Your guy HogisGuy is in da house!


What’s going on, HogisGuy here from Sweden.

Been playing a lot of fighting games for a while now but mostly Soul Calibur and Tekken. Of course i play all the other games like KoF, Arcana Heart, Guilty Gear, Street Fighter and such but not with as much passion as for Soul Calibur. So recently i felt that i wanted a piece of the Street Fighter community too and focus more on Street Fighter 4 now and get some help on what to think on while playing and how to act during a battle. Because i think Street Fighter is a fun game and all and watching the EVO tournaments really gets me hype. I hope that i can get the help i need in this forum. I already know all the basics (such as moves, controls) of Street Fighter 4. I just really suck for the moment and lose a lot online.

Here’s to a great time on

P.S I play with an arcade stick


Yeah…you can skip the intro.
No one really gives a fuck about your history.

Just ask the questions if you have any.
Read the stickied threads before asking though.


Got ya, tough guy. ;D


Welcome to SRK. We don’t really do introductions here.

If you have questions, post them up. Be sure to read the stickies before posting.