Your Fighting Game History

I’m just curious about how you got started with fighting games.

For me, growing up I played my older brothers SNES. He had Street Fighter II: World Warrior and I loved it. Played as Ryu & Ken and though I was never really great at it I got decent. I also enjoyed World Heroes 2 and logged many hours on that game.

Then got an N64 and didn’t play any fighting games really. Rented Killer Instinct Gold a few times but that was it.

Playstation was the same story. I rented Ehrgeiz a couple of times but really it was just to play as the characters from FFVII as they had a guest appearance in it.

Playstation 2 I only owned one fighting game which was Street Fighter Anniversary Collection which had Hyper Street Fighter II and Third Strike. I was awful at both of them but I enjoyed them alright.

And now I have a PS3 and no fighting games. I’m trying to drop my old button-mashing ways and get properly into fighting games(which brought me here) so I’m thinking of picking up SSFIV:AE. Thats my story at least.

How did you get into fighting games?

When I was young, I owned Mortal Kombat II on the SNES and I had the chance to play some Super SF2, but I never really was into it.

March of 2009, I was bored, so I picked up SF4 on impulse, having not read much about it. Poked around a bit, but once Evo rolled around that year, I realized that getting good at that game might be really, really cool.

In order:


I also played powerstone 1+2, and all the smash bros

It all started at a local laundry mat. I was about 4 years old and complaining about being bored of course, I got some quarters from my Dad to play “the game”, not even really able to reach the stick properly. From WW, I went on to spend summers with my older, roughian cousins. As a 6 year old, I wasn’t allowed to play Super Nintendo while they did, so I mostly sat and watched SF2 matches.
When they left, I would sneak on, using my limited knowledge of the game to grudge my way thru Arcade, using Guile’s charge moves. I could recognize the near-end, with the 4 bosses and never actually could beat Sagat. I got so frustrated and stopped playing, until one day, I noticed he was a useable character. I quickly picked him up, thinking “he can’t be beat, so I’ll use him too”. Once I was able to do the QCF+P motion consistantly, and understanding why my cousins used totaunt each other with “Don’t Jump!”, I was able to beat them from time to time. From then on, I always committed to playing a zoning or trap style in any game, where it was available.

I didn’t begin to play competitively (or ‘serious’ as we used to say) until MVC2 was released, although my cousins and I would rent any new fighting game that came out, several times, from Samurai Showdown and Eternal Champions to Clayfighters and Children of the Atom. We would often go to te mall arcades, bowling alley arcade (which was my local spot in later years) or movie theatres just to play very poorly lol.
Later on, ended up winning some local MVC2 and Guilty Gear tournies and got a taste for them. I went to Evo 2006 with some friends (regional), just to see what it was about, then returned to compete in 07. Since then, I’ve been somewhat actively in the mix~

First fighting game was Street Fighter II. Some of my favorite fighting games growing up were Mace(pretty obscure 3D fighter), Dead or Alive 2 Hardcore, Marvel Vs Capcom 2, and the many iterations of Street Fighter II.

Great read, I think I saw you a bit on the stream last weekend against Mike Ross. Unless that was a different Maze Maker, haha.

First time I ever played a fighter game was Street Fighter II in a Little Caesars. I must have been three or four at the time, I don’t remember. Parents would order pizza, and I’d stare at the machine while waiting for our order. One day, Dad asks if I want to play. I play it and I absolutely hated it. I didn’t know what I was doing, I used Ryu and got destroyed by AI’s Chun Li. I never wanted to play it again after that. Any time Dad asked me after that, I said no.

Few years later, I was playing Super Street Fighter II with my cousins. They taught me how to do moves and whatnot. I remember my cousin making a comparison to Mega Man X, saying that once you learn their attack patterns, your opponent doesn’t stand a chance. Pretty smart stuff in retrospect and it really helped my forge strategies. Eventually, I started to get pretty good at it and I started to appreciate these games more as I grew up. I remember getting SSF2 for Genesis for my birthday, came with a six button pad. Best birthday ever. I must have played that from 2nd grade to about 7th or 8th.

