Your favorite video game console start-up

What’s your favorite?

I’d say ps1 because it’s sooo damn epic.

NES cause it would go right to the game

Oh man, I was laughing for a good minute on this one. Kelter Skelter wins this thread! :lol:

My favorite console start-up would probably go to the Nintendo Gamecube. There was just so much funny stuff you could do to the Gamecube logo. You could spin it around and go to the console options screen (which was a pretty cool cube, I gotta say) and it had hilarious alternative jingles you could play by holding a button on boot. Quite great if you ask me.

How great is it Ikagi-chan?

And this has got to be cool.

The music man!


What can I say… 330 4 life!

I’ve always liked the Saturn boot screen.


And the Dreamcast’s as well.


Same here, PS1 too. Second maybe the Dreamcast since I have such nostalgia for it.

Holy CRAP that is intense! 4 minutes of UNIQUE 8 bit music? :wow:

Also, video of Gamecube shenanigans.

[media=youtube]ctYQ08gxkqA&feature=related[/media] - Different boot up jingles
[media=youtube]Otsvy3kV4t8&feature=related[/media] - Rotating cube menu!



Well for me my all time fave console was the Snes. But now my main consoles are the Sega Saturn and Sega dreamcast. I got my japanese saturn last year, cus my old one my dad sold. So I thought that for once I’d import Japanese games: SFZ3, X-men vs Street fighter, Vampire Savior etc. My word these ports are amazing. I have to admit that I never liked the Playstation consoles, i have owned all of them just so I can play some games (GTA3, Resident evil series etc) <But they never fealt like consoles to me. I find Sony very cocky and that they lie and use alot of false advertisement to sell there crap.

Long live true gaming

The Dreamcast was amazing…but so was the PS2. It was just released with bad timing and too ahead of its time. Then the PS2 came out with DVD format.

Still the Dreamcast will forever be my favorite console.

Ok i think we are getting a little off topic here.

My fault sorry

most people are going to say whichever console they grew up with or liked the most

Dreamcast, Because I enjoy watching balls bounce now as an adult just as much as I did when I was a kid first getting the DC in 1999.

I never owned a gamecube but I like that one now that I’ve seen it.

But the Dreamcast’s startup is my favorite for nostalgic reasons.

Japanese Sega Saturn, epic as hell


Sega Naomi, charming and inviting


ps1 for sound/memories. pretty epic. not too good on visuals though.

Atari 2600, it went right to the game, and there weren’t usually any licensing screens to wait for it to scroll through either.

American SEGA Saturn intro.

The American logo is cooler looking.