Your first custom stick

What age did you build your first custom sticks?

15, currently building it now.

this year, but I’m not telling about my age.

this year, see final_cut’s post.

2004, so I was 24. It was a gigantic mas clone.

Im the same age as nitewalker. When is your Bday mate. Im oct 6.
Made a very shitty one about 2-3 years ogo.

whats with people hiding their age? what you think we’re gonna stalk you guided only by your age?

You guys realize your ages are in your public profile…

My first custom was when I was 20-21, about 1 1/2 year(s) ago. It was a modded Namco.


Made my first stick in the beginning of april this year (at the age of 24) and it looks like this:

27, but only because I only found this site this year :slight_smile:

July 12th for me. I’m a summer baby. And I hate the heat…

I’m not sure why I’m hiding my age except that final_cut did it too. Frankly, I really wouldn’t care. I don’t think the age stated in my profile is the right one either :P.

working on a stick now. modded two in the last month or two. i just need table saw to use for a day and i’ll be all set.

nitewalker, i was asking you about some tools on another thread. i ended up getting a porter-cable 892 router for about 170$. it is extremely nice, i’m glad i spent a few extra dollars to get a router that fits all collets, has a soft start, and multiple speeds. thanks for your input on that. any advice on a table saw?

  1. it’s been two years already? damn. lol

how did you do that paint job? looks amazing.

20, I (actually me and my gf, who did all the soldering) finished it last firday. I bought the parts and the box from dial911, arrived damn fast! Read the tech forums for around 4-5 hours b4 I knew what was going on, asked some frds more questions and finally after forcing my gf to spend a grueling 5-6 hours soldeirng the pcb to buttons. I have my stick. Parts are happ comp button and comp stick.

Note: I used carboard risers to give the bottom an extra centimeter so the stick wouldn’t hit the bottom. It was a little ghetto but it worked.

The table saw I have is the Delta TS350. VERY quiet and accurate. It ended up costing me $289 after a rebate. is great for tools, so do your searching there if possible. Check the customer reviews; they give a lot of input. If you decide to go to HD or Lowes for your saw, the one thing that carries a lot of importance is an accurate fence. Check it at the store by setting it in place and see if the back wiggles at all. If it deson’t at all or very little, you’re good to go. If you’re only doing a few cuts or building one stick you’ll probable be good with a $99 benchtop model. Unlike most things, the price is a direct indicator of the quality of the saw.
FYI, my first table saw was a Tradesman benchtop. It was loud as hell but gave me decent cuts when properly set up.

Yeah, the 892 is a sweet router. You really can’t go wrong with porter cable when it comes to tools. Make sure to get decent quality bits. 1/2" shank whenever possible.
2 good sources:
Both excellent quality.


NW you gonna make my stick? Are you avoiding me? PM back please.

I built a whole cab before I built custom sticks. Does that count?

Started it around 2.5 years ago, which would have made me around 25 at the time.

Crap I completely forgot to meet you at c.gates.
I’ll be on aim tonite around 8-9pm. We’ll get all the details figured out then.
I have about 8 cases cut now. I just have to assemble them, so the building process will be quick.