Your longest running internet accounts?


Hey, this may sound like a geek topic. But I wanted to know what are some of the longest times you held a single internet account?

I think the longest one I’ve held is probably yahoo mail (since 1998) and (1999). Before then I didn’t really create accounts.

I think SRK and VFDC are the second longest running, I’ve been on both since 2004 (8 years). How long have you’ve guys held on to internet accounts?


Easily this one. Would’ve been Geocities if it (and years and years of photos) didn’t go offline.


probably yahoo mail that I registered in 2002. some other accounts I registered back then like ICQ but my yahoo mail is the only one I ever use frequently


My hotmail account, Gamespy account and Diablo 2 accounts in that order I think.


[LEFT]SRK: 2012 Kappa.[/LEFT]


My GGPO account.


i think probably my current email account which i have had about 14 years


Neopets. No homo


Gmail - 2004. I switched email accounts so much it wasn’t even funny until I got Gmail.
FCP - 2005. Even though this place is almost dead, I still log on.
Would’ve been ICQ but I was getting stalked by some blind guy in Wisconsin because I made some sound theme he liked. I wish I was making this ish up.

Besides, who uses ICQ anymore anyway?


Primary Yahoo email, still in use - 1999

Hotmail, mostly spam but I still use it for things I don’t want cluttering up my other inboxes (groupon etc)- about 1997


SRK by a mile.


thats what I thought. I only got one when I played Ultima Online cause everyone who played used ICQ to communicate (this was in 2001 or 2002)

years went by and I checked the game out again like 2 years ago and those guys are STILL using ICQ lol


Technically, my Yahoo! Mail account, but unfortunity, I can’t log into it anymore.

Basically, during my time on the Yahoo! Club scene, I got into a hacking war with an asshole from another club. I was able to delete all his Clubs and did some pretty nasty things when I got into his e-mail account (specifically with his contacts). But due to a bushleague error on my part, he got into my Yahoo! Mail account and erased all trace of it ever being my account. Not only can I not log in, but, according to Yahoo, it isn’t even my account.

I’m over it, though. New account, new approach.

#14 forums.

2005 - 2012 and counting.


Hotmail…I registered that in the midlate 90’s.


Still active long running:

Hotmail - 1999 - 2001 - 2001 - 2001 - 2002 (dead recently) - 2003
yahoo mail - 2003 - 2005

As far as SRK, original account was a 2003, named “CivicSi”


probably this one, then smogon (2007)


Unless gamefaqs have deleted my account, then probably that one. Otherwise it’s SRK with Tekken Zaibatsu a close second


My ASMB account, since 2001 and running though I don’t post anywhere near as much.


gamefaqs acct, 10 years old, started may 2012