Your opinion of dead or alive

Me and my friend were having a discussion about dead or alive. I think its a joke really…the devs focus on boobs and making the game easy. You can execute most things with ease by mashing, the counter is the only thing that requires some sort of skill…then he came out and said tekken was a button masher. I wanted to know what you guys think? This place has some of the best guys I’ve seen in fighting games so I thought you would have good opinions

Its what its made for, the mainstream. Nothing more nothing less.

i like the big tits

Hell yeah!, doa is a fucking master piece, a shrine to cgi masterbation.

I still think its a fun game to play. Graphics are nice, gameplay is fast and enjoyable… the only thing you can hold against it is that you never get that feeling of getting any betteer at it than you do after the first day or so.

I get off to doa regularly shrug

It aint no Tekken but the titties make it worth it. :hitit:

not to mention the online is very enjoyable. Its really nice to kickback and chat while chicks in revealing clothing knock each other up. If you want more in deph tough Tekken is the way to go.

just stick around here for allittle longer and u will hear more srk opinions on this game than u want :lol:

might not be the deepest fighter out there, but it’s fun. and anyone who gets on DoA’s case about the female characters in the game while ignoring the fact that Guilty Gear, KoF and Soul Calibur pull the E-X-A-C-T same shit can go to hell.

and what’s wrong with making the game easy to play? why are fighting game fans so hung up about making games as impenetrable as possible? when did fun take a back seat to frame data and long move lists? Dead or Alive is what it is, and there’s no false pretense about it being “hardcore”. nothing wrong with that

But they never had it in the option menu where you where allowed to turn Off or On the breast bounce :karate:, I remember in DoA1 if you turned it on, and they would just flinch, the shit would just wave up like a tsunami on end.

Tekken is not a game where you can button mash and conquer. Button Mashing itself pretty much gaurantees you a instant loss since its so easy to counter button mashing. If you play against a experienced player at Doa,it feels like you are even though you arent.

As for the counter,even that stuff can be abused by a newb at doa

The discussion you had with your friend reminds me of a argument I had a while back. The person I was arguing with said Soul Calibur 2 was broken because Necrid was so overpowered. I dont think console only characters apply to tiers. The person also said that Doa is at the top of 3d fighters just as Guilty Gear is at the top of 2d fighters :wtf:

Necrid isn’t overpowered. :confused:

I know. He is pretty crappy actually. But the person keeps going on with the nonsense about how Necrid had all of their strengths and none of their weaknesses,games being in tournaments such as Evo only mean that the game is popular,How Doa is “Balanced” and better than tekken or Sc,How there are no Guilty Gear tourneys,and how a Necrid newb could beat a expert simply my just mashing.

I could link the argument if you like? Also were there any records of any Tekken or Soul Calibur being unbalanced that Certain characters had to be banned?

Dude/dudette even said that he/she saw a expert at Soul Calibur 2 get beat by a button masher…wow.since when did competitive gamers become so sucky?

It’s already been said, but yeah, it’s a casual fighter. You can master the game in an hour or two probably, and a complete newby can still win against you if he mashes because the commands are so simple. If you wanna get into something deep, DOA isn’t really the way to go.

Pretty much yeah. Were there also any records of Soul Calibur 2 characters or any tekken characters being banned from tournaments?

I totally disagree with this. The moves aren’t any easier than any other fighting game. They are basically the same motions used in Tekken. The combos are smaller than Tekken, but you can see that they programmed the engine more towards defensive tactics and throws.

I think all of the new games have become button mashers because fighting games aren’t as popular as they once were. I could be wrong on this, but when I remember playing SF2, Mortal Kombat series, and the first few Tekkens in the arcade, the machines never had insruction cards containing moves (if anything they just had the basic commands).

Now, I’ve seen Tekken, Soul Calibur, and all of Capcoms newer games give the special moves on a card inside the glass. Capcom has also added the “easy mode” to most of it’s games. You might also notice that the attack buttons have gone from 6 on average to 4. And most combos are now punch, punch, kick, kick or punch, kick.

They want to make the game easier for new players, but they still give you enough so that the game can’t be mastered.

I just don’t see how DOA is any easier or any less competitive than SC, Tekken, or the Capcom games.

And if you can have major tournaments with MCV2, then you can have tournaments with anything, because that game is the most random, unbalanced, button masher in history.

how many fighting games that weren’t street fighter had 6 buttons to begin with?