Your pros and cons: Improve your gameplay!

Dont be shy to share your pros and cons man, it’ll hopefully improve you!
Lets just start:
My Cons:
I found myself doing a lot of ABCs, jumping a lot and starting most of my combos with jump overhead kick.
My Pros:
If i start my combo i don’t drop my combos and i can keep presure on opponent with some nasty mind-games.
What should improve my gameplay:
Using (most likely) safe pokes instead of jump overhead kicks everytime and instead of those ABCs i should use more bouncing moves… :slight_smile:

Hope to see your posts!
Have a nice day :slight_smile:


i use top tier characters so i win every match


other people use top tier characters so sometimes i tie people for winning

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This thread is about your pros and cons in SFxT, so i think it belongs here.
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Pro: I haven’t bought this game nor plan to play it seriously.

Con: I might cave in when its cheap on PC(steam)


  • Very good at Tekken strings/mix-ups in general
  • Lands launchers 90% of the time
  • Leans towards aggressive game play
  • Uses Pandora surprisingly well.
  • Good at wall bouncing/bound cross tag sets
  • Good at poking


  • Unable to play footsies as well as I want to, except with a handful of characters
  • Tend to forget certain moves from characters, especially if they are useful moves (or if they are Tekken characters)
  • I use a lot of EX Moves, wasting a lot of meter
  • Impatient
  • Does far too much “planning” to the point where execution becomes sluggish
  • Uses a lot of unorthodox/risky characters (Jin, Raven, Ogre, Ibuki… just to name a few)


I feel like I freeze up during “complicated” (not really) stick movements. For example, Kazuya’s J.Hk Cr.Mp cancelled to Mist Step Rising Uppercut. I can do it maybe, 50% of the time, but I think I could definitely improve.

Throwing too many fireballs. Namely when the opponent is close enough to jump over them and punish.

Going to far (all the way to launcher) with chains that are getting blocked, and getting punished.


I can predict random jump-ins like nobody’s business, basically my AA game in general is pretty solid.

Footsies; after spending some time in the lab to find the safe pokes.

The last thing I feel is a pro and a con, and I would venture a guess that a lot of people are feeling “stuck” in this. I don’t “feel” the Tekken characters. They just don’t feel familiar. It’s basically just picking up a new character but a lot of them don’t play like the SF cast. So I end up just sticking with mostly SF.

[]I don’t use brain dead easy fighters Ryu, Ken or Rufus
]When I get my momentum going, I can do A LOT of damage and I can be a bitch to catch (With Vega)
[]I’m pretty good with air to air stuff
]I Probably don’t use the magic series into launcher as much as I should
[*]I buckle under the pressure and end up making mistakes

Pros: Links are much easier in this game so i’m taking advantage of that

Cons: Constantly getting crossed up

Cons: I play Yoshi.

Seemingly have strong fundamentals and the right attitude
Excellent at punishing
So far I feel like I’m playing smarter than most people I play

All of my pros are pretty downgraded by the fact that I can’t seem to remember these combos I did so well in trial mode.

This thread is about your pros and cons in SFxT, so i think it belongs here.

Good at outsmarting players.
Good defensive gameplay
Awesome at blocking and punishing

Always forget combos
Wrong attitude
Have no poking skills

High five for being that guy!

Learning from losses

Jump too much
Poor punishing

> Spacing, depending on character
> Reading
> Good Blocking

> Drop combo’s frequently
> Try reading too much (as in, I think they will always do the same thing)
> I have ‘Mike Ross’ syndrome “Watch this…I don’t think you’re ready for this” Then I fail at what I try to do
> I get Salty…stupidly salty, only on this game though.

This is fun and more helpful then you would think.

Defense in General
Finishing my combos on any hit
Yomi in general
Very good with frame data because I tend to bounce around characters
Been playing grapplers forever so my grappler footsies are beast mode

Take too many risks, love psychic moves :slight_smile:
Not good at swinging momentum to my side
Have a soft spot for low tier
Cant stick with one character
Execution can be sketchy because I tend to not stick with characters

My Pros:

  1. Good clutch player - I get much better under pressure or when I feel like my backs against the wall. (This relates to my first Con)
  2. Mentality - I usually know the best move for each situation (even if I don’t execute properly) and if I don’t I notice the mistake as I’m doing it.
  3. Defense (Marvel is actually great training for this).
  4. Neutral game (although I’m still learning some characters - I love the Tekken chars style in neutral).
  5. Mind games/unpredictability once I’m fully comfortable (haven’t reached this point in this game yet - Still learning).
  6. Determination - If someones much better than me and whoops my ass I don’t get frustrated, it makes me even more determined to improve and adjust until I can hang.
  7. Patience

My Cons:

  1. I tend to be a very slow starter, make many mistakes and don’t have the proper mindset yet, nearly always lose the first round, or in the worst situations even the first few matches. (This relates to my first Pro - once I lose I usually snap out of it).
  2. I have some bad habits from playing Marvel (I “up back” under pressure too much)
  3. Using Tekken characters I occasionally leave myself vulnerable to crossups (I have to conciously try not to - I blame this on not enough experience at this point).
  4. During the Tekken strings I realize they are not hitting but try to do a safe special to give myself distance but mistakenly do a launcher combo which leaves me vulnerable.
  5. Under pressure I sometimes leave myself vulnerable to throws (I blame this on Marvel again, I’m used to pressing buttons to counter throws).
  6. I tend to sit on meter too often “just incase” (which isnt too bad, unless I’m sitting at full for too long)
  7. Don’t use EX moves enough outside of combo

What should improve my gameplay:
All my cons, moreso the ones that happen when I’m under pressure (which is most of them). While I have good defense but I go in to “Defense mode” and need to learn the appropriate times to break out. Again, I blame this on Marvel, got used to pushback/assists helping out for too many months.

Pretty much same as here: I can’t stick to a character/team … I just get bored from it by some week.Today i just switched my team to Hwoarang/Marduk :slight_smile:

I love hugo in this, and I loved vega in SF4 but out of every fighting game I’ve played those are the only two Ive been able to stick with.

I’m trying to stick to a character.