Your strengths & weaknesses & your tools of the trade


Seeing all the good artists that are on the board,what are your strengths/weaknesses?Plus what are your personal tools of the trade that you use? Here’s mine:

Strengths-My attention to detail as I was told by others is very good.My Pops said that it’a kind of scary because I remind him a lot of my uncle.Perfecting the male & female form was a huge plus for me.I started getting the grasp of the female when I was 14.I wasn’t good @ it but like wine I got better with age.

Weaknesses–Body proportions could use a little work.I’m bad about visualizing how my stuff would look on paper but when I draw it,it’s :wtf: Also I’m not good with digital coloring.I use my trusted Prismacolors to get the job done or use some pastel crayons.

Tools of the trade—Zebra M-301 0.5 pencil,Micron 03 & 05 inking pens,Mead Academie sketchbook & Prismacolor coloring pencils


okay, I’ll play.

My strength has to be in anatomy. I spend way too much time working on it.

weaknesses is backgrounds. Haven’t worked on 'em long enough but I do know a few things that I should put more into practice.

Tools of the trade, red checking pencil, mechanical 0.5 lead pencil, Wacom Cintiq and Photoshop CS.


I think my strength is drawing fast

weakness is composition

tools of the trade: pencil, dual monitors, intuos 3, water brushpen


I think my strength is in visualizing dynamic poses.

Unfortunately my existing level of skill isn’t up to scratch to capture what I want to do… everything from anatomy, to coloring (I think in grayscale), to backgrounds, ugh.

I like using pencils & paper, but most of the time I use my Intuos 3. Photoshop preferred, but OpenCanvas 1.1 works for me to some extent (it’s the last freeware version and it has a nifty replay function).


strengths - the over all figure

weaknesses - facial expressions and faces in general

tolls of the trade - pencil, ink, photoshop


strengths: hmmmmm. i guess composition and male faces.

weaknesses: the females. anatomy (i spend a lot of time researching stuff as i draw). digital coloring (i haven’t really found out what i like to do for me yet).

tools: pencil, ink sometimes, ps cs2


Strengths: None

Weakness: Everything…

Tools of the Trade: 96 Bright Paper, Faber Castell, Micron 03, 05, Triple Monitors, 6x11 Intous3, CS3, Sai, OpenCanvas, Painter IX


Strengths: Rendering, Coloring, Detail, Good sense of correct anatomy(still has a few problems)

Weakness: Females(getting better though) and their faces, backgrounds, composition.

Tools: Pencil, Sakura Micron Pens, Pigment Liners, Photoshop, Wacom Intuos 2.


Strengths - I guess bringing out the personality in what/who I draw?

Weaknesses - Drawing speed, coloring, inking, anatomy, line weight, shading/values, work ethic/practicing.

Tools - I forget what hardness pencil, 3b I think and a bic mechanical 0.7 pencil. I draw on printer paper and these big pads I got from the art store for cheap. Sakura Microns/sharpies for inking whenever I do it. I use Paint Shop Pro like 7 I think.

I have to get some red/blue pencils and bristol paper eventually. Maybe learn photoshop and learn to use the tablet I got or something.