Your prefer number of characters in a FG

back when i didn’t play fighters seriously i used to think that more characters was always better, but now i’m not so sure. just imagine 100 or so characters w/ all of them being viable. that’s a LOT of match-ups to learn and then by the time you actually learn those match-ups, more games will come out before you even get to the ‘meat’ of the game: ie. playing the other player. if there was 100 characters a lot of the time it’ll feel more like learning the match-up instead of playing the player. that’s one of the reasons i like SSF2T so much. almost everyone knew the other character or their ‘tricks’ what they can do. there won’t be any surprises and it feels like you’re playing the player and not the character. of course i like variety and or else i’ll be playing something SF1. enough talking, so how many characters do you like in your fighter?


This doesn’t matter and doesn’t educate other people.