Your Opinion on Mainstream Music


I wanna see what people think about today’s music


it all sucks, the only new band I like is called FUN


I want to mainstream your mother…


A lot of mainstream songs today have really good instrumentals, I’ll say that.


Man, y’all need to stop being some fucking hipsters. I don’t like mainstream music either but that call me maybe shit is so catchy I find myself humming and singing it at random times, which makes me look like a faggot


If you mean mainstream its a lot of garbage coming out. The station that plays Top 40 has some catchy tunes at midnight when no ones up. Today’s music excluding mainstream, there is some awesome stuff but there is a lot of searching involved. I think thats because the sheer amount of people out though. For example Amaranthe came out with an album this year and I think they’re the shit.


Honestly, I couldn’t care less about mainstream/pop music. My favorite genres are Jazz (particularly instrumental jazz fusion) and some Dn’B. I listen to some VG tunes, too.




90% of everything is shit, there.

(seriously mainstream music is an absurdly huge vague category).


Most of it is shit. Some are catchy for a month, and a lot have instrumentals that I like. Most mainstream music lacks staying power imo. I mostly listen to instrumentals.


I can selectively appreciate few popular music from standpoints that they are carefully calculated products. When I listened to U2, I thought mainly about how Brian Eno and Damon Albarn wrote and produced the tracks - but cared very little about U2 itself that were on the album covers, performing on stage and starred in music videos. I like Madonna’s Ray of Light because I view it as a William Orbit album (and just like U2, I absolutely give no shit about Madonna as a ‘artist’).

The common listeners don’t think that way, though. And they don’t need to because that’s the thing about popular/mainstream ‘music’, regardless of genre. It’s always about the image. Never about the music.

EDIT: Also just to clarify, I generally don’t listen to popular / mainstream music.


That call me maybe is some addicting shit. It was annoying at first. Then I mysteriously find myself singing and shit. I have to pour water on myself to snap out of it.


I barely listen to mainstream shit, but I think some are catchy. I listen to music spanding from alternative-metal to classical, I listen to bands like System of a Down, Disturbed, and Led Zeppelin. I also am a pianist, and can enjoy classical music such as Beethoven and Tchaikovsky. I honestly think mainstream is not that bad, but that it lacks originality and meaning behind the songs.


how is middle-of-the-road classic rock like Led Zepplin not mainstream?


I think he specifically used it as a example of mainstream music he enjoys.




This thread, why not reply eh?



mostly shit.

I mean, you can say it’s catchy…but that’s sometimes the best they aim for is catchiness which really is just how simple and repetitive the music is. For some reason the fact that it can easily stick in your head and you can repeat the song off of 1 listen draws people in instead of pushes them away… :confused:


I should be keeping this secret. A while back I heard a song. It was quite the catchy song and it was a great catchy song that has a nice sound. The song was called “boyfriend”. Truly. I figured out it was …Bieber and i didn’t want to be a hyprocite and not like it anymore because I am anti-bieber. The song is playing from my mp3 as i type. Fuck what you heard, shit is bangin.


mainstream music has always been called shit so idgaf i like what i like