Around my high school years, I had some friends that I used to play with. We’d get really competitive, and it was great. I got a Dreamcast around this time, keep in fact that this was when a Dreamcast would cost $99 and stores would do anything to get rid of those games as soon as possible. It was perfect since Dreamcast was such a Mecca for stellar fighting games. So many great titles. I remember there was a “Buy 1, get 2 free” deal at Fry’s. I picked up MvC2, Third Strike and Soul Calibur in one day. Life was good.

I remember joining a small Tekken Tag tournament during the summer between College and High School. Despite being a scrub at Tekken, spamming Bryan’s 66+RP got me seventh place and won a Pokeball keychain with a Snorlax inside. I still keep it in my room to this day. I never competed in tournaments since I lived in an area that has a pretty dead scene when it came to fighting games. I’ve always been hungry to compete over the years, despite my barely-average skills, but I’ve had so many obligations holding me back. I’ve always wanted to go Evo at least once in my life and I’m hoping I can go next year.

And here I am now. I’m still playing fighter games at a semi-tournament level. I’m currently one year away from getting my Masters, and I’m planning on proposing to my girlfriend shortly after I can snag a stable job after graduation. Considering traditional cultural values and possible stereotypes, I’ll probably be a father soon after that. In short, I’m feeling that this could be the last time that I could attend Evo as a competitor, let alone tournaments in general. There’s no way I could prepare for something like this while juggling a job and a family. So I’m hoping to end things with a bang next year.

Wow, this became a lengthy story. My bad, everyone, haha.

Street Fighter 2
Mortal Kombat
Mortal Kombat 2
Mortal Kombat 3
Battle Arena Toshiden
Soul Blade
Killer Instinct
Dead or Alive
Rival Schools
Soul Calibur
Power Stone
Street Fighter Alpha 3
Soul Calibur 2
Super Smash Bros
Super Smash Bros Melee
Blazblue Calamity Trigger
Marvel vs Capcom 3

WW / CE / Fatal Fury / Art of Fighting, 92-96 - Started this shit in a pizzeria and a grocery store, making money off of high school kids so I could get those Doritos
Tekken 1-Tag / Any fighter I could get my hands on for PSX and DC, 95-2003 - 2D was the wave of the past, and all my friends and I had Playstations by 96.
MvC2 (2003 - present) - TTT was dying, and a dude on GFaqs (Romneto) got me into Marvel 2.
GGXX-AC / Super Turbo (2004 - present) - I gained an appreciation for Street Fighter and Guilty Gear.
CvS2 / 3S (2006 - present) - After years of no interest, I got interested in CvS2 and 3S. Too bad they died right after, but I had at least, fun with 3S. Last Evo was 2k7. NEC that year too. Gave my custom build to J4yx2, and turned in the towel.
SSF4 (2011 - present) - Game’s decent… Not big into competing anymore.
MvC3 (2/11 - 3/11) - Game’s wack. Got all the trophies, just to have them, and gave the game to Wolverine-Master.
Tekken 6 (5/11 - present) - This game’s fun again. I got pissed at Tekken 4 because it was trash, Tekken 5 kept getting updates and that pissed me off (SOUND FAMILIAR CAPCOM!) and the home version wasn’t the latest (5.1), and DR came out on PS3, which I didn’t have.

I started playing with ST. I was young and didn’t know english back then, so all I knew was how to play shotos like a moron. Good times.

Started going to arcades every now and then and playing the Vs series, more specifically MSH and XVsSF. I also loved playing Double Dragon NEO-GEO.
Stopped playing fighters - I never actually learned how to play them, just learned some moves and tried to get by with mashing - around the time GG came out and only came back many years later.

One day I was talking to a friend - a fighting game fan who got me back on FGs - about Street Fighter, how I had never played SF3 - this was before SF4 was announced - and stuff, so he got me an emulator to try it out. I checked out the CPS3 list and saw Jojo, which I played once before on the PSX. Started playing Jojo and fell in love with the game - and the series, I went after the manga after playing it - and with Jojo, my interest for FGs came back, so I started going back to everything I had ever played so I could actually learn how to play them.

Once SF4 came out, I was already a FG fan, but I still sucked. By the time Super came out, I started learning the more complex stuff, going back to older, harder games like MvC2 and 3S to learn their complex stuff, and so on. Bought myself a stick and next year I’m traveling overseas to take part in EVO.

Everyone started with ST. Holy crap.

A friend taught me how to throw a fireball in Alpha 2 back in 2008. I went home, downloaded the Hyper Fighting demo on Xbox Live, and practiced throwing a fireball at the CPU over and over and over and over again, until I finally won.

After that, I just kept playing that same demo over again, since I had nothing else to practice with (You guys have no idea how broke I am, I couldn’t even buy the full version of this game lol)

Once HDR came out, I switched to Cammy because I thought she would be easier to learn (Her commands were just qcf+k, dp+k, qcf+p+k, so I automatically assumed that she was the easiest character in the game). Online lag and teleporting Kens and Sagats made this game much more difficult to play then it should have been, so when I finally got my hands on Street Fighter IV, I decided to practice that game instead.

I spent 2009 and 2010 playing the fighters I had wanted to play when I was a kid, but never got a chance to. ST, 3S, KOF '98, Night Warriors, Vampire Savior, the Alpha series, etc. etc.

Cammy was the first character I ever learned how to use, and I’ll continue playing her in every Street Fighter game from now on.

Got beat by older kids in elementary school at mortal kombat and street fighter.
Played killer instinct in middle school on the N64.
Rented guilty gear x 2 during highschool on playstation and did not understand how to do a quarter circle and got frustrated.
Met a friend that was into fighting games causally and button mashed soul caliber 2 on gamecube and later guilty gear x 2 reload and DOA on xbox. Never played on a consistent basis and really sucked. Only beat my friend occasionally when the button mashing went my way.
Seen a preview to Blazblue Calamity Trigger. Decided that I am really going to learn how to play fighting game. Spent a long time building my execution which was a uphill battle on the xbox 360 game pad and getting beat by a friend over and over again. Eventually bought a controller with a better dpad. Started breaking bad habit and improving timing and such.
Later after buying Blazblue Continuum Shift I transitioned to an arcade stick. Improved my execution and getting better every day.
During this time of playing blazblue i became interested in other fighting games. Many of them were fun but outside the blazblue series only King of Fighters 13 have peaked my interest to giving effort to learn how to play. Looking forward to the release on the console later this year.

Primal Rage
Samurai Showdown
Virtua Fighter 1
Virtua Fighter 2 (friends lost interest, had no one to play after that)
Street Fighter 2(friends lost interest, had no one to play after that)
Soul Edge
Tekken 3
Bloody Roar 2
Tekken 4
Soul Calibur 3(friends lost interest, had no one to play after that)
Street Fighter 4
Super Street Fighter 4
BlazBlue Continuum Shift
Street Fighter 3: Third Strike (wanted to learn a bit about Yang)
Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition

I didn’t know ST existed until I came to SRK in 2k3. Too concerned with Tekken, BAT, and random PSX games at the time…

Correction, I owned SF Collection a week after it was released in Japan (JPN copy, obviously), so I knew it was there in the 90s)

Started with SF2 Turbo. I had just gotten my first system, a Game Gear, and my parents got me an Electronic Gaming Monthly so I could drool over upcoming games. This had a different intended effect as the one game that caught my eye, moreso than any game on a system I actually own, was Street Fighter 2 Turbo. I had seen Street Fighter 2 at a Pro Park on one of those old-school huge screen cabinets with a lot of space between the screen and the joystick board, and I instantly fell in love with it. The artwork, the sprites, the stages, it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen from a video game. Now I had a magazine that had some of that awesome Bengus artwork in it that showed off just how incredible it really was. I started collecting as many Street Fighter things as I could even though I didn’t own a SNES or Genesis.

