Your opinions on Street Fighter IV


Well…I would really like to know what you guys think of this new released street fighter IV for home console. In my personal opinion, you will get a different feeling from playing the game on arcade and console. I prefer to play this game on arcade if you were to ask me. The Japanese version of the game has been released. And I already get my copy for xbox360. The first thing I gotta talk about is damn it is so amazing. The game could be scaled up to 720p, which means it has the vivid graphic, 3D characters and backgrounds, and new system for special moves. That’s, the EX, which is derived from Street Fighter strike. Good! And the Ultra super from Street Fighter EX. However, after I beat the game once and get my hand on it, I don’t really like it and it does really let me down. The movement is a bit slow compared to the prequel of the street fighter alpha series. Besides, it seems to be a mimic version of the oldie street fighter turbo II. We only have like ONE SUPERCOMBO MOVE and an additional ultra supercombo. That’s it. This seems lack variety. I initially expected there were at least two supercombos. What I could do is just do my 2-1 and connect the super and nicely wraps up my winning. But this game seems really popular in Japan and even in America.




You’ve been here since '01 and you don’t think this might be more suitable in the SF IV section? :chainsaw:


I think the lifebars should have been a brighter color.



What is it supposed to be? The secret behind why his Dive kick is so good in 3S? He scared everyone in 4?


Ken’s gi outfit looks weird and for that reason alone I hate Street Fighter IV.


What the fuck is Street Fighter strike?