Your favorite Ultras?


What are some of your fave Ultras in the game?

Fei Long: Ultra 2.
One Inch Punch, do I need to say more?

And please tell us why you chose that ultra, It’s boring reading a user’s post with just simple words.


metsu hadouken


Fei Ultra 1&2
Yang Ultra 1
Yun Ultra 2
Makoto Ultra 2


Uh huh…


abel 1
guy 2
gen PPP 1
Gen KKK 2


Honda and Seth’s U2s always give me a laugh.


Ryu Ultra 2. Yup.


Gen Crane Ultra 2
Dee Jay Ultra 2
Dudley Ultra 1
Yang Ultra 1
Bison Ultra 2




Corkscrew Cross, man. Fuckin’ cyclone punch up in here.


Seichusen Godanzuki! / Dick punch /


Ken U1 (shit eating grin)


Seichusen Godanzuki, and Rolling Thunder.


I really like Ryus U2 animation. Too bad that ultra sucks.


Oni’s U2
Fei’s U1
Guile’s U1
Gouken’s U1
and Hakan’s U2


whichever is Gen’s “YOU CANNOT DODGE WHAT YOU CANNOT SEE!!” is my favorite, but I like Mak’s dick punch too.

edit: I’ll be really sad if someone tells me it’s a super.


Final Destruction
Last Dread Dust
Metsu Shoryuken
Climax Beat
Bushin Muso Renge
Oil Combination Hold (lol)


My hands-down favorite is Ken’s Ultra 1. It was the first Ultra I ever saw in Street Fighter 4 and, more importantly, it was the first Ultra I ever successfully landed back when I was just some scrubby white guy who was only ever good at Super Street Fighter 2 on the SNES emptying his pockets of every last 100 yen coin at the chance to finally play Ken Masters in a new Street Fighter game. I can’t even believe how nostalgic it makes me to think about a game that dropped in 2008, but I get just a little hint of that feeling every time I see that Ultra come out.

Also it looks totally badass and it used to hit like a mofukken truck back in Vanilla. I won too many rounds just with that–far more than I deserved, to be perfectly honest–and I just wanted to look around the machine and tell my opponent to「それを保持する」(hold dat).

Some others I’m particularly partial toward:
-Both of Fei Long’s Ultras (especially Ultra 2) because they look extremely cool; very fitting for a movie star martial artist
-Both of Oni’s Ultras (especially Ultra 2) because they also look just crazy cinematic
-Guy’s Ultra 2 because it’s incredibly flashy and it looks like he just fucks up the opponent
-Most of all, Adon’s Ultra 2, which led me to decide to main Adon before I ever even knew he was good because I thought Adon’s voice was so incredibly annoying (especially his cackling during that Ultra) that it would put my opponents on-tilt


T. Hawk U2 - hard to land, but when it does, oh so sweet. S-S-SLAM U!


Raging Demon all of them…Akuma, Oni and E. Ryu…—hard to get more awesome than that…

Juri Ultra 2 ---- CRACK“that felt good didnt it?”…nuff said.

Dudley Rolling Thunder—I like the Hajime No Ippo reference.

Zangief Ultra 2 ----gots to protect dem Russian Skies yo.

Dan Ultra 1 - dat smile and wink…gets me every time.