Your SF4 character is cheap because

Like my Viper’s baby daddy thread, I hope this will be an interactive list other people will contribute to. Here’s what I have so far.

Ryu - He’s just like Ken!
Ken - He’s just like Ryu!
Chun-Li - She can ultra through my fireball spams!
Guile - All he’s good for is turtling!
Honda - His Ultra pushes me into the corner!
Blanka - His Ultra is too strong!
Dhalsim - He can reach so far!
Zangief - He throws too much!
Balrog - His dash punches are block-safe! (Actually that IS kinda cheap, lol…)
Vega - He has a claw!
Sagat - He can throw fireballs high AND low!
Bison - He can zone me with his head stomp/devil reverse mix-ups!
Abel - He can roll and I can’t!
Viper - She can super-jump and I can’t!
Rufus - His jiggling fat hypnotizes me!
El Fuerte - His crossups hurt my brain!
Akuma - He has air fireballs!
Gouken - He can throw two fireballs at once!
Gen - He has TWO styles! That makes him twice as good!
Sakura - Everybody knows schoolgirls can’t fight and if you pick her you’re a loli!
Rose - She uses a ShamWow, the greatest invention EVAR!
Cammy - Her Ultra goes under my fireball spams!
Fei Long - He can roll over my back. OMFG! Where’d u go?
Dan - He can cancel his Super Taunt into his Ultra! So cheap!
Seth - He can do everything!