Your favorite tourney matches of all time

Post up, it can be from any game. Here’s mines…

Shady vs Valle
Row vs Sanford Evo 2006
Row vs JMar (at whatever ECC that was)
David Lee vs Justin Wong
Duc vs Sanford

Other games
A2 Choi vs Valle
CvS2 Cole vs that guy from Canada that turtles
ST Kurahashi vs Choi
T5 DR Mainstreet Ryu vs Qudans (any of them really)

I’ll probably post more as I remember them =/.

It doesn’t really get any better than this…


Also anything from Denjin-Video, their videos are always entertaining…


David Hem vs Buktooth in CvS2 grand finals at texas trashday yesterday, complete with an intermission.

Tipsy Buktooth fighting style is not something to be taken lightly.


I lol’d.


J vs Kokujin
This is the one where he gets two perfects.

I love that match as well. Boxer comeback is too strong.

Mines will always be Nestor vs. Wong in CvS2 Grand Finals at EVO East 2k7. It was just too good.

the most recent one i saw was the bbhood vs. amir FFA match

good shit.

[media=youtube]fCIb7Yv5wpo[/media] , the P.C vs MDR 2nd round rape in GGXX#R.

Also I really liked SBO 2k5 GG finals. Arisaka’s Robo-Ky self-exploding out of kaqn’s combo = too good.

Offhand, the one that comes to mind is Amir vs BBHood, from last year’s final denjin MvC2 video ranbat.

Amir vs Sextaro

FFA ranbat 2.4


You aren’t allowed to post SBO things here…or I would have posted a lot. Let’s just say, Kurahashi vs. Toutanki at SBO in SSF2T was amazing.

I wanted to put that one up myself.

Duc vs Sanford was pretty sick in Marvel.



Twelve winning

Azen (Falcon) vs Chu (Ice Climbers)

Twelve barely losing in an SBO qualifier…

YuuFune, I’d probably remove that second link…

K.O. vs. Daigo (Yun and Ken respectively) @ Evo2K3

This… Hayao vs KO lmao


One of the greatest beat downs, ever.

I loved this kof98 match…from China vs. Japan, XiaoHai vs. Oogosho: