Your Fighting Game Schedule


Just curious, but for those who play multiple fighting games, how much time do you devote to them and when? Do you guys have a schedule set up (like days/times to play), or something of the sort?

I’m trying to manage my fighting game time more effectively (I’m studying/working during the day and night so I could only really play in the morning or late late night). Right now I’m playing 3-4 games at the moment (Blazblue CS Extend, Vampire Savior/Chronicle, Guilty Gear X, Guilty Gear XX Accent Core, just picking up Skullgirls).

[]In the morning I’m usually playing some Guilty Gear (GGX for a warm-up, then Accent Core to train)
]If I’m not too tired after work I’ll hop on GGPO to play some Vampire Savior (but hardly anyone’s on or they’re AFK so most of the time I end up booting up the old Dreamcast to play some Chronicle)
[*]On nights off I’m playing BlazBlue CS Extend
Trying to figure out where to fit Skullgirls in (I like the game so far, but I haven’t devoted much time to it…only played through Arcade mode with each character solo)


My schedule is fairly rigorous.
[]In the morning, I think about how I should probably practice MK a bit, or I might want to actually give one of the other games I bought some attention.
]Then I go to work.
[]I talk about fighting games with a coworker during lunch
]I work some more
[]I commute home, listen to some metal (or, lately, Steely fuckin’ Dan) on the train
]Watch a movie with the wife / play some boardgames with friends
[]Enjoy a cool shot of Don Julio or a craft beer while I fuck around with some PC strategy game
]Go to bed, and as I drift off to sleep I think about devoting some time to practice tomorrow
That’s my path to success. I’ll see you in top 8.


Wake up: Brush teeth
Life = 3rd Strike
I think about 3S about as much as I think about sex… A fucking lot… I run matches thru my mind. How I could have played better. How my opponent played. What my opponent did consistently.
It helps if you don’t sleep.


I dont play anything until like 3 days before a tournament. I usually do horrible.


I’m mostly a night owl for playing fighting games. In the past 2 years I have been on a cycle where I only play 2 games at a time, one for serious play and one just to loosen up on. After several months I switch up games so I don’t get rusty. It has been a good system since it allows me to understand mechanics with fresh eyes.


with new games being released i play frequently with all the hype and then kinda get bored. i havent found anything ive been serious with since like kof11 or tvc, im hoping to stick with persona


I’m the best player at fighting games 24/7/365.


You should drop all of those old games and main blazblue and skullgirls.
Just play those old games now and then.


watch streams and troll SRK.


Here’s my schedule:

I win all the time.


And lose none of the time!


I’m too old to play multiple games. But currently my schedule is like this…

I don’t play at all during the week. Playing VF5 FS all weekend griding it out in training mode, and going on ranked.

For AE, I normally go over a friend house and play casual sessions. He normally does it on Friday.

In the past I use to have casual sessions at my apartment but since I’m moving out of town, no more sessions at my place.

When MVC3/UMVC3 came out, I pretty much played that no stop for a month, then picked up AE for a month and so forth. I don’t practice Marvel anymore though.

When Tekken Tag 2 comes out, i’m dropping 2D games completely. But…

I am going to play Tekken Tag 2 completely for a month to get use to it then alternate between TTT2 and VF5 FS from week to week. I think changing your game every week keeps you fresh.


I own MK, KoF13, SSF4(no AE), SoulCal5(sealed), and Umvc3. tons of rpgs on a backlog.

I only play marvel.
weds at big two, thurs casuals, some hours during the week evenings. work during day. catch up on sleep on weekends. lab on weekends if I have ideas to practice matchups/combos.

I can’t imagine trying to play more than one game. I would die.


lol why

I don’t wanna drop Guilty Gear it’s too much fun o_O

And GGXXAC+ is coming to XBLA/PSN soon, isn’t it?


I’m trying to get a schedule running now.

Monday I play SSFIV: AE @ 13:30 with a friend in person, first to 5. Wednesday and Friday same deal, only online. Wednesday and Friday FT5 with someone I played on PSN @ 18:00. Tuesday FT5 Soul Calibur V with my cousin. On the other days I’ll probably spend time in training mode or playing ranked.

That schedule is gonna be pretty hard sticking to when I have a job. Now that I think about it, I think I should tweak the schedule.