Soon after I got to play a Sango Fighter demo and thought that was amazing. There was also Street Fighter 1 for PC, which was unplayable, but it was Street Fighter so I wasn’t picky. I also got MMPR for Game Gear for Hannukah and loved that to tears. Finally, I got a very awesome present: SF2 for PC. In hindsight, it was a 2-button version of a 6 button game, but I did not care. I finally had Street Fighter, and it was amazing. When I learned about emulators, I took it upon myself to horde every fighting game ROM I could find and play catchup for not owning a system with any real fighters on it. This gave me a bit of an edge at Old School Onslaught 4, I think, as most of the horrible unplayable games were games that I had played before on ROMs.

Since then I’ve gotten into King of Fighters, Smash Bros, the Vs. series, Tekken, Soul Calibur, back into Tekken, and then when SFIV came out I went back to SF full time. My dad gets on my case about this sometimes: “You’re STILL raving about Street Fighter just like you did when you were 6! Grow up already!” I’ve probably played well over 50 different fighting games at this point, and until the time comes where I have to put my controller aside, I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon.

I started in the early 90s with Champion Edition when I was a young tyke. one of my earliest fighting game memories was going to the mall with my older brother who was a pretty well known Dictator main around the city at the time, everywhere he went ppl would know of his skills and want to play him. It wasnt long before I started getting in line, and putting my quarter up on the frame of the arcade cabinets calling “next” to get in there cause i loved the game…

I’ve dabbled in pretty much every fighting game from then up to AE (with the exception of a few lesser played titles like BB, GG, and most anime games) but I really didnt start grinding to level up and get smart til recently with the end of Super / release of AE.

now even though i have a history with fighters as long as almost 20 yrs, I really feel like I’m discovering them for the first time within the last year that I’ve been playing correctly, being I have so much to learn to become competitive. Leveling up in SFIV has been a bumpy, bumpy roller coaster. but I’m still hanging in there, I recently joined my offline local scene, and I’m just grinding it out, because I’m hell bent on actually becoming “good” at a genre i’m so passionate about. now I’m looking forward to buying and getting into other games, and continuing to play and get better, and becoming more involved in the fighting game community as a whole…

You still knew about it earlier than I did. I used to think that all of the Street Fighter 2s were all the same game, just repackaged, lol.

I’ve played many fighting games, but i’ll list the ones that stood out to me when I played them
Young player:5-9
Street Fighter 2- My dad used to bust my ASS with Guile, and i always didnt get what was going on/Button Masher
World Heroes- I liked Hanzo. did nothing special/button masher
Mortal Kombat 1+2-I didnt play too much of this since it scared the shit out of me lol-I mashed buttons
Samurai Shodown- That cut scene in the beginning was too cool. mashed buttons with Charlotte
Mortal Kombat 3-This game was fun, Learned combos with Sub zero
+Killer Instinct-Learned how to do target combos, My first Arcade experience
Fatal Fury 2-Loved animated titties of Mai. I always played to see her tits shake

Teen Player: 11-18
+Street Fighter Alpha 1+2-I played the mess out of these game.My favorite fighting game series. Ryu and Rolento user. Gen was cool
Marvel Super Heroes war of the Gems-Nothing much. Struggled to beat Thanos on many occasions. I didnt like fighting games much at this time
Street Fighter EX plus @-I loved the fact that street fighter had cheat codes to use evil ryu and some evil woman by the name of Hokuto.Ryu, Hokuto, Skullo
Marvel vs. Capcom-The first fighting game I hated, but loved enough to keep on playing/Button masher. Morrigan/Wolverine
Rival Schools-This game had me HOOKED. I incorporated what I knew from MvC and put it in this game. used Roberto/Shoma
*Super Smash Bros-*EVERY BODY PLAYED THIS! l remember it like yesterday! random select.
+Marvel vs. Capcom 2-The game I still play till this day.I sat hopelessly for hours collecting everything…then I found out you have to leave it on to get points lol Cable/Strider-Doom
King of Fighters 99- a game that was very interesting to me. It had a nice selection of artwork and the characters were smooth. I used K’ obviously
+Guilty Gear X2- The game that opened my eyes about the meta game behind fighters, Went through, to learn more. Sol/Ky Kiske
King of Fighters 2000+ bundles- These bundles popped up in gamestop and I always used to play in arcades. I got used to learning spacing,etc. Maxima/Terry/K’
+Super Smash Bros Melee- I played this at the game club at school a lot. Roy was very fun lol Samus and Peach too

