Your learning a new character or upping an old one training mode and other methods?

I just want to know how other people go about learning a new character and then once they get them to a very high how they break the plateau and bring technique up after playing a while. Especially, training mode methods as many people are now claiming they spend a lot of time in training mode. I read this and some top players comments but it seems I’m a slow learner and some are able to close to master multiple characters in the same time frame as my one main.


My method.

Learning new char:

  1. Play through cast and read some forums about play styles. Pick a main and learn and play the main exclusively till I’m good with the character and I never do much with other characters.

2)Spend a few hours a day learning the basic special moves and normals of character for a few days to a week by usually using training mode and just cycling through all normals and moves. Find frame data and forum discussion about basics moves if available and figure out when and how to use what and if it is hi/low/unsafe/start up frames for punishment.

  1. then I start playing online and usually don’t do so well but I start learning by trial and error and use training mode a couple hours a day working on combos 100 times hit or miss on each side but sometimes I just do a combo for an hour from one side of the screen to the other and any mix ups or OK game stuff the same way…but I may repeat the same combo routine many times in a day…or hours on end if I don’t get it…However, I start with the combos that work on everyone and are non situational then I add advanced and situational stuff slowly later on. After I become proficient with the combo I try them against NPC training dummy and in real matches and it usualy takes a while before my real game catches up to training mode.

  2. Then I mostly just play and do a lot of experimenting with moves and blocking and mix ups and rush down and defense. And even throwing games away to set up something just to get used to it. So pretty much all my game comes from playing other people a lot and training mode stops less I find something new on forums I wish to try.

  3. After 3-9 months of a lot of play I am usually very good with said main but it seems slow and eventually I fall into a routine and just do what wins most the time against whoever the opponent is playing as but it isn’t very adaptive new stuff. However, If I see something new I experiment by playing more randomly and usually find something effective against it but it is slow process because I start playing the player more, many players I fight against don’t know the match up or they don’t know their main as well as they should or whatever reason so I don’t get rocked by new stuff as often so learning new stuff becomes rarer.

Improving old one, I don’t have many ideas:

  1. My execution and inputs are very clean now days and I land the harder combos at around 90-95% which is what I see everyone else doing in Tourny vids with my main…but I been doing 100 positive reps on each side of each combo every day for last couple months with no noticeable gains. If I am doing them back to back I have a rhythm that I don’t have for cold starts or just innate human error.

  2. I need up reaction time so I been focusing on DPing all jump ins in game and in training mode and trying to beat stuff on reaction but playing an opponent is different as they have multiple options and will usually be doing random stuff as baits. I been working on my reaction stuff a lot and even when I know some move is coming ( wheel kick, fire ball) I can only ultra it half the time because I don’t know when its coming and don’t want false start. So I don’t know how make it more random in training mode. I been playing the computer on hard and just trying beat and punish what it does but the PC is to predictable aside from random ultra.

  3. I have been trying to work on my mix ups a lot too by setting the opponent to crouch and random block. But if something is working in a match I for some reason keep spamming the heck out of it and not mixing up enough.

  4. I started tooling around with other characters and learning BnB’s and playing them a bit but since it would take so much time to develop them to my mains level I don’t think it helps very much as I can just do the basics and play the character…

  5. There are many things I need to improve but have no idea how. Such as closing off weaknesses of a character or exploiting weakness of another character or reacting, beating, punishing unexpected stuff. Dealing with random players better. and other stuff.

Thanks If you reply I just want to be a better player and be more effective getting there like many players.

I usually just play around till I find a character I like the feel of. Then I try to learn all the moves and combos I can. When I’m comfortable with that, I head straight online. You learn a hell of a lot more there than you do just training or fighting the CPU. Sure, I get assraped countless times in a row, but it helps me learn to read how people play, and eventually how to counter/punish.

Usually not a fun way, but it seems to work for me.

Watching, learning, and incorporating tactics from others is the biggest thing that helps me. Whether it’s from watching pros or people online… anytime I see something new done, I go into training mode and try to replicate it. I probably watch at least an hours worth of SF matches on youtube/SFdojo 4-5 days a week.

Whenever I do this, it always helps wonders.

Once you know the normals, specials and can do a couple combos, just get your ass into some matches and play for like an hour or two straight. Just flood yourself with some game play. Works great for me. Beats waiting for forum replies and sitting in training mode.

Good point, Quick.

At the very least, know some basics for your character. In addition to what Quick said, know the best time to use your super or ultra. Some characters should rarely use supers (vega) as EX moves are better options. Also know your anti-air and wake up options.

Ya I learn most from playing way to much and also reading every word of forums…guess it just takes me forever to incorporate what I know into what I can do because in matches there are so many options available to both players but yeah playing a lot defiantly solved most problems, eventually.