Your opinions of the commentating team for the live stream?

I’ll give my 2 cents:

GDLK Announcer Tier:

Seth Killian (great play-by-play for HDR and SFIV, as well as upbeat color commentary)
dog-face (a more livelier version of Seth…more like a hype man!)

Great Tier:

Rockefeller (always funny color and play-by-play commentary)
SCIV Armenian guy (great explanations of the intricacies of the game)
JaHa (ditto for SCIV)
SpiritJuice (great explanations for the games he commentated on)
FilthyRich (Tekken commentary and stuff was nice)

Passable Tier:

Keits (maintained positive energy during the stream, even though he laughs like a pubescent girl; ‘filler’ commentator and tie plugs/Seth references annoyed me)
Ski (just good chemistry with Keits and got hype on DAT MAHVEL BAYBEE! even though it was the only game he really knew…he’s more suited as a ‘filler’ commentator)

Horrible/Dead Weight Tier:

“French Fries” Guy (did jack shit and didn’t know anything about any game; boring as hell when he did try to talk)
nothingxs (was practically mute and totally boring; had no stage presence)

Thanks Seth, skisonic, and Keits for wearing down your vocal chords for us. I got to keep tabs on the boys on the stream through your work. I don’t know Keits, but I thought he brought his thoughts to the table well near the end on Sunday. Besides those three, Arturo’s the only other name I know. Arturo… I did not plan on having your commentary interrupted. lol. My bad. I was amused, however. Thanks.


The commentary was clutch.


i like the french guy SC4 n seth. eveyone else was bearable.

s-kill, dogface, and ski were the best ones out of the weekend.

I think they got off to a rocky start on Friday, but once they got goin I think they all did a great job. Especially seth, skisonic, and keits!

Great commentary i adgree that fries guy i honestly couldn’t understand what he was saying other than that great stuff. Keits and skisonic where there mainly and they did great i thought and always gotta love rockafeller commentary funny stuff

It didn’t happen often, but when S-Kill and Dogface were up there together that shit was awesome. The way there personalities played off one another was amazing. Seth had the hard analysis, and Dogface had the energy and enthusiasm.

Pro-level shit.

It was Clutch!

S-kill and Dogface would have probably been enough, both have experience and do a great job. The rest were so so. Many of them talked way too loud and got far to close to mic. Could have done with less “jokes” “Hype” and “Clutch.” Then again, considering I couldn’t have done better, they all did good. :stuck_out_tongue:

seth would always have to bring everyone back to the match. I thought it was funny.

Ski and Keits were amszing.

Dogface came thru clutch a few time as well.

The yellow shirt guy talking about French Fries was hilarious.

The short white guy with glasses, I’m not sure who this is was not good at all. It was worse when he was paired with French Fries guy.

Seth was obviously on point. They should make him stay on the table as along as possible.

Arturo was on too much in my opinion and he wouldn’t stop talking. The good commentators are the ones that know when to be quiet in a tense situation and just let the match speak for itself, and that can happen even during semi finals.

Ski was pretty good during marvel and afterwards when he was paired of with good commentators. So long as he’s not paired with Arturo where they begin to talk too much.

Dogface brings incredible hype especially during the 5v5 match between Sabre and Valle. “WOWWWWW!!! That was straight out of the matrix!!” hilarious and he knows what he’s talking about.

Filthy was good for tekken, they need to get that marc guy from devastation to provide insight on the game and play by play.

Seth is top notch

The commentary was top notch and made the live stream enjoyable to watch. It was like watching pro sports event. My Street Fighter skill level and knowledge is nowhere close to tournament level, but I was able to learn get a better understanding from Seth. It wasn’t dry commentary, quite entertaining!


I was dying laughing when I was listening to Rockefellar during the 3s finals. Especially the story about Mopreme.

John get into the SF4 scene so we can get your amazing commentary!

