Your opinion on Dictator at EVO this year?

Those evo after matches from Neurosis vs Fchamp’s Sim were pretty well. I don’t think we’ve ever seen Bison win a major tournament though. While Bison has the footsies, spacing and corner pressure Bison is seriously lacking option select tools and gets destroyed by them if guessed wrong! He also has a hard time chasing his opponent, especially if they zone well.

Also I thought Hugo was going to use Yun, but he got beat pretty bad by Poongko when he used Bison during the pre-evo matches.

I didn’t pay attention to other Dictator players or don’t know if they were put on the stream?

Here are the results with the top 8 again
[]Fuudo (Fei Long)
]Latif (C.Viper)
[]Poongko (Seth)
]Daigo Umheara (Yun)
[]Kindevu (Yun)
]Tokido (Akuma)
[]Wolfkrone (C.Viper)
]Flash Metroid (Zangief, C.Viper)

Lots of Bisons made it out of pools, so that’s good. Zero Bisons made top 32, down from 2 last EVO, so that’s not good.

Given the unbalance though, and compared to how other characters did and the lack of diversity I think Bison did okay.

Also… no charge characters in top 32…

Shoutouts and + Rep to all those who stuck with him. Things should get better once the balance patch comes out.

Gonna be like:

(kid fallin down is yun getting nerfed, wolf is bison and other characters for that matter)

As for Neurosis… he should of placed. Unfortunate he got put in the pool with best Honda. Similar upset on Juri side with WeirdoNeo not doing work…

Awful as usual.

Someone should really look into why Bisons don’t rank in tournaments.

Sure you always hear that he’s tourney viable, but it always turns out to be bullshit

He was the “best” character in Super, but tourney results don’t reflect that.

Sure he has tricks (barely) but at most he’s just an annoyance to other players because of his HK.

He’s very beatable.

Uh he actually does win tournies, I can think of two off the top of my head winning the past month or so… one in Texas another in UK… JDR and BBWFTyrant respectively. He’s no more beatable than most characters but he has some pretty big issues with Guile, Honda and Geif and those are common tourny characters. I think having a second is important for him. I never agreed with him being S tier in SSF4. S tier characters don’t have three 6-4s (chun, geif, honda) and a 7-3 (guile) in their own tier. I always thought he was low A or high B, which is where he is placed now in AE.

Also in AE i want to say Akuma and makoto got worse.

1. I live in Texas. That’s not sayiing much. The UK I don’t know

2. Your right about his placement in Super. The people that make those lists happen to hate playing against Bison. (But they beat him anyway)

3. Akuma seems like the same character to me, but I just started playing AE yesterday. :rofl:

There are good players in Texas/The South. Don’t downplay the region. The Bison player won the tourny from losers as well… including taking out 2 very good Yuns… all down to the wire. It was the arcade UFO tourny. If you don’t know what you are talking about, the players or degree of skill, I suggest you refrain by saying things like that unless you effectively bodied the entire state…

For Akuma… the less damage with stand hk, reduction of sk pressure, and biggest problem is the loss of qcf U2 buffering. Akuma is the same character pretty much, it’s mostly what they did to Bison that makes it harder now.

Bison works, but he’s a bit on the calmer and boring side.

I think AndyOCR and Big Marcus made it out of pools. Hugo101 might’ve been on Yun. Neurosis almost got out of pools. He still did pretty good in the after hours and gave everyone a run for their money.

I don’t think JeRon was at EVO. Definitely would’ve seen some ass kicking there. Andre quit for IRL issues I heard. So that’s that for majority of the known Bison army.

Take the EVO results with a grain of salt.

There’s only about 3 or 4 Bison’s left in Japan too.
Kim1234, Neurosis, Dogura and Kim said TUC quit gaming/SF4 entirely? lol

I think people said that Jakob guy was good and he might’ve made top 32, I don’t remember.

But Bison still had pretty good representation at EVO and even though he didn’t make top 16… there’s only so much room ya know and there’s 39 characters on the roster. EVO2011 just wasn’t Bison’s year.

Yes Andy made it out of pools then took out a Chun-Li. Don’t know after that. I know other Bisons made it out as well. At least 3 others

As for Jago I didn’t see him at all was wondering… you said he quit entirely!?

I was wondering what happened to Jago, all I found on the stream was Big Marcus and Neurosis. Although If Neurosis did get to top 32 I think he would’ve had a pretty solid chance against Yun players as he does play Kendevu often in Japan

Also I was pretty suprised that no Yang’s made it! lol

Bison is not a tournament viable character primarily because of his bad matchups. Doing well in locals may be good, if those locals have 1) known good players, and 2) very good guiles and hondas (and now Yuns). Bison will never be top 8 at EVO.

I would personally say that being so straightforward works against him in a tourney environment I would imagine that most of the players there have dealt with Bison a thousand times before and once that happens well he doesn’t have any real mixups to speak of outside of a knockdown and no way to really crack someone who knows how to block. That and the AA situation being an even worse issue in AE. Lack of damage becomes an issue somewhat as well.

It’s just like how Kim posted a while back. There needs to be some acceptance that sometimes you need to time them out to win.

There are a lot of guessing situations and it’s not always big on favor and a lot of times it’s a lot higher risk than anything. But there has some really smart play going around here and there by players.

And I feel Bison is tournament viable. Every single character forum will have people complaining about this issue. You won’t find one of each character up in top 32, there’s just no way. There has been plenty of Bison representation since SF4 came out at the tournaments.

The known Bison players have been around the same numbers in EVO2009, 2010, and just this past 2011 series.

Made it out of pools in winners. Lost to GamerBee (Adon) and Rom (Yang) Tied for 33rd. Terrible weekend for me. :frowning:

I managed to beat RF and Infiltration in MM’s though.

I’mma step it up. Bison will win majors. Believe it.

That’s not bad at all man, I remember playing with Rom back when MVC 2 was out, he’s a skilled player. GamberBee and others you have played are well respected players as well :). What did you mean by MM’s?

again… did jago quit SF 100%!?

RD: MM = money match.

I think some of you are (unfortunately) being unduly optimistic. You can only time out guile if you have a massive lead. He can literally sb you to death, or at least eliminate your lead. It does 15 points of chip PER block, not counting EXs. Jumping booms is only viable if Guile is not following them. Turtling out a good honda is probably the best way to play against him, so that is not new, and it’s not effective enough.

yeah, Jago quit gaming period according to Arturo.

Andre quit for personal reasons.



I’d rather take down Honda or Twins instead of Guile, lol. It’s always the turtle Guiles that are boring to chase with Bison