Your thoughts about my 1st set using chun li.. ( videos inside )

After 3 weeks of training using Chun li ( My first charge character ever ), I challenged my friend for in a set ( 3 out of 5 offline matches ) and he agreed that he would win without using ultra meter …

since Chun li’s ultra is pretty hard to land ( if your opponent doesn’t let you ) I couldn’t use it either…

here is the videos ( sorry for the sound ):

1- match 1 [media=youtube]2f4LIqMvUwo[/media]

2- match 2 [media=youtube]M9DcWxiDpEI[/media]

3- match 3 [media=youtube]GnK8TEM8_sw[/media]

4- match 4 [media=youtube]0R7ePY3KxG8[/media]

Anyways, I would like to know your thoughts about my chun and what should I do to improve her…

A couple of notes first: The red is killing my eyes, and you could have used this thread.

Taking notes as I watch:

-Don’t be afraid to pressure Gouken on wakeup. Especially at the beginning, he has no meter for safe reversals.
-Need better timing on flip kick
-Need to work on confirming ex legs
-Don’t do random roundhouse hazan shu, do it on reaction
-Nice airthrow
-Don’t jump
-Need to use s. strong and s. fierce as pokes more often, sweep is too slow and makes you lose momentum

My connection is crapping out so I can’t watch the rest. All in all, not bad if this is your first set, but work on the things I mentioned. You were missing out on some damage opportunities and let your opponent control the flow of the match when you shouldn’t have. Chun can easily control this matchup (relatively speaking).

P.S. Where was this? Sounds like Arabic in the background but I couldn’t make out the accent… somewhere in the gulf maybe?

thnx man. I’ll try to work on that

yeah, we are in Saudi Arabia…

Bader! You’re on my friends list on PSN. That’s why your name sounds so familiar :slight_smile:
That was a pretty decent effort you put up there. Some very nice air throws and empty jump throws you did there. That Gouken is pretty sick btw.

I dont think I’m the one to give you suggestion here, as I’m not much better than your Chun, even though I main her! But some things I noticed that could help you further is to rely more on the normals. Ex Legs BnB combo are great, but burns meter so fast, so you need to use some other, meterless combo’s to balance things out. I like the c.lp, c.lp, s.lp, s.hp or whatever variation of it very much. Pretty safe to do, saves me meter and not too bad damage.

Now that I use more pokes in my game, I notice I make less unnecessary jumps as well, staying on the ground more. Certainly helped my game. I had the bad habit of staying on down back too often, which made me predictable and let my opponent make the game. I saw a bit of that in your game as well. Try to be mobile.

We should play again some time!

One thing that really stood out to me while watching you use Chun was you did not utilize her FA much at all. You did not use her ultra while during the entire match except for that one random time in the last set… I’m not sure if you were both playing without ultra but against a Gouken or any shoto it is great to use your ultra to blow through a fireball and that is another reason why using the FA to absorb fireballs is so great. From what I’ve learned while watching other Chun vs. Gouken matches is that you want to establish a fireball pattern and bait those demon flips with straight jump fierce or roundhouses–Chun’s zoning game is important against a Gouken player. Hope that helps!

thanx for replay dude and yeah you are on my friends list…

i didn’t use the ultra cuz my friend ( gouken in the this vid. ) aware of that + gouken has a really quick recovery on fireball so…

anyways, my chun is better now i think…

Even with gouken’s fast recovery if you know hes going to chuck plasma you can dash ultra his sht free.

There are a number of ways to nail Gouken with the ulta.For example:

  • Fireball Recovery (Requires dash in if from far away)
  • After wiffed Tatsu.
  • There is a bait trick you can use with Chun Li againts Gouken. If you anticipate he may use EX Counter or High Counter, on his wake up jump back HK, if he uses counter the attack will miss entirly and you can Ultra him as you land, his recovery is deceivingly slow if he misses the counter attack upon contact. use if he spams this move on Wake Up a lot.

SO it does’nt matter if he expects it you can punish him a number of ways, the most common way is through combos. Take a look at this video, it’s my absolute favorite and goes from easy to hard very well.


Hope this helps.

You can also ultra him if you block a palm (even when the palm correctly spaced), demon flip slide, or sweep. Your friend did a lot of those even when you had meter, so start watching for them and punish (At 2:18 on the third match, for example, and several times in a row on the first round of the fourth). You also did miss a few ultra opportunities when you had charge and he fireballed. The recovery is fast, but it’s not unpunishable. You also could have ultra’d his focus attempts, which I think you tried to in the first round of the last match, but that was done way too late.

You got a lot of jabs in on the first set, but you didn’t go for meterless damage off of them when you had the life lead. If you haven’t, learn the link from c.lp to far s.fp. Jabs to jump mixup is fine, but you were very predictable with them. It’s says much worse on the Gouken’s part, since he should be AAing you out of all of your jumps. Chun’s jumps are too floaty to let you jump in all the time like that (his defense was really bad). Since he didn’t, it doesn’t matter for those matches, just don’t develop a bad habit of doing it because you’ll be in trouble if you run into an opponent that can AA consistently.

Speaking of links, work on getting the c.lp, xx legs link down. You missed a lot of those. Are you plinking it?

Also, it doesn’t matter much against you friend, but a good opponent will start fishing for your sweep with FA. I think he tried to do it a few times, but he was out of range. Pretty much every time you went into sweep range (and even when you were out of it), you went for a sweep. Sometimes it’s better to go with a or just back off without doing anything. A good amount of damage that you received was from him jumping or ex DF from one of your sweeps.

Off of a deep blocked palm, you should punish with whatever to EX legs instead of sweep (or ultra) when you have meter. It’s easy damage.

Absorb fireballs from full screen to build up Ultra and throw fireballs to build up EX. You don’t always have to try and get in, especially if you have a life lead and no meter. Your friend in specific used demon flip and palm to gain ground, and both are easily punished from full screen.

Very good air throws for AA, btw, but you need to work on using AA when he’s closer up. Close does wonders when opponents neutral jump close to you.

EDIT: Should have looked at thread date.