Your Movie/TV/Game prediction(s) that turned out completely wrong


This is over 10 years old, but I just came across this:

As laughable as that is right now, we’ve all had predictions like that in regards to entertainment. We’ve hyped something that turned out to be steaming dog shit, or disregarded something that turned out awesome. I’m curious to know the biggest missteps are in regards to your predictions. I mean, that prediction where you look back, and even if it made sense at the time, you still go “what the fuck was I thinking?”.

Obviously, for me, Shyamalan is one of them. While I wasn’t that huge a fan of his movies, I thought he would evolve his formula and keep making better and better movies after Sixth Sense and Unbreakable. From a comedy standpoint, I was kind of right. From every other one, so wrong.:

However, my biggest miscalculation was saying “this show is going to be one of the greats” after Season 4 of Dexter. I shuddered when I typed that just now. I will give Season 8 of Dexter something though: it’s the first final installment of anything I’ve watched that made me feel like all the earlier good stuff was a waste of time. I can’t even watch S1-S4 DVDs of Dexter now. That is just special.

How about you guys?


Iron Man 3 is going to be awesome!


Well I did think Raz0r was a male and had gone through puberty, but then I saw his music list.


I remember the first mention I saw of SF4 and I thought there was no way the game was going to catch on. Thought fighting games were dead.


As a kid I thought Pokemon was a fad.


street fighter 4…

after cvs2 I thought thats the standard fighting game engine with minor tweaks here and there. I was wrong as fuck. now we play the drunk movement underwater fighter 4!


I thought Regular Show/Gumball/American Dad/Phineas and Ferb/Kungfu Panda show/New Ninja Turtles show/Avatar and countless other shows I watch now would suck when I first saw previews.


I thought Injustice was gonna be a bad game
I thought Marvel 3 was gonna be a good game


Oh God I swore I’d never watch Animaniacs as a kid when I saw the promos for it.

Wound up being one of my favorite cartoons.


I thought south park would be st00pid and not funny

WRONG :tup:


"A multiplayer first-person shooter that doesn’t let people blow each other up with a rocket launcher ? Never gonna catch on. :coffee: " - what I thought to myself after reading about Counter-Strike for the first time.


I thought that Black Lagoon was gonna conclude

I thought The last of us would be a fun infected game.

I thought there would be a hole to fill the void MGO has given me.

I thought capcom would still be making games like lost planet 2 and onimusha.

I thought Sega was gonna blow everyone out the water with the dreamcast.

I thought People would actually want more starfox and metroid games so much that they’d have to be release titles on the WiiU.


I was expecting the new Godzilla to be awesome, but it was just mediocre.


I really thought @kaz was mafia…


RE5 will be awesome.

The show Heroes is gonna get better and better as the seasons progress.

And never in my wildest most fucked up dreams would I have ever believed that MK games would be better than SF games.


and they still aren’t.

I thought RE:Revelations HD was going to be the installment the series needed to stand up again. You know with it going all RE4 with controls and shit? Turned out buggy as fuck and mildly unentertaining.


The thing that haunts me the most about RE5 is that I had watched a full playthrough of it, gave it a “meh” rating from that playthrough, and still bought it.

I don’t know what happened there. I was hype as shit for it after the PSN Demo, but I should have stayed away.

And I’m in that same boat as you with MK. Granted, it’s only ONE MK game (MK9) I like better than the most recent Street Fighter. Street Fighter has a history of great games, and MK has a history of shitty ones. Still, I would have never believed that ANY MK could be more fun to me than ANY Street Fighter. Hell, I’d given up on MK before 9.

Another one: Infinity Ward has had a complete turnaround for me. Before MW2 dropped, IW could do no wrong, and Treyarch was the redheaded step child filling in the yearly quota after IW dropped that killer shit. Now I see IW as ineffectual retards, and Treyarch as top dogs (despite some heavy flaws).


resident evil 6 might be good…

haha eat bags of diccs capcom :tdown:


I thought MGS3/MvC3/BF3 were gonna be good games

Something about that 3…

I thought dark knight was gonna be a good movie

I thought being the king of the post-09ers paid more than just the undying respect and admiration of OGs like @SNAAAAKE‌


Come on man everybody knows the story behind that. COD4 was top tier, MW2 was slightly dragging behind, IW bros sued Activision over unpaid royalties that stacked up for both games, won in court, 70% of the studio got cut, became Respawn Entertainment. There is a reason Respawn gets called “Real Infinity Ward” by many crowds. IW games after that were made by a dismembered team that had one arm and only a few fingers. Everything they put out was a crippled game compared to the previous ones. Though with Neversoft being sadly absorbed into them, perhaps they now have people that used to make actual fucking video games.

I still miss that eyeball with a spike through it.