Your Favourite Sites On The Internet to Kill Time?


Not a luxury we all have, but sometimes you may find yourself on the internet just surfing or find that you’ve been on a site and hours have flown by.

For me other than SRK, probably youtube, watching videogame gameplay, videos on cars, movies and music.

I just came across truPIDITY

If you like watching people failing, doing dumb random shit on youtube, then trutv makes this even more fun by adding a “What Happens Next?” multiple choice answers before the scenario finishes. You are awarded points for correct answers :rofl:

It’s simple ideas like this in highly competitive online markets that impress me, other sites may eventually do the same but they’ve got a head start and can say they did it first.

Hint: Wildcard option will give you a random video :wgrin:


porn sites.


TV tropes, encyclopedia dramatica, SRK, Tekken Zaibatsu, the cinema snob, TGWTG and the God of ennui itself: Youtube. It kills DAYS.


Wikipedia and Youtube


damnit lost all my points :frowning:


Do you edit or just read?


I swear Wiki can start off as just wanting to check ONE thing, and suddenly it becomes a quest for knowledge. Ask me anything about Ex-Yugoslavia.




all day


rottentomatoes, filmspotting, reelviews, countless film reviewers blogs, basically anything film related.


Great tread

This is a direct read to the free version of the game.

It is quite different from the paid version.


Tvtropes is a goldmine of any sort of thing that happens within fiction


SRK, TZ, Youtube, Facebook


I just realized I pasted in the wrong link to the website, so my original post made little no sense, here is the correct link

I used to be hooked on IMDB, I went through a phase where everyday I had to check whos birthday it was lol. Stopped visiting so much after I realized it was just infected with fanboys, rating system is messed up, forums full of trolls and looks like it was designed in the 90’s.

I remember reading a couple of your reviews on RT, have you done a review for Tron??

I was looking at this the other day, I used to do a lot of 3D visualization when I studied architecture. It’s a shame there’s no demo.

Used to always vist, usually ended up finding myself on TZ :rofl:


Right here buddy. You can access it from the main site but the link text is small and hard to spot.


Here is the link to the multiplayer servers to see what other’s have built.

I’ve never messed around with the free version but that’s all you need.

This is not the full game but if you want to get a grasp on what building might be like, there it is. I’ve discovered I got zero design skills and my base is basically a box with large windows.




tv tropes


TV Tropes


i like

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only sites i go to

see whos in jail in my city LOL.