Your fighting game setup

Hi! Just wondering how are people enjoying their fighting game at home. I got mine hooked to my TV and hifi set. Also got the limited edition Eightarc stick to complement it. Photos below. Share your setup here!

My Sanwa modded SE with the art sticker on top peeling off, the stick is loose, the buttons worn down, and Spongebob stickers on the sides peeling off, because they’re awesome. In front of a fairly large CRT in my room in my parents house, next to my worn down bed with my laptop on it with SRK on it. No picture because I don’t have a camera and can’t find the cord that goes from my phone to my computer.

Nice speakers.

I sit at a cheap IKEA desk with two monitors, one PC and my Asus. 360 into HDMI splitter, one to monitor, one to capture card for stream, comfy chair with stick in lap. Perfect setup until the cat jumps on the desk in the middle of a match.

@ Andre same shit for me lol, the LamiLabel is coming off my brawlstick and the steel plate is rusting a bit because my hand apparently sweats too much. Looks awful but it’s still trusty.

Not yet completed but here is my current setup in the garage a.k.a. Mother Russia…

My arcade room

brb moving to your house…

Did rcaido just win?

Nice arcade room! I hope to eventually get or build at least one cab for myself one day.
I currently have two Xboxes set up in the house, one in the lounge room for single player or offline games, and the other on my computer desk for online play (primarily fighters). Its hardwired directly to the modem for less lag and I have some good headphones for gaming rather than speakers. Its plugged into my pc monitor so its also handy to be able to switch to pc and type messages on xbox .com rather than need to use the controller interface. All my sticks work on pc too which is nice if I want to play emu’d games or on ggpo too.

ST, CvS2, 3s (Head to Head), and X360.

I am jealous of ALL of your arcade rooms.

Hella shitty pics but here is mine…

As a PC gamer… I don’t think we have shit on those arcade rooms.

Just noticed this dead thread…
But that Jin/Kazuya statue in the back is motherfucking epic.

need pics of asian wife in rcaidos arcade room

Wow such an old thread. Here is an update of my arcade room & garage arcade.

This the new improve Mother Russia garage arcade. Consist of 2player Kraylix, head2head kraylix slims, New Net City, Astro/Blast City head2head, & SF pinball machine.

Sexy rcaido

I love how ghetto my shit is <3. Hard to stuff all my electronics and shit in these row house bedrooms in philly.

Other room when company over.

tvs, tv on the left is for watching netflix, crt is for actually playing marvel


you guys’ arcades are amazing but all of them missing mvc2 or at least 1. SMH!

I clicked this thread thinking I would see a couple of nice TVs and some snazzy arcade sticks.

My mind is pretty blown.

sanwa on a MAS? If so, that’s sexy.
Also, Nick…

Better my nigga?

There’s actually already a thread for this over in Tech Talk. It’s up to 51 pages. <3