Your personal top 5 saga tips

Hey 'gat forums, I know there’s a plethora of information above, thought it might be cool to throw in a new way to make sure we have our fundamentals down, can help new players, and make sure we don’t have any huge blindspots in our game.

The question is this: what are your personal top 5 sagat tips? What are the most important things to your game? Feel free to share, and don’t troll people for being captain obvious, lets make this helpful!

1. Fireballs - Don’t be predictable with fireballs (basic, but is it?). Don’t just mix up the speeds and low / high. There’s much more to it than that. Throw out st. LP and various attacks. Keep them guessing when the fireball is coming.
2. Learn to kara specials. This is essential for punishes and catching your opponent off guard.
3. Learn some of Sagat’s blockstrings and good normals. I’ve seen many Sagats who are great zoners, but completely lost in close quarter combat. They pray a random tiger undercut or knee will land. People will get in on you. You need an answer.

4. Learn how to land deep tiger uppercuts on jump ins for optimal damage.
5. Meter Management - Full or almost full super meter means angry scar, especially if your opponent is across the screen. No reason to sit on a full super (especially if you’re opening the round with a lot of meter, stock up and see what they do in the opening second of the round). If you throw an ex fireball, don’t be random and must hope it lands. I’m guilty of this myself at times.

what are his good normals when he gets in close? I don’t see a lot of people using his crouching jab, which I thought was 3 frames just like Rog’s. Why is that?

Good normals:
st. Roundhouse:hk: : good anti air and focus breaker (2 hits) ,special cancelable, fake kick good for footsies
roundhouse stepkick :f::hk:: antiair , can juggle some specials and ultra afterwards, can link cr.jabxx special move
short stepkick :f::lk:: can link cr.jabxx special move, hits low
st. forward:mk: :good poke , hits twice up close, special cancelable
cr. fierce:hp: : good poke with good priority
low forward: good poke to apply pressure with xx Tigershot
low short :good to start pressure with(combo starter)
cr. jab:lp:: good normal especially defensively with cr,jab xxlow TS or low EX TS
st.strong:mp:: can be used as antiair up close but timing is strict
cr. strong: good poke, special cancelable

  1. Be random sometimes! random uppercut ,Tigershot , Tigerknee whatever put some randomness in your gameplan even if its unsafe at times.
    2.After charging AScar watch what they’ll do next many times they’ll jump right away.If they do, use that bar right there.Remember AS is useful in Balrog(Boxer), Fuerte and Gouken matches as well as FA happy candidates as it breaks armor.
    3.Sagat has footsies.
    4.Use U2 against characters who rely a lot on there fireball game and shut it down.Learn there recoveries as each character recovers differently on their FB and learn your distances from where you can punish on reaction.
    5.Two meters = TU fadc U1. This can save your day!!!
    6.Use Tigerknee for travelling distances and compensate for his slow walk speed.

From my short life as a Sagat player…!

  1. Blocking is sometimes your best or only option, not everything can be auto corrected with a TU, learn to block.
  2. Press normal’s for a reason, throwing them without purpose is nothing more than a smoke screen for lack of ideas.
  3. Learn to hit confirm with cr-mp, it can turn a counter hit into a FADC combo.
  4. Learn to Ultra 1 from a EX Tiger Uppercut for massive damage from 1 bar.
  5. Watch Bonchan Videos, 1 for breakfast, 1 for lunch and a bunch for dinner…

btw sorry for the typo in the title, stupid autocorrect.

my top 5:

  1. its a duh statement, but if you have ultra, be looking for the trade uppercut - f. hk - ultra, or f. hk to ultra, keep tigershotting and anticipate the jump, then body 'em
  2. fwd lk can be a great trick for some quick damage, even if you miss the link, if they press a button doing a c. lp xx low ts will stuff em. if they block, it’ll get good push back, and since sagat is so often running away it can catch em off guard.
  3. Against rushdown/frame trap characters (twins, etc), just block and be patient, most of your buttons will get stuffed. Pick your spots!
  4. I like to AS at the beginning of the 2nd or 3rd round, if they jump, you get a free extra damage TU, and you can see if theres any other things you can react to for some quick damage.
  5. Dunno how it works on higher level players, but I land a throw after a blocked tiger knee a whole heck of a lot at least once per game.

Guess your talking bout EX knee there. Its -1 on block +4 when they’re blocking crouched.
I sometimes use it to get in and then mix it up with low shorts, throw or raw uppercut if they blocked the knee.
You could also throw, but I’d only recommend that if they blocked standing.

If its Tigerknee(no EX) and the last hit only knocked on your opponent(and they blocked it) a good follow up would be cr.jabxx shot.

That’s actually a good spot for a slight delay TU FADC. Most players will expect a throw there.

yerp sorry forgot to put ex tiger knee

  1. Tiger shot
  2. Tiger shot
  3. Tiger shot
  4. Tiger uppercut
  5. ???


yea so: if you see they’re getting smart to you throwing them afterwards,uppercut them! It can’t be thrown to the 7th frame and can lead to fadc and ultra.

  1. Hit buttons
  2. Throw shit at people
  3. Sweep the legs

AND…there goes your thread hellbox.