I don’t know who to give credit to but during the pool rounds when they were fighting on the volcano stage, somebody said “And the winner will then climb atop the mountain to destroy the one ring.” It was playing in the background during my poker game and everybody started laughing.

commentary lacked that sanchez flavor

During matches Seth was the only person who knew what to do. S-Kill was extremely articulate, insightful, and professional. Truly a great job throughout the entire stream.

Everyone else was either distracting or annoying during matches in my opinion. Even people who seemed like they had something to offer by way of play-by-play or analysis sounded as if the microphone was directly lodged in their throats. S-Kill was the only person who was calm enough to be understood at all times or knew how to correctly speak into a microphone. I don’t care how much you know about fighting games if you can’t calmly speak into a microphone from at least a few inches away. One of the announcers was so loud and bass heavy, all of his consonances popped and distorted, and he would yell a lot including drowning out Seth several times. I understand if you are hype but my god don’t interrupt S-Kill during play-by-play just to yell.

Also the music from the speakers in the crowd during the stream was picked up by the announcers’ microphones and came through heavily distorted and bass heavy on the stream which was insanely annoying. Speakers need to be placed far away from the announcer table next year.

Dogface show was perfectly done (other than the one mic failing). No audio problems on the stream whatsoever. Crowd could be heard clearly as well.

The mixer needs a stronger limiter, or a compression module, or someone needs to turn the Low EQ knob down a few dBs to avoid the bass distortion on the stream.

S-Kill was fucking awesome
Keits and Ski did a really good job of talking and just filling in the gaps during the games they didn’t play
Filthyrich and Markman def did a good job of Tekken
Dogface was good
Spirit Juice would have been much better if he had actually TALKED instead of just answering questions and leaving the commentating to two people who don’t play Guilty Gear and occasionally saying "oh that was sick"
Whoever that 3S expert (not Rockefeller) was, that dude was terrible, wouldn’t shut up about irrelevant shit and generally just being unhype as fucking possible

[media=youtube]aYH-140xR-4"[/media] at about 1:30.


I didn’t watch the whole stream but most of the time it was great. s-kill really knows a lot about the games and he can communicate that knowledge perfectly.

What was really getting on my nerves was when some guys where rooting so much for the EC/WC/whatever people. I mean, when you’re commentating a match keep your bias to yourself please.

Aww man. Don’t do my homie like that! I agree he wasn’t the best though but it’s kinda weird cause he’s usually pretty hype in person. Maybe he was nervous and a tad shy commentating next to Seth who was top notch the whole weekend.

I think if they do this in the future, they should have game-specific commentary. S-kill and Dogface are knowledgeable and entertaining enough to be the “anchors” who commentate for everything and then they could swap in one or two other guys depending on the game (Rockafeller for 3s, maybe Ski for MvC2, etc).

As far as this year’s commentary:

S-kill - Great. Knew his shit especially with HDR, but was knowledgeable enough about fighting games in general to be able to point out salient details about every game. Professional but still excited.

Dogface - Great. Funny but not distracting. Asked questions to more knowledgeable people if he didn’t know about the current game, which I really liked because sometimes the game-specific commentators didn’t have much personality so he helped engage them.

Rock - Didn’t see the 3s finals but I’m sure he was great. Always enjoy his shit.

“SCIV Guy” - Very good, made the handful of matches that I saw a lot more interesting. Unfortunately, kind of got interrupted a lot by other commentators.

Keits - Good. Not especially knowledgeable or especially entertaining, but decent on both, and was a good “straight man” and didn’t do anything too annoying.

Ski - Ehhh, ok. He had good energy but didn’t seem to know anything about any games except MvC2. Unfortunately, this didn’t cause him to talk less during other games. By far the loudest of the commentators (probably because of mic issues, but still). Often interrupted other more knowledgeable people. Kind of distracting.

Arturo - Dead weight. Half of what he said was “like” and the remaining half was repeating whatever S-kill just said or making a completely generic comment - “THIS IS STREET FIGHTER, ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN!!” Brought nothing worthwhile to the table and interrupted other good commentators or talked over important parts of matches. Still appreciated the effort but uh…thanks but no thanks.