Your thoughts on SF #7?


Hey Erik! I just picked up covers A and B today at Silver Snail into Toronto and boy, am I ever impressed by the quality of the comics, I really like the texture and feel of Devil’s Due published comics… mmm… velvety paper… lol… I guess its due to use of thicker/high quality paper stock? Much better than the quality when you guys were under the Image umbrella.

Anyhoo… onto the actual content… I guess the comic was drawn by both Long Vo (a guess) and Alvin Lee? I’d prefer if Alvin or Arnold Tsang to do it all… BUT… it would be a huge undertaking for either to do it alone huh? I guess I’m really big on consistency… haha… I’m also getting a couple of chuckles from Ken Siu-chong’s writing… good stuffs!

Anyhoo… to you boys and girls at Udon! F$%kin amazing job! I’m pumped over this 2nd story arc!


Sounds really cool, can’t wait to get it tomorrow.
Just curious…how much was it at Silver Snail? and How big is the book?


Two Threads on the same thing, but I’ll Post here to!

I’ve seen that Blue goopy thing behind Ginzu from M1-6 before but I never knew what it was. Now I’m hoping for a crossover with that thing and Doop from X-Statix!


I got the comics for about $6.00 CDN each


That shit was hot, I bought 2 of each cover then I saw the cover price :eek: but it was well worth it, for a double sized issue. Cant wait to get the Ryu powerfoil next week. Fei Long kicks some ass. Keep up the great work :cool:


Even though this issue was good, I didn’t think it was AS good as the others were. Prolly cuz my fav chars only showed up in about 4 pages (ryu and ken).

but that’s just me.


ah jeeze, the comic is already out. why didnt anybody say anything:( well lets hope i can still pick up the powerfoil cover alrighty:cool:


Power foil ships next week!

Tell your store to hold you a copy!!


Damn it!!!
Forgot about it coming out today. To late now. Hope it hasn’t sold out before I get there tomorrow.


I just picked it up today but haven’t read it yet.


I picked up one of each cover myself :).

For whoever asked, cover price is $4.50 USD, and it is a double-issue.



that’s pretty expensive

get it from AK comic book store at Agincourt Mall at Kennedy & Sheppard! it’s only $4.80 there!!
The only downside is that the owner of that place (i think his name is Ed) is a REAL ASSHOLE!!
seriously, he will do anything for business, so buy it when he’s not around. He’s like an old white guy with a mullet!!

Yea, he’s the biggest asshole ever




Good issue! …Cammy rocks. Well, to bad my fan art couldn’t join the goodness… :frowning: LOL! BAH! Better luck next time. Just like Ryu, gotta keep on going even if you take a loss.


haha, erik knows what i am talking about!

btw, how’s arnold’s brother doing??
i went to highschool AND elementary school with andy (arnold’s brother)
yea i havent seen him since christmas, say hi to him for me!!
haha, are you guys going to hire andy too? he isnt bad!!
hahah :slight_smile:


My opinions…

  1. You guys have to watch for the melodrama. When you have characters talking about previous issues in such a dramatic tone, and said issues barely had any drama or development, it sounds kinda lame.

Issue 7 was filled of “hes been through a lot” “i cant do anything without you” and stuff like that. Pretty much every single character acted emotional and stuff. But man, you cant do that after six under-written issues. Be dramatic, not melodramatic.

1b) You guys shouldve had more between 6 and 7 (making issue 7 into issue 8). One issue (minimum! two or three would be better) with no Guile, Chun-li or Cammy. Those characters needed time away. They all had things to do!

What we got were a buncha characters saying “yeah, its been a long time”.

Come on, guys. We all read comics, we all know how great it is when a character goes away the comes back. It wouldve worked much better. We had to miss them, wonder what they were up to.

The way it was done felt cheap. Like i said before, rushing things just because you only have three years of license is not the best option. Its the worst.

  1. The art in the Cammy part was pretty weird (its the same guy from the previous Charlie/Guile/Chun-li stuff, right? I like the art better back then).

  2. I can really live without silly stuff like the “slicing food” joke. That was something i expected to see in old kiddies cartoons, not Street Fighter.

  3. Is Udon even trying to follow the games? Psycho-Drive? Roses soul and body? Its too far away already. Its a comic book, there are no budget or acting problems - why hold back?

Overall, i loved the Fei-Long stuff, found the Ryu/Ken stuff ok (even with the melodrama) and hated the Cammy stuff. The back-up was good (plot-wise), but LaRocca totally dissapointed there.

An average issue.

