Your original Street Fighter's collection

This is mine:

Amiga 600: SSF2T with original box & manual

GBA: SSF2TR without box & manual - SFA3 with original box & manual

XBOX: SF Anniversary with original box & manual

XBOX360: SSF2THDR (why there’s no box/dvd? :frowning: ) - SF4 with original box & manual

Lets see here:

Super Nintendo: Street Fighter 2 (One of em)
Gameboy: Street Fighter 2
Dreamcast: Street Fighter III Third Strike, Marvel Vs Capcom 2
PS2: Street Fighter Anniversary Collection, Alpha Anthology, Capcom vs SNK 2
XBOX: Street Fighter Anniversary Collection
XBOX 360: Street Fighter 4 Collectors, SF2HDR

Street Fighter 4 360 SE Stick and TE Stick
360 Ryu and Chun-Li fightpads