Your MVC2 skill level

Well, I can do the ROM inf., some of the other Magneto infinites, fast-fly, AHVBX3, play a fair Strider/Doom, etc… I suck, because most of this is basic shit, especially nowadays. IMHO, I think I’d thrive in a tourney, but have never been to one. (Missed one about 3 weeks ago because I woke up way too late.) Hmm, I have a tough time incorporating assists into fast-flies, sometimes I miss my super jumps for Mag’s infinites, I can’t do solo IM infinite set-ups yet, and most of my characters need some significant work. Also, I need to pick up Cyke. All in all, I suck. :lol:

Well, I guess I’m considered good where I live, but would be considered a scrub just about in any major city/state.

So I’ll give myself a 4/10. So sad… :lol:

Edit: I can’t block well, so make that a 3/10.

6/10…if i could block id be a 6.5:lol:

yah my marvel skills are gay lol all i do is rush:(

I’m working hard on my Sent fast-flies, but they’re still inconsistent. I have a ratio of about 7/10, so that’s ok I guess. But yeah, blocking is the key. :frowning:

i’D say im a 7/10
these are my characters that i can do just about anything with.
Sent, IM, Storm, Doom, and Cable
characters that i use and can do infintes but just dont have the execution to get them done or mess up or i just use em for assist and do basics when i’m forced to fight with them:
Cyke, Mag, Psy, Capcom, Warmachine(he’s like my slower but stronger IM, i tend to screw up becuz he’s is slower but i play him just like IM)
My favorite teams are:

  1. thrax
  2. row
  3. Sent, IM-proj, Capcom-aa
  4. Storm,IM-aa, Sent
  5. Sent,Cable-aa, Doom-aa
  6. MSP (currently learning)

I ditched Mag about 2 years ago to learn Storm instead now since i lose to cross-ups i’m trying to learn as many as i can so i can predict whats coming and whats possible and not possible. The best way to defeat your weaknesses is to master them and know their capabilities. For me its top tier Mag’s and Sents (unfly mode of course)

If anyone wants to practice with me i live in SoCal and i go to RFC occasionally but not often i just missed the last tourney last Saturday. I like to play ppl like Potter, Julius Jackson and Combofiend although its casual play its good practice for those not on par with them.

Tell yourself you suck, 0 out of 10

then practice until you can’t lie to yourself anymore:lol:

wat if ur like me and u do suck and ur too lazy to practice? :lol:

i would give myslef a negative somethin if that were possible, but since its not, i’ll stick with a 0… i guess i should play more but playin the comp blows, the competition is either sucky or too good (and most o those ppl have moved on to other games) and i dont have a decent stick at home to play mvc2 on yet (although im currently working on replacing a pcb in my xbox ro stick)

bah… damn u ppl with skillz… but since im going to college in socal, mayb i can get some just by being there :smiley:

when are you considered good in MVC2?

then i could say im a 10 and not lie to myself anymore but u have to take this into consideration. who are u playing. if ur playing mid level players all day everyday and never play 1 top player then ur always going to be average. but thats y i’m just average cuz i dont get a chance to play a lot of top player in real comp. I really want to play Soo and prolly get my ass worked and crossed up with Mag but hell its the only way in my eyes to get better. I learned everything i know in MvC2 from vids and tourneys then i practice alone and master doing the combos/infinite then practice in live comp to get the feel for doing it against other ppl.

5/10 for casual play
2/10 for serious play/performing inf/resets/being tourney level

I suck cause I can’t play Magz or Ironman, can’t even do Ironman’s inf:( And since I’ve been playing for 2 years, I’m too lazy to go back and study there faqs just to learn how to execute them. Plus majority of those faqs are already 2-3 years old.:lol:

I mostly think Capcom’s my best player for competitive matches. And right now I’ve been using Blackheart/Cable/Capcom and Blackheart/Doom/Sent. But last time I played those teams, I still got owned. My Blackheart’s still sux. Suprisingly I did better when I played as Tron and Cammy. Go figure. :lol:

And I’m also scared at the beginning of the round, cause sometimes I don’t block right, and I end up getting launched immediately.

