Your pocket reference for SSF4AE 2012. SSF4AE Bits 2.0 is available for iOS


Hello forum, I just pushed an update for SSF4AE Bits for iOS. For those of you who haven’t used it yet, its a free pocket reference for SSF4AE 2012, which includes AE 2012 Frame Data. You can sort, edit and modify the frame data if you need to. It has a Matchup section now, the matchup section has Block Punish and Notes, you can easily swipe through them there.

Block Punish will show you what moves will punish your opponent when you block a specific move by them based on frame data.

Matchup Notes will allow you to store your own notes for each matchup. You can color code each note to group and quickly distinguish them, fake crossups, setups, unblockables or any general note that you want to add.

This is the change log for 2.0:

  • Adding a Matchups section that combines Block Punish and Notes.
  • The new Notes section gives you the ability to store matchup specific notes.
  • Punishing moves in Block Punish will be sorted according to startup now.
  • Adding the ability to pin characters in Matchups for quicker access.
  • Adding an option to remove Ads.
  • Adding taller screens support.
  • Polishing the user interface for better usability.
  • General bug fixes and enhancements.

I really appreciate your feedback, please let me know if you have any comments or requests that would make the app better for you. You can send me feedback at Check it out its free, share and rate if you like it :slight_smile:

Cleaning up the stickies

I cant find the notes section at all.


Hey shano, you can access your matchup notes by going to Matchups -> select your character and your opponent -> hit Learn, you will see Block Punish by default (check out the header) swipe left to go to Notes. Just swipe right and left to switch between block punish and your notes for each matchup.


Oh cool thank’s alot for the reply and update GINkknp i use your app alot very handy app will have a look at the notes part later. :slight_smile:


downloaded. hope to see a 2013 version eventually


This is really nice looking. Considering Android has a bigger presence, I hope to see you make an Android version :slight_smile:


@otter: Yes definitely, I will be updating the app for Ultra. I’m thinking of adding an option to choose your active version (AE2012, Ultra), so you can have only one app to check regardless of which version you’re playing.
@fasm: I started working on the Andriod app, but I don’t have a release date yet. I have my hands full at the moment, but stay tuned :slight_smile:


If someone manually changed the frame data, does it carry over when you update it? Some of the frame data in the app is wrong (I don’t think some AE2012 changes were taken into account). Oni’s profile also needs changes. You use the word “low” rather than “light” for his normals. The wording for far and close needs to be clarified too because Oni has one set of regular normals regardless of range and another for forward + normal.


@JayT Yes your updates should persist. If the update caused you any problems please let me know. The AE 2012 changes were taken from the official Capcom change log, but if there are any wrong values please don’t hesitate to send me feedback, i will look into them and update the app. Regarding Oni, you’re correct, the names can be clearer, will change those in the next update :slight_smile:


This is awesome, can’t wait for the android version


Would pay money for Android version.


Anxiously awaiting android version


Amazing App seriously.


Any plans for an android version? Ima peasant and can’t afford an iphone.


I love this app, but converted to an Android phone recently. Any chance you make one for Google Play store?


android version is never coming. you can exhale now.


Im a supporter of this app, paid to take off ads toó. Switched to android, hoping to see it on this platform soon.


Great app!


Is there gonna be an Ultra update to this? Just wondering.


Is there going to be one for Android? You’d be stupid not too, more people use the Android OS than the iOS.