(Your) Fighter's History

I’ve been posting here for a few weeks now, and it occured to me that I’d like to know more about the backgrounds of some of the folks who post here. I gather some of you are really into the competitive scene (such as Dark Geese), while others may be content to run their local arcade scene…And then you have your weekend/couch warriors such as myself.

The first fighting game I played on a console was Street Fighter 2, and the first arcade fighting game I played was Fatal Fury. I didn’t have much of an interest in the genre until Mortal Kombat hit the scene. My opinion of the MK franchise as a whole is less than stellar, but I do credit it with making a lot of fighting game fans. Lacking a next-gen console, I bought Mortal Kombat for my gameboy the weekend following Mortal Monday. I…pretty much thought it was fantastic. The graphics floored me, and the watered-down, monochromatic Not-so-fatalities didn’t distract me one bit.

A Christmas or two later, I was given a Sega Genesis for Christmas. And with it, Mortal Kombat 2. A scrub from the get-go, I mostly “played” the game in 2-player mode, with the sole purpose of executing fatalities. I did this for hours at a time, and would go on to do the same with MK3. The same Christmas I got Mortal Kombat 3, I was given Super Street Fighter 2 for the Genesis. This was the first Street Fighter game I owned. As much as I sucked at it, I still enjoyed it. And, as the game lacked fatalities, it was the first fighting game I had that provided any incentive to play in singleplayer mode. It never went well, but I soon learned how to assign Ken a purple gi, and have since made it a point to do so when using Ken in ever single game he appeared in thereafter. [As a side note, I didn’t develop metrosexual tendencies, for which my girlfriend teases me, until years after the fact]. Killer Instict and Mortal Kombat Trilogy would prove to be my last flings with the genre for a long time. Owning an N64 instead of a Playstation will do that to you. For every Tekken the PS guys got, we got a Mace: The Dark Ages, or a Dark Rift…God damn Vic Tokia.

After the Saturn had officially been pronounced dead, I made it a point to get one and secure some of the fighting games I’d wanted for the system. Finally, I would get an oppertunity to play Virtua Fighter 2 and Fighters Megamix. Woot. I would go on to buy a used copy of Street Fighter Collection 2, but only because it cost me $4. And then, for a long time again, there was silence.

Summer 1999. I was in an arcade and I saw a couple guys playing Marvel vs Capcom on a nice cab. I stopped dead in my tracks, amazed at what I saw as the evolution of 2D fighting games. Everything was big, colorful, and fast. The game gave me just one more reason to be excited about owning a Dreamcast, which I picked up on 9/9/99

Marvel vs Capcom 2
Street Fighter 3- Third Strike
Street Fighter Alpha 3
Dead or Alive 2
The King of Fighters: Dream Match 1999 (or, KOF98, Hyper Anime Intro Edition Perfect- Jp. working title)
Project Justice (member title)
Soul Calibur

I owned all of the above games, and that’s precisely why, to this day, I make it a point to correct people when they remark about how “the Dreamcast sucked.” What an exciting time to be a fighting game fan. I was still playing all of the games on their easiest difficulty levels, but damn it, I was playing them.

My friend picked up a copy of Capcom vs SNK 2 for his PS2, and for the first time ever, I had legitimate competition. His Ken and my Ken were evenly matched for a long time, but where I’ve had a growing interest in 2D fighters, his interests have turned to anime-based 3D fighting games…Which is understandable, given his fascination with anime, and Japanese culture as a whole.

The music stopped again for a while until I picked up the KOF 02/03 two-pack for my PS2. Then, the bug hit me again, now worse than ever before. I made an investment with an arcade stick (which I’ve still got to mod), and got a flip-top for my PS2.

I came here to learn, largely, and to discuss a hobby that no around around me shares. One day, I’ll understand all of the jargon that’s used around here, and I may not even be a scrub anymore. Until then, be warned. If anyone dares challenge me, they will not have an exciting, challenging match. Oh you’ll win, but it’ll be an empty victory- er, victoly.

When I was younger my parents used to park me infront of a Street Fighter 2 machine we went to a pizza place. This was my first fighting game and it was something I would look forward to playing evey week.

Years later my family finally got a Sega Genesis. Not too into fighting games my family only got a few; Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Primal Rage and Eternal Champions. I loved Eternal Champions and played it against my older sister all the time. The was a very fun game but neither of these titles really had much of a combo system.

