Your Thoughts on the Current State of Capcom?

I saw this thread on Unity earlier and naturally wondered what everyone here thinks?

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I do have agree with some of the harshly put views. Obviously something isn’t conducive for holding onto rare talent and letting it flourish within the company.

its better than the current state of square… :frowning:

lol, true that be.

Needs more RAM.

I don’t think Capcom’s worried, I don’t think they worry about anything, that’s why do what they do despite people telling them what they do makes them look like assholes. Their response “Buuuuuuuuuuut yer gonna buy it anyway right?” and everyone else says “…Yes master…”

As long as Capcom keep the core teams, the creativity can still trive and the philosophy of those visionaries can be carried on by the team.

Capcom still making hits - Capcom’s Quickest Hit…Ever?

Honestly I have to say they are going very strong right now. Monster Hunter is the new “pokemon” with it being the fastest selling psp game in japan ever. And they have titles lined up that seem like they would sell such as the RE on 3ds and MvC3 for example.

On the creative side, which is what that thread seems to be really be about, sure it’s sad that their big names are leaving rather quickly, but I think there probably do have some talent left behind to work things out. I’m personally looking forward to ghost trick and the new phoenix wright/professor layton game (is it developed by capcom or level 5?). Though I’m unsure about their need to outsource IPs and make games such as DmC… but I guess I’ll reserve my judgments when actual gameplay footage hits.

edit: On the other hand if the socom team is working on a multiplayer RE I can see the benefit with that. It seems that they can benefit in how the online works and making the interface and joining games and such much smoother. Plus i guess since they are adding moving and shooting in the new 3ds RE, the socom guys are rather experienced with shooters already.

square? more like shit.

make power stone 3 and then we can talk…oh and stop rehashing games…

Or remake powerstone 2 w/o goku…ugh…

They are fine. People act like its a singular creative genius for a game or series. false. Capcom is fine and will continue to be fine. all they ahve todo is appease what we as fans actually ask for. As well has anyone ever thought that having that talent there for so long actually creates stagnation? with all the creative energy going into how to rehash a current series?

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I wish they would make a deal with SNK so we could finally Have CvS3. 2 is my favorite fighter ever.

You want them to dig into an old series while at the same time not digging into old series? Wha?

I can agree with this. Look at most stuff made by Miyamoto these days. They are still great games but I wouldn’t call them incredibly creative or fresh and a lot of the stuff he produces he holds back from what it really could be by not letting the devs go in new directions. Twilight Princess suffers heavily from the over bearing hand of someone not letting them go off in new directions and instead retread old ground.

big difference between a sequel and a rehash, I did not say anything about not digging into an old series

power stone 3 -sequel

power stone collection plus -rehash (power stone collection ported from the psp with online play and trophies/achievements ps3/360)

Eh ok i can agree with that.

It could always be worse.
I’d be happy with HD versions of:AvP/Punisher/Rival Schools/Power Stone/JJBA!