Your opinion/view towards players who trash talk?


Being a noob to fighting games, i’ve noticed many players online who trash talk towards me with several insults such as “stop wasting my time” “dam you suck”

These insults don’t bother, but ive always questioned whether trash talk is truly an effective strategy especially in fighting games…

What are your guys’ opinions, experiences, towards players who talk trash to you, whether online or even in person? Have you ever trash talked? Does it make you even more motivated to destroy them?


I haven’t trashed talked someone online before I’ve had gotten quite abit of hate mail though, personally I don’t mind trash talk when me and my friends play we sometimes take afew jabs at each other when we are watching each other play online or something


It seems to “not bother” you enough to make a thread about it…but okay.

Trash talk is one of those things that has been part of the fighting game community for a long time…if you can’t take it, then you probably won’t belong.

When it comes to online: 1/2 the time I ignore…1/2 the time I go in.

I actually trash talk more offline than I do online.


Trash talk is no big deal. Following the rules of the forum is.

Please read the rules before you make a thread.