Your Patch Predictions?

Just curious since right now, it’s clear that there are so many things to patch, but so little word on what exactly is going to BE patched, so I wanted to know what people’s predictions are about the upcoming patch to HDR.

NO intentions of shitting on this thread, just a piggyback: we should really be proactive about this. The bug reports and shit from everyone have been really good. We should keep that kind of stuff up.

If there’s something we think needs to be in that patch, we need to make a thread about it on Capcom Unity.

Character balancing seems way too dangerous in this phase, the risk of getting an even more unbalanced result is very high. Furthermore it needs input from people who are probably not even on contract/location during the patch process.
As an IT engineer myself I know how long validation takes, and how expensive it can be to just do a minor alteration to working code. Character balance influences the gameplay as a whole, and thus everything needs to be retested in that aspect. Needless to say it’s also the most intensive work, requiring an army of experience players getting the most out of the engine. Playing in a way a normal user doesnt think of, trying everything that’s not even imaginary, like ST pros did for a decade.

Doing netcode fixes, adding features for online play, trophies etc is high priority, and cost-effective to both do and test, because the impact is isolated. That I expect.

Backbone probably thinks that the hardcore community can govern itself when it comes to balanced competition, just like they did for ST

^^All true. But don’t forget that ST was never published for online play by Capcom like Remix (GGPO and 2DF are community projects). So that means even if Backbone doesn’t rebalance the game in this patch, they could possibly do it at the end of the year, or in 5 years or whenever. Cuz Remix will always be available for DLC, unlike ST on GGPO or 2DF.

They are going to fix some glitches, improve netcode and maybe fix Akuma but there will still be some glitches hiding in the depths.

I doubt they’ll even touch Akuma.

We’ll see technical issues and trophies most likely.

They will address technical issues and add trophies, since that is required for European release anyway.

Who cares. SFIV.

Just fix the networking bugs. ST’s a buggy game before HD Remix.

What’s the news on Akuma right now as far as tourneys are concerned? I know that he has a lot of issues on him right now that still make him unbalanced and a cut-above-the-rest overall, but have there been any other tournaments aside from the one that Damdai went to in NEC9 where Akuma from STHD was used? I haven’t found any, so I’m curious about the results of these if there are.

Or is Akuma really so problematic right now that people want him to be fixed up before he even gets to any of the larger tournaments?

fix network

fix controller settings

that’s all that I see them doing

I think fixing the glitches, net codes etc. has a much higher priority than rebalancing the game. Cuz if the game still has glitches but has balanced characters then why the fuck would you play it. It’s like having a house that has a big ass hole in the roof and a busted air-conditioner. (The hole being the glitches, net codes, etc. and the air-conditioner being balancing.) Why the fuck would you fix your air-conditioner first when you got a busted ass roof.

Capcom has been asking for reports on network glitches.

Have they been asking for reports on tournament data and balance issues?


I predict that they will fix the desynch bug, the life-bars glitch, and the music glitch, but introduce new, unforeseen game-crashing bugs.

Phew… The guide writers can rest easy… For now…

Akuma right now by a lot of people is considered near broken. Not there but like if anyone finds out anything else about him he might as well be. He has clear advantages that no other character in the game has. Including an air fireball that still gives half the cast an incredibly hard time even getting near him, a red fireball that beats tick throw attempts, a DP that’s invincible all the way up on all versions and a near inescapable RD setup using air fireball (the same move that half the cast already has trouble with). Stuff that would make him competitive in a Marvel game.

His low health is not a problem if you can never touch him and that’s the main problem people have with him. If played right he’s insanely tough to even hit and makes the game more tedious than probably even O.Sagat.

I’m still at odds as to whether or not the air fireball for Akuma was actually nerfed. Akuma’s air fireball in the original ST went farther and was a lot more effective as an anti-air from mid to far distances, but I found that a lot of people can easily just walk under it if they’re close enough or just catch Akuma on the way down with a fast-moving projectile.

His remixed air fireball has a much sharper angle, effectively cutting its range and and anti-air effectiveness from long distances significantly, but at the same time it seems to be much easier to mix things up with cross-ups (Thanks to the air bounce) using the air fireball, and the sharper angle makes it a really effective defense tool against on-coming projectiles. The jab air fireball moves so slowly, and the angle it descends at more or less makes it a temporary wall. It may as well be Akuma’s version of the air block =S

Glitches yes. Trophies makes sense. Balancing… I doubt it as much as it’d be nice.

I expect the glitches to be ironed out before any major balancing or character changes are done… maybe a small akuma fix but nothing too drastic.

I predict that they will do their best to fix the technical issues first. If they do any kind of balancing it would probably just be an Akuma filter.

I’d like:
-Quick match REMIX
-Quick match Classic
-Tournament/Player match round count viewable from the server list
-Disable “host view player” with LB in ranked, or fuck it, and just show both players names if that can’t fix that
-Tournament spectate (final match atleast)