Your first/oldest fighting game -FG Hist Research-

My fellow gamers, my name is J. aka UltpervJiraiya or simply Jiraiya around my friends. I am currently doing a research on fighting games and posting a survey to other fighting game players. If you are interested in participating in the survey, this is how you reply:

  • Your current age, gender, and nationality/ethinicity.
  • Your first/oldest/earliest fighting game you’ve played and where (game - console - year)?
  • What/why/how you got into fighting games.
  • Your current favorite fighting game that you’re really good at. (plus chara that you use)

For example: (this is my response)

  • 26 Male Filipino
  • Urban Champion in Famicom back in '86 from the Philippines.
  • Its my way of venting out and love the feel of the competition of wits, skill, strategy.
  • King of Fighters XI, Capcom Vs. SNK2, Samurai Spirits II - Kyo, Iori, and Haohmaru.

If you are in the Mid-west area and know/able to go to Anime Central '07 ( in Rosemont, IL, I will be hosting “The Fighting Game Panel”; discussing a wide range of topics regarding about fighting games and also co-hosting with Cactusmomma in her SNK panel. Also coordinating (possibly) with BakaOrochi in the fighting game tourney in the convention. So if any of you are able to go, that would be great to meet all of you and maybe play casual games. It will be fun.

I will be using the result of this survey in my discussion and to those who participated will be greatly appreciated and I will include your forum name (unless you want to let me use your real name) in the research paper and will be credited in the compilation. In the future, I will do a compilation of my discussion and will be posted online (I will let you guys know where I will post it). And to those would/can come, maybe you can help me host the panel as well (doing interviews on who can host the panel with me including with my friends), if you’re interested please let me know ASAP.

Well, I thank all of you who are willing to participate in this survey.
And hopefully I would get to see you any (if not all) in ACEN’07. :slight_smile:
Thanks again and keep on fighting!

20 / M / White
Super Street Fighter 2 Genesis
Playing Guilty Gear with certain high school friends got me into actually playing them at a competitive level.
Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

Hmmmmm, that name is kinda shady.

Mortal Kombat/arcade( yea i said MK)
3s,t5,cvs2, kof2k3,ngbc, svc

Who’s or what’s name is kinda shady?

  • 20, M (duh), White.
  • Tekken 2, Some Arcade.
  • Watching the full parry video. [/clich]
  • Hyper Street Fighter Alpha - Sagat

-28y Male, Portuguese living in France.
-Street Fighter 2 WW Snes 28/12/1993
-Just because owning people and made them cry like babies is damn fun. The emulation behind the competition. Just like sports. But the most part is fun , jokes and diss.
-I used to be a extreme sfa3 whore,(2/3 of the cast except the shotos and T-Hawk, i play all kind of chars from charge chars to 360 chars) but now i m beginning on Guilty Gear and HNK (Order Sol mainly , Slayer, Johnny for GG ,Kenshiro Raoh Jagi Souther for HNK)

  • 23, M, West Indian-Canadian

  • Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition - 1992-93?

  • It is the basis of all combat…only a fool would trust his life to a weapon.

On a serious note: several things, but one: watching a full crowded circle of folks infront of a Second Impact cabinet as my friend whipped out Urien’s Aegis on two sides(one in the front and one at the back of a Ken) of the screen and charging him to finish him off. I shat my pants…

, but I knew him, so it was inspiration enough to fight him and vow to kick his ass eventually. He entered tournaments and so did his friends, so I rolled with him. He retired many years back, but I still fight him for a challenge. Fighting’s fun and I don’t have to do knuckle situps just to warm up. Also, there is alot of strategy and in-depth concepts involved.

  • tough choice between KoF 98(Mai, Leona, Terry, Vice, Yuri, practically anyone), Zero 2(Ryu, Gen, Chun Li, Birdie), and 2nd Impact(Ibuki, Gouki, Ryu). I love sequels.

  • please post a video of that discussion up. :slight_smile:

…that went well.

  • 21, Male, African American.
  • Mortal Kombat 1, Sega Genesis, 1991-92
  • It was when I boasted to my best friend that I could beat him in CvS2. I had never played him in a fighting game before and he never talked to me about fighting games. He thoroughly outclassed me. There was so much I didn’t know about the genre and it excited me. I asked him how could I learn more and he said “”. I’m now better than him, but I don’t see myself getting any better in 2D fighters.
  • Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection. Sergei Dragunov/Bruce Irvin.

:lol: Yes, dont worry, I am planning to videotape my discussion but I am pretty sure it will be boring as hell to watch this like this. But if you are interested to see the paper that I will be giving in the panel, I will be posting a full documentation online sometime around the 2nd week of June (the convention is at May 11-13).

23, M, Half-white/Half-Latino
Street Fighter 2 Turbo, SNES, 1993
–Don’t know why I was drawn to fighters when I was younger. Now I’d have to say the fighting games appeal to me due to the skill, strategy, competition, and spirituality involved in learning the game and playing against others. I’d say playing fighting games with skill demands more from the player than any other kind of game…you are given the utmost control of your victory or your defeat. Even without an opponent, you can always train yourself–you can always be better. Infinite replay value.
–I dunno if I can even say I have a “favorite” fighting game. As both a hardcore fan and a competitive player, I can only look at a fighting game as:
a) I like or I don’t like it (as fun, time-wasting game)
b) I like it or I don’t like it (as a serious, competitive game I want to learn to play as a tournament game)
I do generally like Street Fighter, Darkstalkers, Rival Schools, Marvel Vs. Capcom series, Capcom Vs SNK series, Fatal Fury, King of Fighters, Samurai Shodown, most other SNK stuff, Tekken, Virtua Fighter, Smash Brothers (as A, but not B), and Guilty Gear.

