Your mate and your fighting game passion

So ladies and gentlemen, I would like to hear on how your girlfriend or boyfriend supports you in the fighting game department.Does he/she go to tournaments with you, practice with you, anything of the sort may it be negative or positive feedback id like to hear about it.

no girls I’ve ever been with has ever been competitive, or sees the point of being competitive at games. Shit sucks man.

I feel you on that man, ive only had one girl like that but she was an mk player, hella good too.

Well, with MK9 being out you could be spearing her right now.

Just saying.

i couldve… mind you she was beast at deception and i forgot the other one

me and my gf play garou, marvel 2 and 3, sf4, SFturbo, and for fun deadliest warrior : legends. She’s got a rocking cammy and b. jenet.

Relationships > games.

I just told her from the beginning that these games are important to me the same way that music and exercise is.

Honestly if someone cannot recognize a persons passion then move along. We make our own happiness.

It sucks to see one of your buddies in an unforgiving relationship but THEY are the ones choosing to be there. No thanks.

Be true to thy self. Be up front about who you are, give respect, and you will get respect!

When me and The Wife were teenagers she would play. She was pretty good at Alpha 3. She doesnt really care for games at all anymore so she would just read when I played. I dont play fighting games anymore though so its whatever.

that’s dumb

relationships come and go

enjoying a challenging and rewarding hobby is forever

I’ve NEVER met a chick who was serious with fighting games. Just saying…
And if I had met one, I’d stay FAR away. Real talk. I’d rather stick with a typical “girly girl” who cares more about what size heels she’s wearing and how well she fits into a dress.

Btw, what’s up, Fishjie? Been years. Though you probably don’t remember.

My ex absolutely hated SF4 and my obsession with it…it got to the point where she broke both of my 360 controllers (I’m an analog player). From what I’ve noticed among most of my friends, their GFs generally hate it or have a minor dislike for FGs.
Oh and As for the post above… FGs > 2 year relationships…

How true, I care about how a woman holds them self rather than a girl who doesnt but loves video games. To me, it is a matter of how I will be looking at life in twenty years. I find that a nice set of golf clubs right now is more beneficial than a fight stick. You can learn the game for your life and play with thousands upon thousands of people in life. That will be how I see myself making friends. Not over a joystick at tournaments. I don’t see that to be practical.

my girlfriend wants me to take her to a tournament sometime soon but I don’t even like going to tournaments nowadays myself so we it’s still up in the air.

I guess that means she’s ok with it, but whenever I practice at home for a while she starts tripping on me after like the 4th hour…I just don’t understand her! lol I’m just kidding about that last part. That’s only when I don’t let her sleep because of the TE stick button noises.

Spoken like one who has not experienced love in his life.

Word, only a two year relationship because dude was probably spending more time on that game than with his old lady. Fools always seem to think a lady should be good with him playing some fighting game for 4 to 8 hours a night on the week nights and all day long on the weekends. lmao

Yeah, from experience, I met this one chick who was into fighting games at CTF. Girl looked like she just rolled out of bed, threw on some sweat pants and hopped on the F train to get there. If you think that’s bad, wait until she opens her mouth to speak. She sounded like another dude. x_x

Fishjie has a love…a love for RELIGION (waits for Fishjie to respond)

Lol “Love”, Dude I’m 21, fuck do I have to care about relationships for? Got all the time in the world for that crap.

Females are boring ass people unless its casual intercourse, that is the truth…so yeah I enjoyed my time playing SFIV than discussing nonsense with a female. Sooth them all you want, simp ass dude.

Catch 22. You’d like her to be into them too, so she doesn’t get jealous/look down on your hobby. But then again you don’t want to be around her 24/7 and if she sucks/gets easily discouraged that can wear down on your patience, so having an exclusive hobby is good for that. Ideally, both you and her will have your own hobbies that allow you to give each other space and then you’ll also have enough similar interests that you can enjoy each other’s time when you’re around each other.

I haven’t dated in a few years, but the last one faked being into/interested in games at first and shit went sour and of course that got brought up, so I generally avoid that now. I don’t need a gaming life partner that I can have sex with… just a girl who won’t be in my ear all day about how I’m always playing games. Woman, go hang out with your friends or somethin’. Cheat on me. I don’t give a fuck. Just don’t bring home any diseases or someone else’s baby.