Oh yeah, I also suck cause back then I was a low tier scrub who didn’t think tiers really mattered, but then definitely had to learn that the hard way. :wink: :lol:

You cant really judge yourself…

Well, seeing as i invented an infinite w Akuma, im awesome and god-like:cool:, the only thing against that is you can escape the “infinite” by rolling, jumping, kicking, or basically anything besides taunting or standing w your finger up your nose like my friends seem to think works.(which doesnt) :lol:

therefore i am a 13 unlucky for some but mostly to myself

  • Good at making adjustments during a match
  • Knows how to block
  • Don’t make the same mistakes over & over
  • Have the mental toughness to run away for 99 seconds
  • Know my matchups for all characters, not just god tier
  • Combo execution is poo
  • Impatient at rushdown = hit by Psylocke/Capcom
  • Horrible at baiting/punishing assists (forget to do this)
  • Always calling in the wrong assist (forgets how team is ordered)
  • Meter Management…I don’t.

I’ll say 5/10. On a side note, I had taken about a year off from marvel, and it really isn’t that hard to get back up to your previous skill level for this game, except for the combo execution, which is KILLING ME. For a low tier tournament, It’d be somewhat higher.

Wow a year thats a long time. Most I ever took off was about 5 months. But true you can get back to your old skill level fast but on a side note other players learn meaner cross ups, resets, and the n00bs all learn how to do infinites+resets so it kinda places you below the rest unless you just know how to learn and/or counter all the newer strategies and teams.

I always wondered what is a top level AHVB ratio. I mean, everybody thinks they can do AHVB x 3 100% of the time, but I hardly see people getting it that often. Even in top players videos, people miss it now and then.
Also, for fast flies. I can do it, but if I am in a serious match and get a free launcher, sometimes I just do the practically guaranteed air combo then have a 20% (more or less) chance of missing the fast fly.
If I have many bars, and the game is close to the end, I just do RP, HSF and whatever I have in mind :slight_smile:


can’t do most of the infinites, only the basic ones on sent and the rom infinite with mag somtimes. I get raped by Magneto/Psy on the corner… frankly anywhere really. Can’t do shit against a runaway Storm. Combo execution is poor. Got raped by JSmaster’s ryu… he literally just walked up and threw my strider a few times… don’t ask. I have trouble dashing to the left on the arcade sticks. I can’t adjust well. I’m the kind of idiot that comes up with something after I get my ass beaten and head home, rather than during the match. Then again, whatever I thought of probably wouldn’t work anyways.

Re: …

The ways to deal with new crossups/mixups/resets are basically the same as the ways of dealing with the old ones. The exception being the forced roll mixups. Those are dirty.


I get AHVB X 3 like all the time. And I lock down the point character fairly well if I have to. Going up to 5, which is rare, is also not a problem.

And I suck at this game…

Heheh I guess we need categories and then we can chart our abilities and get the RMS value for a final score…Categories (up for debate) being:

Blocking (high/low)
Blocking (misdirection)
Guardbreaking (with chars OTHER than cable :))

Air to ground combo execution
No super meter combo execution
Free combo execution
Infinite execution
^^^ those 4 make up what I call the “Hit to damage ratio”

Lockdown ability
Lockdown escape ability
Game knowledge (priorties, ranges, hit boxes, glitches :))
Player psychology (knowing what opponents do)

Now I would give myself a ranking of 4.5/10. My game knowledge is great, as my player psychology. I block pretty well, and I can escape lockdown. But my problem lies in my hit to damage ratio: it’s pretty low. With all things being equal, my friends who beast on me land the same amount of hits, but they convert those hits into %40~%50 of that character’s life most of the time, whereas I do %20~%30 on average. I suppose I should choose other characters besides Spiral.

So, playing a character of mass damage at high skill generally leads to a high hit to damage ratio, which normally leads to more victories. I notice that my BH seems to be getting more victories lately…could he be my new character of mass damage? We’ll see…


i can do rom… don’t master the fast fly combos, no slol inf setups for ironman, so i prolly suck… but i think my skill is fair enough… then again i can’t really judge myslef on that… people who see me play will now how good or bad i am… man i suck…:frowning:


I am a scrub. Everyone in my place know I am a scrub. I can’t do a fast dash attack for Magneto and almost 90% of the time I pull a fireball in the air. I can’t do any infinite even the ironman EASY infinite. Therefore I don’t play Ironman except against scrubs.

However each time I go play against someone who doesn’t know my style, and I play anything but the top tier (aka, Blackheart/Strider/Doom/Iceman), and everyone think I am some kind of expert. :lol:

Last time, I got 19+11+5 wins against other scrubs like me (Nobody was playing top tier or know well how to).