Your personal ratings & thoughts on SF5's roster/stages so far... (TGS 2015 version)

I made a thread like this on the Steam boards, so I hope a thread like this is OK here… I was just very curious about people’s feeling on SF5’s progress so I decided to “copy” the tread here onto SRK.

Now that we’ve got our recent updates on the game’s progress due to Tokyo Game Show 2015, how about a thread where we give our opinions on the overall way the game’s shaping out. Think of this as a bit of an unofficial forum poll. Lets keep this clean and respectful. You don’t have to give off full details on your choices if you don’t want to but if you wanna talk/vent about it, be free to talk about it here.

Try to use a scale from 1 to 5, “1” being a “Don’t really care for…/anti-hype…”, “3” being the “middle-ground” and “5” being “Love the inclusion/most hyped!”

[CHARACTERS, including overall design and gameplay mechanics]

RYU - 2 - He’s Mr. Street Fighter, he’ll be all over the place online and he’s ultimately too bland for me, but I like how his style is more focused on straight power hits to reflect his training. Still, he’s rather what you expect from him.
KEN - 4 - I like how they decided to be bold in making Ken as different from Ryu as possible. Added flair to his fighting style & you can feel his aggressiveness. I’m also one of the few that don’t mind his new default look.
CHUN-LI - 4 - One of my SF4 mains so I plan on warming up to her 5 incarnation, though she doesn’t look AS fun to play as in 5… yet. Also, dat alternate outfit… drools
CAMMY - 4 - Only played her in SF4 for fun and giggles, but it’s nice she’s recurring. I miss some of her SF4 animations though (especially her old crouch animation). If I play her though it’ll probably only be in her alternate outfit since it looks fantastic.
VEGA [CLAW] - 1 - No offense to Claw players but I practically slept through his reveal. He never did anything for me in the past, though I do find it interesting that he’s full motion as of TGS and has a stance switch. Should make him interesting to long-time Claw users.
M. BISON [DICTATOR] - 3 - I really can’t say anything about Bison, don’t hate him though. Love the new trenchcoat design & white hair and he’s always a solid addition to any SF game as its staple villian. Hope we finally get Gill vs. Bison in SF5.

NASH [CHARLIE] - 4 (It’s about time he came back… though he really does have a bad case of “Came Back Wrong.” Hope Guile makes the roster just to see how he’d react to this cold-blooded version of his friend…
BIRDIE - 3 - Happy he’s back for the Birdie fans, plus he looks tough to fight against, but HATE his new… fatness. He looks really strong though… Would’ve been a 4 if it weren’t for the fact they decided to fuse Rufus with him.
RAINBOW MIKA - 4 - I have no intention of playing Mika but my heart went out to her fans when USF4 had that stupid Decapre debacle and how they treated Mika in her trailer. She gets a 4 from me simply because Capcom finally put her in with no strings attached and she looks amazing gameplay & presentation wise. Bonus points for the clever addition of her tag partner.
KARIN - 5 - Was #1 on my wishlist, love her more matured design and her gameplay looks fun, stylish and about my gameplay style. Plan on making her Day 1 main, and hopefully her inclusion also brings in my other main SF4 character, Sakura.

NECALLI - 3 - His design is surely out there but that’s not a bad thing to me. He personally doesn’t ‘speak’ to me to play as, but I like him better than nearly all the SF4 newcomers whose name isn’t Juri, Gouken or Viper. Should make an interesting opponent online.
RASHID - 4 - He looks pretty darn cool and bonus points for being the first character from Saudia Arabia. Gameplay wise he looks like a less annoying Fuerte with a projectile game and some other little tweaks. Also, like his personality; nice and uplifting. I may try him out for fun.

[STAGES, not including the Training Stage because… well… it’s the Training Stage [and not even Killier Instinct decorative one either…]

CHINA - Downtown Street & Restaurant - 4 - The first stage shown off of the game. Gives me a SFIII Yun/Yang vibe. Also the KO stage interactions are pretty fun, bonus points for the ramen noodle-on-head finisher and literally putting your opponent on a bus when you’re done with them.
NEW ZEALAND - Mountains - 4 - Seems like the most minimalist stage so far but I tend to like stages where it’s just you, your opponent and a beautiful backdrop with no background people cluttering it up. If I could I’d make this my training stage.
LONDON - Transportation Station - 3 - I sorta like what they tried to do with it but for some reason this stage never ‘wow’d me.’ Don’t know why.
JAPAN - Kanzuki Estate - 5 - Best stage in the game so far. Looks absolutely beautiful even with the party guests and I just find it completely funny that Karin was such a priority she clearly gets her own stage in a game where most of the cast doesn’t have a specific ‘home turf.’ LOL, Capcom.
BRAZIL - Street Slums - 5 - So far hasn’t been shown updated since the tease Ono did back in July, but it did show off quite a bit of the stage, so I put it on the list. Anyways I hope it keeps it’s ‘abandoned’ vibe because I never really like how background characters were like in SF4… though I doubt it’ll stay that way in final. Reminds me a lot of Sean’s SFIII Second Impact stage and I loved Second Impact.

