Your Favourite Stage and Why


Not a serious topic here. Just curious what your favourite stage is, and whether or not you always pick that stage (like Mago with Overpass) or you pick random for variety.
My favourite stages are Overpass, because it really feels to me like Tokyo (I can feel the humidity), Solar Eclipse (just because the colours are so nice and that hippo always makes me smile), beautiful bay (just love the setting) and pitch black jungle (feels dark and mysterious, but not overcrowded like drive in at night).
I usually alternate between these - I don’t pick random for fear of getting Volcano or Drive in, nor do I pick the same one because I get bored quickly


East Asia / Run down Back Alley. It’s dark, there’s not a lot of shit happening in the background, and it looks neat.
I used to pick Solar Eclipse because of the Stage Music, but I got RivalBM enabled now so I switched.
E: Oh and yes, I pick it every time.


I usually go Random. Although if I’m playing on an xbox with the stage music on, then I pick Crumbling Laboratory and Solar Eclipse for their awesome music.


offline: crowded downtown
online: training stage


I prefer Overpass, reminds me of FLCL and Sak always seems to be hanging out there


anyone know what stages are longest and shortest?


old temple

It reminds me of playing in the arcades back in Vanilla


Africa. Meerkats. Hippos. Need I say more?


Training stage.

I don’t like distractions in the background, I want to focus on the foreground.


training stage…it keeps me focused on my spacing during the fight.


I like the rain forcest stage simply because of the animal’s reaction during the fight. Like the snake in the tree starts going crazy when you do an ultra, and the money’s are all watching the fight. I just thought it was cool that the rain forest animals are actually spectating the match and have all sorts of reactions to what goes on during the fight.

I also like the Chinese stage for many of the same reasons, tons of background activity. I even like the guy who take pictures in the background.

  1. Old Temple
  2. Solar Eclipse

  1. I think the stages are all the same length. I currently have Crumbling Laboratory over Training Stage, and haven’t experienced a single desynch, and as often as the corners get found when I play, it would have happened.

  2. As you can tell, I really like Crumbling Laboratory, thanks to its stage music. Enough so that I actually have two slots for it. Yes, I absolutely hate what I call the ‘Scrub Stage’ ('cause if you need those lines to get your spacing, you should be practicing more), thus I made it so I see something else.


I have no favorite, the stages in this game never really appealed to me


Don’t forget the awesome meerkat dance :smiley:

Beautiful Bay, and anything but Training Stage, people tend to abuse it in ranked and endless matches.


I know i’ll get hate for this but I always liked the volcano stage. With the music, it made me feel like i was playing in Magma Dragoon Stage


Overpass is the shortest stage.
On a related note I pick Overpass if the match is one where I have to rush down and training stage or random if I keeping them out.


any stage that isn’t training stage.

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besides, that whole distraction thing is just an excuse for most people.


Training stage, it’s the most legible, and -hell- even the most beautiful.


When I first started playing Vanilla, I picked nothing but Crowded Downtown. Usually I just mash on Random these days though.,