Your Street Fighter x Tekken Teams and Rivalries

With this game officially announced, and therefore Namco’s own soon-to-be-announced variant of the crossover with their own gameplay, let’s discuss this.

Some stipulations to make the discussion interesting:

For Teams:
Teams will be comprised of two characters in Tekken Tag/MvC fashion to conform to what’s been presented in the Ryu/Chun-Li vs. Kazuya/Nina trailer. Members on a team will remain with a limit of two unless it is revealed later on that teams will be consist of three or more. The idea here is to explore potential crossover interaction. That said…

  • No all-SF or all-Tekken teams, because they’re too boring.
  • Give reasons as to why you think the two you choose would want to form a team.

For Rivalries:
Good rivalries, friendly or otherwise, between characters from different companies are about staging fights to determine who would win. Who the better of the two is is up in the air, and this is the very thing that makes crossover battles so intriguing. That said…

  • Try to make your rivalries as evenly matched as possible. (Remember: Not having projectiles is no excuse for saying the Tekken characters suck. Chi DOES exist in their universe; it’s merely expressed in a more direct way.)
  • List good parallels and contrasts to make each rivalry interesting.
  • Explain why a fight between them is likely.

Most of the time, we’ll be giving feedback on our ideas and explaining to each other why certain ones are baseless, uneven, or bland.

Guess I’ll start it off with two:

Elena / Christie
Two fun-loving capoeira girls. Easy enough.

Ken vs. Paul
The respective rivals to Ryu and Kazuya. Both have an intense passion for fighting, and both are US Martial Arts champions. Who gets to keep the title will be decided between them.

I don’t have anytime to think up teams right now but one of the teams i have running through my had is Kazuya and Juri. also people tend to like to put Juri against Hwoarang.

I’ve come to the realization that Lee Chaolan is a weak match for Ken, so I retracted it and came up with Ken vs. Paul instead. It’s a rather obvious one.

Much like these:

Chun-Li / Lei
Chinese cop team-up.

Guy / Yoshimitsu
Ninjas banding together to fight injustice.

Sakura / Xiaoyu
Air-headed high school girls fighting for thrill of it. Each are hinted to have a small crush on Ryu and Jin respectively; maybe they’d want to impress them?

EDIT: Retracted Zangief vs. Kuma. Kuma would utterly destroy Gief.

Flashy guys.

Similar feel. I think it takes precedence over militar theme (Bryan) or other considerations in this case.

Blond-haired amnesic assasins in tight clothes.

Abel vs Marduk - MMA Fighters
Sagat vs Bruce - Kickboxers
Honda vs Ganryu - Sumo wrestlers
Ibuki vs Raven - Ninjas
Sodom vs Yoshimitsu - Both love all things Japanese
Fei Long vs Law - Bruce Lee style fighters
Sakura vs Asuka - Both are school girls associated with the main characters
Karin vs Lili - Rich girl fight
Gill vs Devil Jin - Self proclaimed savior vs the destroyer
Urien vs Jin - Both plotting to overthrow a family member
Seth vs Mokujin - battle of copycats
Viper vs Alisa - Gadget fighters
Yun vs Xioyu - Young Chinese fighters
Blanka vs Kuma - battle of the beasts

Bruce, Ibuki, Sodom, Fei-Long and Mokujin are dead in those matches. I like the rest though.

But I think Urien vs. Bryan would be more interesting than Urien vs. Jin. Both are power-hungry lunatics who were subjects of bio-engineering, making them capable of superhuman feats, and they both happen to be inspired by Roy Batty. Jin’s actually aware of how corrupt the Devil Gene is making him, and only causes mass destruction in Tekken 6 in an effort to seal it.

Juri & Kazuya

Juri deceids to ditch S.I.N and decieds to join the G Corporation with plans of taking over the G corporation for herself. however Kazuya who she has ailled her self with is suspicious of her actions, but dosen’t want to get rid of her because , he see’s that she could be useful to him. so Kazyua would make Juri his right hand just so he could keep a close eye on her.

Bruce vs adon would be better people call sagat the “king” for a reason hahahaha and if sagat has chains we might as well call him the punisher hahahahaha

Whoah, I wouldn’t go that far, buddy, Zangief got those scars specifically from wrestling bears, y’know? I think Zangief could do it.

However, I’d want to see Zangief vs. King, Japanese Rules, jam-packed Tokyo Arena. It would be awesome. I predict a couple of special move counters, on both sides, and a LOT of kick-outs before one finally gets the 1-2-3.

Wang vs. Gen would also be pretty cool. Battle of the geezers.

Yeah, but Zangief’s never wrestled a bear that can actually fight. And Kuma can put up a good fight with Paul.

Pfff, Paul’s ok, but he ain’t no Zangief, baby. I see Kuma eating a Super Atomic…