OK, I’m done. Most likely I’ll try to make another thread like this once we get our new reveals in October.

Vega got a 1/5?

Thread invalid. His reveal was HYPE son

Ryu = 3. He’s too ugly, but it’s Ryu there’s only so much you can screw up. Still looks a million times better than SF4.

Chun = 3. It’s Chun. Nothing great nothing terrible IMO.

Cammy = 4. She looks great.

Nash = 4. He looks cool.

Dictator = 2.5. Meh.

Claw = 3. I love Claw, but they fucked his face up. He’s supposed to be gorgeous not ugly, he’s a narcissist come on.

Ken = 2.5. Ugly face. This team can’t do attractive male faces.

Rashid = 3. Ok maybe they can? Too bad the design is boring.

Necalli = 4.5. Freaking awesome, but his non-powered up look is stupid. His dreads look like the wires that connect my amp and guitar. It’s just really weird.

R.Mika = 5. Perfect. Above and beyond what I expected from this team. Bringing in her partner from the Zero 3 mook was a touch of genius.

Birdie = 4.5. I hate his beer gut, but otherwise he’s awesome.

Karin = 3. I love this design, but some of her animations, well all of them, look stiff. Her super is the most uninteresting in the entire game so far, what happened? Hopefully she plays well.

SFV in general plays great and looks phenomenal. Also the roster choices are terrific. Unless they screw up Alex it’s a 5/5 for me overall.

This does not need it’s own thread. You can discuss the characters in their own threads and the stages have a thread of it’s own as well.

The roster already shits fury all over SF4 because it feels like a breath of fresh air

Are we talking about purely visual part or the gameplay changes as well?

RYU - 2 - Well, he is always there. I don’t really like him and I don’t hate him. Sometimes I like messing around with him because he is a good character to teach you fundamentals. I approve the bearded Ryu version.

KEN - 1 - Kinda similar to Ryu, except I never messed around with him. His redesign is kinda cool but I don’t care for Ken. Just happy for his fans.

CHUN-LI - 4 - My SSF4 main and was my secondary after I switched to Juri and Poison in USF4. I really like her new face. She will be one of my secondary characters in this game.

CAMMY - 3 - I have to say, even though she still doesn’t fit my playstyle, she looks a million times better than in SFIV. She is finally mature now, lost her boyface and actually has a booty now lol.

VEGA [CLAW] - 3 - Like Cammy, I like his new appearance. Might give him a try. This shirt is sexy af. /nohomo

M. BISON [DICTATOR] - 3 - It’s so refreshing to see what they did with his moveset. He was my main in the SF2 series. Will definitely try him out.

NASH [CHARLIE] - 1 Happy for his fans, but that’s it. Not my type of character. He doesn’t play like Guile, but Sonic Booms are still giving me the anti hype vibe tho.

BIRDIE - 3 - I played him in the beta and he is very cool. Very fun to play and I like the fact that he has a belly now, because diversity is always a good thing.
RAINBOW MIKA** - 5 - Surprise! Well what can I say. She was on my wishlist since I heard there will be a fifth character for USF4. I played her in Alpha for a bit and I love everything they did with her new moveset. Nadeshiko assist is pure hype and I love characters and classes (like in rpgs), where you can call someone to assist you in battle. And she reminds me of She-Hulk from MvC3, that was my favorite character in Mahvel. I usually don’t play grapplers, but if they are strong independent female grapplers like those 2 then I am in there, lol.

KARIN - 4 - Pleasently surprised that I like her. Her moves are so graceful and cool, just like one of my favorite Tekken characters Lili, I like her attitude and right now she might be my first secondary character.

**NECALLI **- 1 - Meh, not really feeling him. Looks cool in his v-trigger mode but his gameplay doesn’t really interest me.

RASHID - 2 - Cooler than Necalli imo. Still not a character I would spend a lot of time with, but his moves are not too bad. I like his v-trigger move.

