Your Thoughts on Xian's Gen?

So Xian picked up Gen for Canada Cup, and I’ve been following him closely. I was initially excited to see someone actually use Gen but immediately apprehensive as to how good he would really be. Watching his running sets beforehand he showed some really great stuff, alongside with some terrible decisions and errors that made me seriously cringe. Whenever I point any of this out everyone jumps on me, but honestly he drops way too many lk gekiros and repeatedly throws out random full screen supers/ultras. He improved greatly by the time of Canada Cup, but I’m a little disappointed in his performance.

What about you guys? Did you all like/dislike Xian’s run? what did you guys feel he did right? Do you think he’ll be godlike in ver. 2k12 with the Gen “buffs” that are expected to drop?

I like Xians Run since he made top 32. I wish we got to see them on stream, They will be on youtube so we can give our full opinion. His 5v5 run was not up to par. He drops the LK Gekiro at the 2nd last hit to gain positioning. So I see why he would do that. He find he lands his combos and has great execution, but FADCs way too much. He does too many Jabs that scale his combos that make FADCing worthless.

He’s still new, so making great decisions will be something he will learn to develop. Some are basics within the game, some Gen specific and other Character specific vs gen.

IMO since he just picked him up and there is a lot to remember about this character. I think he did pretty good finishing top 32, like I said before as for the 5v5 I was not impressed at all.

This thread is ridiculous. Xian is one of us and I don’t think we need to resort to “ranking” or “rating” his Gen. Clearly he’s still learning (he even admits it), but he has also shown some very good skill with the character. Leave him alone and let him get better, he will ask for advice when he needs it. We don’t start threads to rank or give opinions on Yeb/Amiyu/Nubb/Rokotsu etc…, so theres certainly no need to alienate Xian just because hes a relatively “famous” Gen. Give the man his time to perfect this character.

This. At the very least, this doesn’t deserve its own thread. It’s fine and dandy to critique someone’s Gen in the gameplay discussion thread, or the video thread, but seriously? He posts here and is a good guy, and shouldn’t be held up on a pedestal for examination.

We do this sort of thing for Rokotsu and Amiyu in other threads (although maybe not so exclusively), I just thought this would be neat since he’s the new big thing in Gen at the moment. I’m not trying to tear him apart or anything, so if I come across as mean then I’m sorry, but I’d like to get some opinions on what we can maybe take away from his Gen. Heck, I’d like to hear Xian talk about how HE felt he did in Canada Cup. I saw him doing spectacular footsies in the game I saw on-stream, he controls space really well. It’s not like there are many Gen threads being bumped, and I’m just really interested in this specific up-and-coming Gen-user. I remember the other character boards often had threads dedicated to their respective representatives, should I not pursue this one?

Simple answer:
“Better than me.”

I’m pretty sure most ppl can say the quoted part for themselves. His reaction speed is ridiculous.

Oh and he played MUCH BETTER off-stream. I think he was simply not familiar to Dhalsim/Blanka/all those type of characters.

I realize that this thread wasn’t created with ill intentions, however it still is unnecessary to create a thread devoted solely to him. As I said, he’s one of us, and I’m sure that he will improve with time and that he’ll ask us for help if needed. This thread alienates and puts an unneeded spotlight on Xian. How awkward would it feel if someone made a “thoughts on ShadowXSnake’s Gen”?
Comments about Amiyu/ Rokotsu are (sort of) different. Those comments were for the purpose of learning and adapting to a “standard” that proved successful in tourney play. It certainly does not require a special thread. What really irks me, however, is the survey- it detracts from the original purpose of positive review and criticism. SF forums always digress into some sort of comparison where we “rank and rate” people’s skills (because we’re all experts here :slight_smile: ). How about we stick to critiquing and giving positive advice?
Also, anyone who had the nerve to rank Xian as “not so good” should take into account their skills as well. Xian may not yet be the paragon of Gen perfection but any condescending comments are unnecessary and crass. Hes alot better than a bunch of us, and let him continue to learn and do better.

His Gen is great, but not perfect, he knows that and I’m 100% sure he’s working on it. He’ll get to where he needs to in time. End of story.

he played as i expected when i saw the cross counter vids , that’s all …

In retrospect, my word choice was poor, and I probably should have left out the poll or made it clearer what I was asking. I would love if someone made a thread about my gameplay style and tore it apart to identify my strengths and (many) weaknesses, as I have a unique and distinct style of play with Gen that nonetheless requires a lot of work to improve. (Unfortunately I have no way of recording my matches and I haven’t entered any tournaments recently that anyone cares about.) Honestly I’m glad Xian is picking up Gen, and I hope he does continue to improve, I don’t wish to dissuade him or discourage him in any way. However, I made this thread in the same way I’d like to pick apart, say, Vangief’s Zangief. For that example I love his footsies and he practically pioneered the meaty double knee drop - close suplex frame trap, but I don’t like how he throws out 3/4 screen lariats to try and catch opponents with far range normals. I can understand and would like to know if someone were to contradict me on this, or I’d like to see whether other people find his strengths to lie in other areas. I actually wanted to make this kind of a thread a while back on Amiyu when he was in SBO or whatever, but it didn’t seem worth it as he apparently didn’t get very far and his performance wasn’t really representative of how he normally plays.

All this Xian talk makes me regret about the fact that I didn’t get to have matches against him (or any Singapore player for that matter, they were all great).

I would’ve loved to have gone just so we could’ve talked Gen.

The man’s got ambitions with Gen after being close to the top with Yun. I’d support such a choice any day of the week. It’s probably more suitable if he’d ask for it himself. But I don’t really care where this is placed, since there’s a tad too much nitpicking going on about frames this, wobble that and far too much of an mathematician’s point of view (no offense, Raisedbyfinches). I really like the threads/info in here, but not always the tone.

When I saw Xian’s use of Gekiro to keep a safejump opportunity, I thought “wow, this guy’s gonna go far with this character alright!”, since it’s undiscovered technology for me in all those years of playing Gen. Maybe I should watch more videos … but at least I can’t wait for the off-stream footage, if there is any.

If there IS footage, keep discussing it both over here and in the video thread, especially since the info is usually scattered all over the place within that particular thread.

one thing i saw him do a lot is something I said was a purposeful mistake. I whiffed that final hit of gekkiro kick too. I usually got a WTF is wrong with you. But im a selfish player and I don’t want people knowing what im doing or why lol.

well my thoughts on XIAN are as follows

as a relatively new Gen player he has done pretty good, I have been playing Gen for close to a year and half and the learning curve was brutal for me, To finish to 32 is a great achievement, I can say he is very good in his own rights, but remember that we are all part of the same tree and diverting attention to a particular player isnt really such a good idea, kind of makes other ppl feel left out that if their gen is not par with a pro that its not worth it.

Rating XIAN gen as follows

Reaction: A+
Combo Ability: A
Meter Management: B
Footsies: A+

Overall Rating: A

Finishing top 32 at Canada Cup playing Gen is huge. Especially for how long he’s been playing him. He’s only going to get better.

Sorry this is for Gen’s only.

Godlike execution. I was watching his money matches and this man does 1 & 2 frame links like they’re target-combo’s. I think it’s going to take years before I’m on that level.

Good stuff, inspiring to watch.

xian Gen is so good … but he will end droping him lol … he is a tournament player he need a really strong char … atm Gen is mid to low tier in AE … lets wait and he should wait till 2012 will see how Gen will become !!

his gen is legit. time to slow up being critical and start asking for advise