Older Teen-Present: 18-22

M.U.G.E.N.- I didnt know what to say- It introduced me to a LOT of fighters through its program like:
Waku Waku 7, Daraku Tenshi, Eternal Fighter Zero, Cyberbots, Jojo’s Bizarre adventure, DarkStalkers, list goes on.I liked the custom characters. it got boring.
+Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure-The design from this game in Mugen had me go out and search for a copy. I got in on PS(the non arcade perfect edition). Played for fun
+Melty Blood:Act Cadenza- This game broaden my horizon on air combo usage, and became somewhat of a fan of doujin games. Akiha Main
Capcom vs. SNK 1+2: Man, I’d never thought I see these two finally go at it. I like hoe Guile says “Sonikuuu boool” or “Summer Salllt…” Kyo/Ken/Blanka some Benimaru
+Project Justice: I never thought a Rival Schools sequel would come out, so I ended up missing for MONTHS playing this game. Zaki was my new favorite
Capcom Fighting Evolution-My first disappointing title from capcom. It introduced Red Earth to me
+Street Fighter 4+- The fighter I used my mind to play. I went wild when I heard that Shen Long was in the game, but his named was now Gouken. Ryu/Fei-Long main
+Marvel v.s Capcom 3*-*The most disappointing fighter i’ve played, but I’ve learned to love it. It bought back nostalgia from my MSH days trying to beat Thanos

I started playing fighters with the SNES port of Street Fighter II: World Warrior. My family visited my uncle’s apartment and one of my cousins had a SNES. I still had an NES and had no idea there was an SNES so I was excited. When my cousin popped in Street Fighter II I initially thought it was a beat-em-up. When I found out we had to fight each other I was so damn confused. We played for hours and he won every match. When I left I told my parents I wanted an SNES with Street Fighter. I don’t remember how it was but I got my SNES with Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting (the lastest version at the time).

From there I would play Street Fighter II religiously. I was never any good but had an shitload of fun just playing it. Around this time my local pizza place put in some arcade games but I had only had limited experience there as my mother didn’t want me to play there as I already had games at home. Whenever I went there I would watch the locals play SFII, Alpha and Vampire (Don’t remember which one). One of the corner stores had X-Men:CotA and Tekken 2. One of the few times when my mom let me play at arcades was when we go to White Stone Cinema and she’ll give me some change to play the games there. It was at White Stone where I discovered the enjoys of Mortal Kombat II and later X-Men vs Street Fighter and Tekken 3.

Once I reached Junior High I had free reign to go arcades. Every morning before going to school and after I would meet up with my friends at a laundromat down the street from the school to some games (they were quick in the morning). We would play MvC and Power Stone all day. When we wanted a change of pace we would go to another laundromat a few blocks away to play Samurai Shodown 4, a nearby candy store had Tekken Tag and Alpha 3, a video rental place had Soul Calibur and a barbershop in my block had Rival Schools and even found a karate supply shop at had Street Fighter III new generation.

I dialed back going to arcades when I reached High School mostly because there wasn’t any near by the school area. In my 3rd year I met up with a group of guys that were also into fighters and we would play whenever we had the time. By then, Street Fighter anniversary collection had come out and made 3rd Strike the game that consumed our remaining High School years. It also through my high school friends that I discovered other SNK games like KoF, Garou, Last Blade and Rage of the Dragons and later CvS2. This was the time that I came aware there was a competitive scene for these games. It wasn’t until the release of SFIV when I decided I wanted to play in competitive level. Still got a long ways to go.

Some of you people wrote some autobiographies, damn.