Your most used characters?

Just interested to know which characters get used the most around here and how they relate to a player’s main. I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t stand sticking to just one character all the time, besides learning other characters really helps me understand their matchups and the game overall.

Doesn’t have to be based on percentages shown in the game’s statistics or whatever, just who do you find yourself playing the most and feel more comfortable with.

My list:

  1. Akuma -main since vanilla SF4-
  2. Bison -alt since vanilla SF4-
  3. Ryu
  4. Gief
  5. Ken
  6. Fei Long
  7. Sagat
  8. Guile
  9. Seth
  10. Yun / Rufus

I definitely enter scrub territory with the rest of the characters I use such as Sim or Chun lol

  1. Sakura, current main
  2. Rose, alt
  3. Cammy, alt
  4. Ryu, my first main
  5. Evil Ryu
  6. T.Hawk
  7. Ken
  8. Cody
  9. Seth
  10. Honda
  11. Gen
  12. Dan

Akuma / Ryu, depending on day.
Super bad Sim.

  1. Honda - my main
  2. Abel - my secondary
  3. Vega
    From time to time - Dee Jay.

lol I think most of us have that :P, using Sim against someone who doesn’t know how to deal with him or is very impatient is hilarious.

  1. Oni-my main
  2. Ibuki-my secondary
  3. E Honda-my answer to online players who pick Honda or Blanka
  4. Rose-really fits me the best, possibly could switch over to her some day
  5. Juri-at one time, someone I strongly considered using

Ken (main since vanilla)
Oni, Cody (potential alts)
I sometimes use Cammy, Balrog and Sakura every now and then seeing as I’ve been playing them since vanilla

Juri (main)
Ibuki (lol vortex)
Viper (i like the execution)
Cammy (lol)
Yun (hes really fun)
Akuma (hes really fun)
Gouken (reminds me of juri but the damage is so much better)
Deejay (i just really like deejay)
Bison (to be an ass to people)
Makoto (for fun)
Ryu (fundamental time)
Ken (to mess around with karas and ambiguous setups)

I play pretty much everyone lol.

Bison (Only charge character I ever feel comfortable with for some reason. I do find it humorous that I generally play rushdown/faster characters and then I enjoy playing a super patient down back all day Bison.)

Occasionally I like to mess around with Oni, Evil Ryu, and Akuma in training room mostly. their combos can be fun but I just don’t like their character design from an art/sound perspective and it hurts my interest in playing them any more than that.

Pocket Ryu and Cammy that everyone has.

Currently learning: The King

Most Used (Or perhaps just my character abilities from best to worst)

Fei long "Feel don’t think!"
Chun li
Guile - My original character when I first got SF4; barely play him anymore.

If I was cool with doin the piano method than I’d be very tempted to learn blanka honestly. I’d be doin electricity all day.
If I was cool with doin a stupidly hard 1-frame link than I’d really like to stick with E. Ryu.

I’m a Makoto main through and through, and I continue to try and heighten my understanding of her playstyle. I used to main her in 3rd Strike, too, but I resented the parry system too much to take the game seriously. I still don’t.

I also play Rose because I main her in Alpha… and lawdy I love that Soul Spiral in this game. Then, of course, Ryu because he’s butt easy to pick up and I play him as a sub in every SF game except for IV (Rose is my sub this time). And through Makoto, I opened my eyes to how much of an annoying bastard Guy can be as well. And since rekka-ken characters are fun (see: Miss Fortune [SG], Iron Fist [MAHVEL], Fei Long [Duh]), I also play Yang and troll people with Seiei Enbu + [LP, walk forward LP …] until they die (if such a thing would kill them). And no I don’t play Fei Long because I don’t much care for his non-rekka attacks. I failed to appreciate his normals when I gave him a go.

Oh, I also pick up Crimson Viper from time to time.

Chars am trying to get great with I guess i have a damage/stun fetish
Cody + Evil Ryu [my mains]
Sakura [My main in progress]

Chars i can play but are more for fun [not serious games]
Fei long

Chars i dont want to suck with but i cant play [LOL]
All chargers [Guile is a bit higher than the rest of the charger pack]

  1. Evil Ryu
  2. Ken
  3. Cammy
  4. Juri
  5. Ryu
  6. Rose
  7. Gen
  8. Oni
  9. Dhalsim

Characters I’m good with:

  1. Ryu (Main)
  2. Cody
  3. Seth

Characters that I am okay with:

  1. Balrog
  2. Yun
  3. Oni
  4. Evil Ryu

Characters I enjoy playing but don’t have a solid grasp of yet:

  1. DeeJay
  2. Cammy
  3. Sakura


Fei Long (New Main xD)
Ken (Old main)
Bison (Old alt)
Gief/T Hawk/Blanka/Honda/Seth for trolling

In order of how often I use them

Sakura and only Sakura, I’m completely new to the game. When playing with friends I like using Oni / Guile / Juri

5.Cammy (lol)

Balrog (main)
Yun (alt)
Evil Ryu

Akuma - Main
Adon - Main when versing scrubs
Fei Long - Alt
Ryu - To just zone my little brother (I’m a horrible sibling)

  1. Chun because I hate myself
  2. Sakura because I like winning sometimes
  3. Ken because I like to pretend he’s 3s Ken and confirm strong fierce target combo into jab uppercut