P.S: On the art section, the one by “Virginia” is based on a Satoshi Urushihara (or maybe his assistant - im too lazy to go check) illustration.


I thought issue 7 really was a good opening for the new story arc. I think that the SF comic is great. More fun than alot of comics I have seen around. Everything was well done. Even the Cammy one kicks ass!

Why do you hate the Cammy stuff so much, Time_Stop?

Yes, and what character came back to life? What are you talking about? You mean Bison right? If not, I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Can you please point out what you were saying by providing a clear example?

Well, yeah, some things were rushed a bit, but the pacing was still good. At least, they focused more on action which is best for SF instead of Melodrama. Okay, so there is a bit of melodrama, but at least it isn’t done too much. I liked the Ryu and Ken stuff. The characterizations are done properly at least.

Hmm. Mabye they could have introduced Blanka… He’ll appear later.

Of course they are following the game, just not down to everysingle bit. C’mon, I like the creativity that they are doing around here and how they introduce the chars.

Wierd???! Did you even look at the art?? I thought it was good to see. Very simple to follow for the most part.

Well, it was not a bad joke. Who cares anyway…

??? Only Guile said that as well as Chun Li. That’s not a bunch of characters! MAn, what are you talking about?!

The only thing I can really agree with you on, is the Backup story. I hated the art. Does Salvador Larroca have to be all over the place? Seeing his shitty style is already enough in the X-books! Thank fully it wasn’t quite as bad but still disapoining indeed. the plot was good.

Anyway, when this comic came out, I thought it was going to be bullshit all the way. However, I opened my mind up and now I think it is really cool. Could be better in some respects probably, but this is fucking cool! Very inspiring.

You make no sense sometimes Time_Stop! I saying this after looking over the issue.

If there is any real problem that I have with the comic, it is Bison: His motivation isn’t clear to me. The reason for him having these doll agents, Psycho power, technology. What is his goal, to rule the world and if so, why does he want to rule the world? I mean the Guile and Chun li’s motivation is clear and simple for example.


I dont hate Cammy. I hate the way it was handled in the comic. It was straight out of every single “assassin with no past” movie. The clichs keep piling up… and this time, with added bonus of cheesy secondary characters (with non-funny comedy!). Is it that hard to make Delta Red an interesting team? Did we really need another “this girl likes knifes - isnt it funny” clich?

Sometimes i wish we never had popular movies.

Back to life? Who said “life”, for Gods sake?

I even said “what they were up to”. How would i mean dead?!?

Considering you somehow found “back to life” (seriously, WTF!?) written in there, its not surprising you cant understand.

I dont expect them to do the exact same, but adress the main points… while still in Alpha.

Sure, man. Tell me how my personal opinion is wrong, please.

It sounded like a joke i would see in the Masters of Universe cartoon. Hell, they all laughed and the scene ended!

And once again, please tell me how my personal opinion is wrong.

I used a line as an example of the kind of dialogue (dialogue that gave the idea a long time had passed - they even felt “nostalgic” about it!). Now read the scenes with Guile and Chunners plus Eliza, Ken, Ryu, Cammy. Thats almost every “main” character in the issue (whos missing? Only Sakura?). Even the Colonel (who showed up for the first time) was reminiscing about the past!

Now, considering Elizas belly is still hot and defined, the last arc wasnt too long ago.

The funny part is you jumping on all this on a thread specifically for personal opinions on an issue.


I agree with almost all of the points, positive and negitive, made about issue seven on this thread. What I don’t agree with are some of the expectations people have of the book.

Some of the art is absolutely fantastic. The fight scenes are well paced and pretty interesting. The characters seem true to their video game counter parts. This is all that a SF comic should be.

However, the plot is silly. Characters who have nothing to do with nothing are thrown it at random. In this issue, almost none of the five storylines had anything to do with each other. But who cares? It’s an excuse to see a bunch of good drawings of SF characters.

What more do you want?


Yea, I pretty much agree with all of Time_Stop’s points.

I honestly expected Chun and Guile to be totally out of the picture…when I saw them, esp considering the Rose scene from issue 6, I was like "umm, why are you here? I thought your story was over for the time being…"
The Ryu and Ken parts were ok, Ken’s talking with Eliza was good. I couldn’t really “feel” it with that Ryu collage, where it talks about what he’s been through.
The comedy from the Cammy parts were very much out of place, imo. It reminded me of those filler laughs "Hahahaha, ohhh YOU!"
I enjoyed the Fei Long part a lot though. Good pacing and angles.
The story was much shorter than I expected, considering it was a double-sized issue. I didn’t really like the secondary story art.

Overall, an ok issue, I hope it builds up.