Your goals as a player?

Basically, I just want to know what are your goals as a game player? Do you want to win local tournies, win big money matches, be known as the best character specialist, or take it all at EVO/SBO?

For me personally, being that I’m a few weeks from 29, my goals are small. I didn’t play any FGs from 1996-2001, and only got into playing other people in 2006. Despite the fact, I’ve been playing since 1991, and attended tournies dating 17 years ago, I’m pretty much not going to be an Evo caliber player.

All I want to do is become best in the state of GA in SFIV. I want to be the man to beat in this game. Just trying to get a good idea of who I’ll main.

I like GGXXAC, but no competition, so I can only become so good.

I suck ass at Marvel, but just play for money matches these days.

So I want to become the best SFIV player in my state, win a few money matches, and retire as a gamer on a good note. If I ever go to Evo, it’ll probably be as a spectator.

But how about you all?

being one of the top 5 of bb as like im in ggac here in my country

I want to be the best cracker in China.

To have fun, laugh with my peers and irritate the hell out of people with braindead but diffult characters like Dash Blanka on Hyper SFII. My days of being uber technical may have come to end, this character is so primitive its great! :rofl:

I wanna be the very best,
Like no one ever waaaas!
To catch them is my real test…

Really though, I just want to be better then I currently am. I’d like to say that I try win every match, but I don’t really need to try to win at the games I like, not because I’m good or anything, it’s really it’s hard to find people who play the games that I like in this city, or people who are good at them. Currently in the process of getting more fighters, some of which have a scene here, so woo. :slight_smile:

Oh and if my city has another HF tourny my goal will be to win that.

I feel just like you, my life is getting cluttered so I don’t think I have many years in the scene. SFIV is probably it for me as well. My goal is to be good enough to compete with good players, thats about it. Very simple goal.

I just want to play someone who knows how to play even if i lose and even play in some tournies cause i want to get into the competive gaming scene probably go to China town fair eventually when i get some money to take the train. Hope to see some comp online on SF4 and BB when they comeout.

I’d like to get to be competitive at some fighter. There’s not much competition where I am, unfortunately, but having the ability to play online (especially with something like GGPO) really, really helps. So… maybe someday.

I have all these dreams of becoming this badass player at some fighting game, but the reality is that I work a demanding job, the nearest good arcade that I know if is a good half-hour away, and I have way too many games to just stick with one.

I guess my ultimate goal is to be ‘decent’ at a few fighting games. Specifically the ones I’ll inevitably have in cabinets when I buy a home.

Marvel-Be able to execute all my stuff flawlessly and not get rushed down so easily.
CVS2-There is a couple people that I want to be able to beat (at least once) that I have never beaten.
3s-Get a PS2 stick so that I can play Yun

My goal as a player?? MMMM… let me see…, Get close to them so i can SPD my way to victory. thats the Zangief’s way.

i just do it for the fun nothing beats the feeling of a 2 guys dead 1 left vs 3 guys comeback

I feel like you can read my mind.

To crush my enemies, see them driven before me, and to hear the lamentations of their women.

Word is that the NorCal rankings for Smash (Brawl, maybe melee) are going to start up, right now I want to be on that list

Not sucking.

I want to win Evo.

Right now, though, I’d be happy being able to beat everyone in FL. Which is hard…

To play everybody that I can possibly can and learn from them. To strive to push any limit I have. I got this drive from the first time I saw the EVO 2004 trailer, and saw what it really meant to be a fighting game player. I’ve never stopped loving Street Fighter since I was 6, and competitive fighting games gave me more love for it. I’ll never stop loving fighting games.

to have fun!!!

Goals uh -_-:
1-Try to get more peeps into Jojos.
2-Reach top 3 with Mags/Doom/Sent squad in MvC2 Finals @ Evo.
3-Go to japan for a half a year or so with a few of my homeboys to play Vampire and Fist of the North Star in tourneys.
4-Make sure Batsu/Ace Goodheart is the best team in Tatsunoko after release.
5-1st place Evo, Rape people with Fei-Long in Super Turbo.
6-Become the best Jedah player alive.
7-Main Abel, Vega, Balrog, and Fei for SFIV.

Honestly I don’t know. Maybe see how good I can get, and how long I can stay on top at whatever game I play.

That’s it.