely, they use to have very few fighting games in general in the arcade. Now they have a good variety and amount.

but damn a KOF Neowave cab. That shit must be crazy old.


Your arcade seems to have gone uphill, LOL.

Not only do I miss fighting games in arcades, but I miss pinball and some of the big Sega cabs, too. I remember my local Wal-Mart used to have MvC1 in the entrance of the store (that was back around 2000-2002 or so).



room, it’s dirty now.But really i go to the old post office pavillion in D.C., cause that’s the only place i can go


Denjin Arcade RIP
Interface RIP
Arcade Infinity RIP
Shibuya Sportsland RIP


The death of Arcade Infinity almost made me cry.

They had the best KOFXIII videos . . . ever. :frowning:


Pizzeria on the corner had WW and then CE…
Still there, but they have some random racing game now.

Corner deli had CE… then Alpha 1… they burned down.

Chinatown Fair is gone.

So yeah, sad story.


8 on the Break in New Jersey.
Haven’t been back there in over 15 years but it’s still there!
Be more interested if Rome Pizza was still a door down from them. Best grease pies ever.


With the closing of CF and the recent closing of American Hero in Brooklyn that marked the death knoll for every last random arcade spot I personally ever went to since the 90s. All of the random spots I knew in Queens are all gone. Times Square and the surrounding area, gone. Chinatown, done. I used to be able to walk home from Jamaica/Hillside Aves all the way back to Springfield Gardens and never be more than 15 min from at least a store with a machine of some sort in it.


IIRC Peter Pan and Smiles are still in Queens.
I’m pissed that even the overpriced Port Authority closed down.


Growing up in South Africa it was all about the corner shops:

Most of these spots have died out though. You’ll still find arcade machines here and there but kids don’t play them as much as they used to.


Wait, fuck what? When did this close down?


It was the third floor of this mall called Virramall. Place had like over half a dozen small arcades right next to each other. Couple of these places had these huge Megalo 50/Super Megalo 2 cabs that always had the big Capcom games that they always put in the center of the room where everyone could see you. Took balls to step up to it and challenge whoever was on it. I remember having my first taste of XvSF on one of those big cabs.

Sadly, the 3rd floor area of that mall burned down, and when they rebuilt, most of the arcades never returned. Now the whole place has been rebuilt as a high end mall, but it lacks the character and charisma of that old place.


Bus terminal near my old place had a pizzeria w/ an arcade in the back. I remember going there as a kid and playing SSF2/MSH/etc… they got rid of all the cabs awhile back though ;_;

Fuck, nearly every pizza place around me had cabs. Just pick a spot and go play marvel for a cpl hours…


Arcade at the mall had fighting games up until Marvel Superheroes and then they never bought any more or maintained even that Marvel cabinet. Eventually all the games became gimmicky rides and stuff and then it turned into a Hollister.