Your thoughts on the Graphics so far

The graphics look really jerky unlike TvC, which, although graphically inferior to MVC3, has smoother running animation. I just dont think the realistic look works for this game.

OK, compare these to matches. which look do you prefer overall?

MVC3 [media=youtube]4V3M_6tEdbM[/media]

TVC [media=youtube]VEGypj_v3BI[/media]

I think it looks great. It’s certainly not trying to be “realistic”, dunno what you mean there.

I hate how the characters dont seem to fit into the background. They have some sort of shiny outer coating that makes them stand out in a really odd way.

Let’s not forget that the game is still quite in it’s development. I remember hearing somewhere that some of the animations and polish is not quite done yet even for the playable characters. (Deadpool seems to be the most complete so far)

That would explain the apparent jerkiness of the characters animations. It’s most noticeable when you watch the Iron Man gameplay video.

This right here. In screenchots that didn’t have hulk in them they looked great , but in videos man…

I can see why some people are complaining about the “shininess” of some of the characters. It does seem a little… off. Other than that, though, I’m digging the hell out of the way this game looks. It is different than TvC but I don’t see that as a bad thing. It’s more of a blend between that and Street Fighter IV.

ironman looks kinda weak on here

I find the pop up notifications WAY too big. There are so many of them and they cover up the actual fight too much.

This thread is a bit pointless, with over a year left in development so much can change in a heartbeat including controls and special moves, this includes the graphics like the shiny look on some characters, but I only see this on certain characters specifically Hulk and Iron Man which makes a bit sense for IRon man. Part of their development process rides on Marvel for approval such as art direction and look so don’t jus tlook at Capcom, you need to also talk to Marvel as well, at least when it comes to the Marvel Characters and story.

This should be put in the Why I love/hate MvC3/MvC2 thread w hich has been stickied just for this topic.

yeah, its the realistic rendering effect and that thick black outline on all the characters.

Hulk looks like a plastic toy.

Graphics look great already. I haven’t been this impressed graphically since VF5 came out. Looking forward to the final product.

looks pretty good. Just so oused to MVC2. I like the closeups though =)

They’re very nice. I would imagine more work would be put into them between now and the time it’s released next year. Graphically, I think it’s closer to SFIV than TVC.

I’m not really liking the graphics. I don’t believe the heavy ink style works for this game - it seems to detract from the detail. I also don’t like the large and constant flashes when someone is hit, very distracting and seems almost as large as the character themselves.

Don’t I’ll hold true reservation until I see it for myself. They have a year to go, a lot can change.

I don’t like the graphics so far. It isn’t even close to the screenshots that were supposed to show the quality of the character models. I also don’t like black outline on the characters and huge pop up notifications. Animations look pretty good though. It is kind of early to judge the graphics, but for now it looks unimpressive.

some of the characters look stiff and like there missing some off there animations but outside of that it looks great. I hope there facial animations kinda change and stuff ala sf4.

the voice acting sounds really good tho.

I like the graphics. The only thing i don’t like is the comic font for the pop-ups on screen. It just looks a little cheesy, imo.

the characters look too plastic like IMO.
the pop up notifications need to shrink a lil bit…
not feeling how it looks when you do a super either, but whatever. who cares.
the announcer is trash IMO, although that has nothing to do with how the game looks.
the character select screen could be better (i still think that the best one was either marvel vs sf or mvc1)

The graphics look fine. The only guys who looks a bit odd are Hulk and Iron-Man. Everyone else looks cool.

They’re nice, although the shading is a bit weird…