CHINA - Downtown Street & Restaurant - 4 - Really liking the theme here. Nice stage transitions and good atmosphere.
NEW ZEALAND - Mountains - 3 - The sheeps in the background are so hype. I always go “awwwww” when I see these little fluffy monsters.
LONDON - Transportation Station - 2 - Kinda meh to be honest. The lighting effects are not bad, but the theme is not very good and overall there is not enough uniqueness.
JAPAN - Kanzuki Estate - 4 - Best stage in the game so far in terms of looks. But overall it’s on par with China stage, because China has a better theme. But in terms of visuals, it’s definitely the best stage.

… I guess I’ll be nice and play along, though we still need to take this thread into consideration when speaking about character concepts, reveals and anticipations.

Rating scale 1 to 5 according to OP. Character and Stage review.



[Ryu] = 3 / 5. Self-explanatory. I don’t like nor hate this character. He is one of the primary faces of Street Fighter for both newer and older players. In terms of game play, he has a little of everything but does not excel at anything in particular, generally being a well-balanced character. The idea of his V-Skill and V-Trigger cause him to stick out pretty well. He also has a pretty cool target combo that can be useful on several occasions if the player is careful.

[Chun-Li]= 4 / 5. Chun-Li… looks very pretty in this game. The way she was meant to. Her SFIV incarnation was just… off (understatement). Upon the release of the game, I need to at least figure out her game plan a bit more. Game play-wise, she offers a pretty nice V-Skill with

[Nash] = 4.5 / 5. This character was intended on being my main… but something amazing happened that which will be explained much later. I am thrilled that Nash made it back as a playable character and I generally like the idea of his game play. Very solid and he fits into what my intentions are in terms of game play.

[Bison] = 4.5 / 5. Bison is cool as fuck… His move set is revamped to a degree and he ha I will periodically play Bison in casuals and even in tournaments should I be available.

[Birdie] = 4 / 5. Glad he is back… Thought he did let himself go quite a bit. Not going to main him but he definitely seems pretty fun.

[Cammy] = 4.5 / 5. Much like Nash, I am subbing this character for sure because I enjoy playing characters with sweet normal moves and solid mix up game from up close. She was one of the first few characters that I played when I practiced on the Beta.

[Ken] = 3 / 5. I like his new costume and his new fighting stance… I… don’t really have much to say here though. I have no intention on maining this character. I’m indifferent.

[Necalli] = 3 / 5. Seems like a decent character but not really something that I am into. I’m indifferent.

[Vega] = 4 / 5. Splendid! Vega is definitely another character that I will sub.

[R. Mika] = 5(+++xxx) / 5. YOLO. My main. Remember when I said that I thought that Nash was going to be my main. R. Mika is the reason why he isn’t. Sexy wrestler/lucha lady is back and I must play her. Woke up on a work day… checked my phone… and there she was… That was definitely a happy day for me. And, yes. I am fully aware of her situation in A3 on it’s tier list. But, that’s not really an excuse for me not to play her in this game. Plus, there were already characters that were very awful in the previous games but still made a pretty glorious return to the SFIV series. To add insult to injury, many of the said characters turned out okay. R. Mika is looking hella solid in this game… I like the character… therefore, it would be imperative for me to main her, based on current events within the SFV. I love her costume and her move set in general. Very well done.

[Rashid] = 4. 5 / 5. I’m okay with his design. His move set offers something pretty cool for me to take advantage of. Definitely sub material for me. And, he seems to be a good guy of a sort, based on some of his win quotes that I glanced at. On a side note, I wonder what Namco-Bandai have to say for this… They have Shaheen as a new Arabic character within the Tekken 7 roster.

[Karin] = 4. 5 / 5. Oh… the Karin haters must have been PISSED. “OOOOHOHOHOHOHO!!!” Instant-sub material! Another character I have not seen in ages in a legitimate fighting game! I happily welcome Karin back into this new Street Fighter!



[China - Downtown Street & Restaurant] = 4 / 5. Cool stage… decent music. Very standardized.

[Japan - Kanzuki Estate] = 5 / 5. … It is universally agreed upon that this stage is pretty awesome.

[London - Transportation Station] = 3 / 5. … Whatever.

[New Zealand - Mountains] = 3 / 5. … Whatever.

The roster is pretty diverse, nothing 2 complain about from me, maybe they could fix Ken’s hair cause it looks terrible but that’s just me knit picking

I don’t really care bout the stages as long as they don’t look like absolute shit which so far they dont

I just hope they bring in more stages, and more stages without people. If there’s one thing Killer instinct did right was the stage count and design.

I honestly feel like this and Can we talk about the character redesigns? are the same thread