I started going to arcades whenever my family went to the mall later. I would continue to play SF2 and stuff like that and as time went on I got into Marvel vs Capcom. I didnt keep this up and didnt take the games very seriously or anything.

Even after I got dreamcast I would still play a few fighters. I would go back to the genesis and play SF2, Eternal Champions, Mortal Combat 2 and Primal Rage. But this was the extent of my fighting games. I only really played one fighter on the DC and that was Power Stone 1. This continued for years.

One day a friend of mine got me playing Super Smash Bros Melee. Even though I owned a gamecube I didnt own the game. I was never a really big fan of the nintendo characters or anything so the game didnt appeal to me much at first at all. But after playing it with my friends pretty seriously I really fell in love with the tactics and overallworkings of the game. I started going to tournaments and started taking everything more seriously then any other game it the past. And as I played this game I was reminded of how much I loved fighting games when I was younger and thought I should get into some of those. My love for fighting games was renewed and now they are my favorite type of video game to play once again.

Recently Ive been trying out many more gamesd looking at them seriously. Games like 3S, MvC2, SF2, Eternal Champsions: CFTDS, CvS2, and even obsure fighters like Sonic Championship. But my main fighter is still SSBM.

I always fanboy liked Street Fighter. A friend of mine kicked some guy’s asses in an SRK tourney and got me interested. It’s been back and forth ever since.

waits for Bunkei’s, or RandomNigga’s story

…that went well.

Street Fighter II came out on the SNES when I was seven. My social life, as I knew it, was over.

SNES World Warrior is where I started, been playing on and off since then. These threads make me feel old :frowning:

It was Super Street Fighter II for the SNES…

SF2 on Arcades, I was like 8 when it came out. It was really damn hard to get the chance of playing it (you had to wait like 10+ credits/players to get your turn) at least here in Chile. Then, when MK came out I got even more attached to Arcades… But now I play mostly casual SF2 matches via emulators.

Yi-Ar-Kung Fu was first before I tried Karate Champ, then it goes:
Street Smart->Pit Fighter->Street Fighter II->Champion Edition->Mortal Kombat->HyperFighting->Mortal Kombat II->Killer Instinct-> Samurai Showdown II (my arcade got the NeoGeo late)->World Heroes II-> Super Street Fighter II-> Mortal Kombat III->Killer Instinct II->X-Men vs. Street Fighter-> Tekken 3-> Street Fighter vs. Marvel Super Heroes->Marvel vs. Capcom. That was my arcade…then off to college…

College was Street Fighter Alpha 3->Tekken Tag Tournament->Marvel vs. Capcom 2->Capcom vs. SNK 1 and 2->Guilty Gear XX/Reload/Slash->Virtua Fighter 4

All the way to present, which is currently Slash, CvS2 Marvel and VF5 once I get a PS3/360. I lost my taste for the Tekken franchise because everything installment after Tag Tournament felt like rehashes with extra new character, couple of new moves and faster speed.

is street smart an old nes fighting game where you have to dodge people throughing things out of thier windows while fighting?

that was the first console fighting game i played against a friend

the first fighting game i ever played was yi ar kung fu

the first acade game i played was sf2 when it came out

im only 22 so yeah iv been playing fighting games since i was 3/4 or something :rofl:

I started with Mortal Kombat when I was 5, I played MK, MK3, SF:SCE, SSF2T, Primal Rage and BRUUUUUTAL on the Sega Genesis. Once the PSone hit we mostly played Tekken3, Tobal and Ehrgiez. PS2 era is when it was all about Tag and DoA2 Hardcore. HATED Tekken4. I never really rocked the Dreamcast so the PS2 introduced me to BOTH MvC2 and SFIII: 3rd Strike. Took uptil this year to get good at 3rd strike and I still suck ass at MvC2. Currently playing Dark Ressurection and waiting for Tekken6. Damn I feel old too.

Hearing younger guys say they feel old makes me feel old. In saying that, of course, I risk making the older guys feel old. As cycles go, it’s vicious.

I always wanted to try Brutal. Never did, though. I’m not sure I’ve even tried it on an emulator. I’m still waiting on the next Tekken myself. As well as other incentive to pick up a PS3. I’m still up for grabs when it comes to the next-gen.