Your opinion before i add something to my stick

Here is my stick

i could add this thing here for my usb cable on the left side ( opposite of the front button)

Im only able to mount it from the outside of the box because the wood is too thick and i would look bad ( i made some test with wood). So the metal panel would be on the outside. (see picture of the inside) I found those thing after i finished the box

Should i do this or just do a little notch in the middle and leave the cable hanging?

no one?

I’d say keep it simple and make a hole to stick the wire through

nice stick btw

I would agree. Just remember to make sure its pull proof… like if someone yanks the cable, it’ll come out of the console, not your stick.

well yeah i think you guys are right. Adding this metal usb port would kill the look of the stick

i mounted mine on the outside and it isn’t bad

and it provides protection against cord yanking

if you want you can always reverse mount it from the inside


not_simple_si’s awesome stick (love my custom stick thread, pg444) has it mounted on the outside and it doesn’t look bad at all.

this stick is TOTALLY FUCKING AWESOME! im still thinking about it… but im not sure i would be able to flush mount it like that… im not that good with a cisel