  • 15, Male, Salvadorian
  • Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition at the dry cleaners around 1994 or 1995 :confused:
  • i like the way they play, and i was always fond of the designs and concepts in fighting games. plus it was the only type of game i could kick my friends asses in :lol:
  • Garou [B. Jenet, Hokutomaru], Arcana Heart [Lilica, Fiona], Eternal Fighter Zero [Akiko, Sayuri]

-24, Male, WHITE BOY
-Street Fighter 2 World Warrior and a mall arcade 1994.
-When I was younger, I remember the concept of “special moves,” being really cool to me (I was eleven, give me a break.) Then I saw rainbow edition at my local arcade. I fell in love. I got out of it for a while and then saw meik 7 for MvC2 and was hooked once again.
Marvel and Super Turbo wil always have a special place in my heart because those games are realness. I use MSP and Cl0ckwork in Marvel. In ST, I use Ryu and Guile. I love Guilty Gear too -Sol is the dude. I love almost all 2d fighters.

(Oh yeah, I’m the “Street Fighter the Movie: The Game” champion.)

  • 16, Male, Dominican/Puerto Rican/Filipeno
  • Street Fighter 2 Turbo, for SNES or Genesis (had both)
  • Was a fan of Strategy Games, but there wasn’t enough competition and it was too slow paced for me. Combined the two things I wanted, competition and strategy, and I got fighting games. Didn’t really get into them until last year
  • CvS2, I use the team in my av, or if there’s nothing else to play, MvC2, Strider/Doom/Spiral(or CapCom)
  • 22, male, German-Irish-Dutch-general white boy.

  • Street Fighter II: World Warrior, Super Nintendo, 1992-ish.

  • The short answer is above. I traded my NES for my friend’s SNES for a few days so we could try out each other’s games. I was sucked in by Street Fighter as soon as I tried it out. My memories of playing Street Fighter back then are like my memories of watching Star Wars as a little kid. There’s just some kind of magic about it.

As for the longer answer, I kept playing fighting games, but my friends and I didn’t really try to get good at it until probably the Versus Books SF Alpha 2 guide (you guys remember this, right? damn good book…). When I read the article about B3 in the back, I thought the idea of people competing at Street Fighter was really cool, so I started trying to ratchet up my game. Before long, I was regularly stomping most of my friends, though a handful of us kept going through phases where we’d beat one another mercilessly.

Nowadays, I have to travel for over an hour to get to people who can hand me my ass with all the trimmings. My local scene seems mostly comprised of people like me: people who mainly play among friends, rather than a large, supportive arcade scene.

  • My current favorite game to play is CvS2, because it’s what gets the most play at the places I go to. It shifts regularly, but my current team is Ken (R2), Ryu, and Sagat, in K-Groove. I mostly stick to classic Street Fighter characters, not necessarily because I think they’re the most likely to win, but because they’re still well worth playing after all these years.

22, Male, German/Russian/Scottish white boy. Born in the USA, my great-grandfather was an immigrant from Russia.

Can’t remember exactly, but I think it was Street Fighter II in the arcade. I honestly have no idea what year it was.

I actually took a long-ass break from fighting games (I think the last one I played before recently was Ehrgeiz) and just started playing them again late last year. I saw some vids online of GGXX/ and decided I had to play that game. There’s a pretty good gaming scene in Colorado; only problem is most of them are an hour drive away.

My current favorite (although I’m not great at it yet) is probably CvS2. I use K-Rock, Yamazaki, Hibiki R2 along with an occasional P-Vega, Rock, Cammy R2. I’m also slowly learning A-Vega, Rock, Hibiki R2. I also play 3S (Ibuki and Makoto), GGXX/ (Bridget), HnK (Juda), ST (Vega), and I’m trying to learn Cable/Strider/Doom in MvC2.

  • 18/M/Filipino
  • That would have to be Street Fighter II - on the Super Famicom - 1992
  • I always liked the challenge of learning and studying character movelists when I was kid. I loved to see cool moves like Ultimates, Hadokens and stuff like that. It was something different from the norm. I also like the competitive aspect of the game, always fun to meet people in the arcade back in the day and to waste quarters just to beat that one beastly person.
  • I play a wide array of fighting games right now, but, as I’m posting right now, I probably would have to select:

Melty Blood Act Cadenza - Akiha Vermillion, Ren, Shiki

Other notables for favorties:
King of Fighters XI - Gato, Kula, Adelheld
NeoGeo Battle Coliseum - Kaede, Mai

-30, M, Black/Native American
-First fighter was I think Karate Champ or Yie Ar Kung Fu
I mainly liked video gaming in general but love Street Fighter I & especially II. As I got older I mainly focused on fighters and some RPG’s. I like the competition and developing strategies, and I grew up watching the old martial arts flicks and practing martial arts.
-I play a wide array of fighters mainly 2D, don’t usually stick to one. I like Arcana Hearts but don’t have access to it as of now, though played in Japan last month. I like Maori and Fiona. Working on Hokuto no Ken as well now too: Raoh, Yuda.

  • 29, M, White (Native American/Jewish)
  • Street Fighter I, Arcade, 1987
  • I discovered at a young age I was good at them
  • UMK3 (anyone), KI (Glacius/Cinder), XvsSF (Sabretooth/Ryu/Wolverine/Charlie), GUITAR HERO II!!! (Lars Umlaut baby!!!)

That sounded so epic in my head.