Your top 3 characters in UMVC3 that you thinks needs a nerf


Just list down 3 characters whom you think needs a nerf.

Me first.

  1. Zero
  2. Morrigan
  3. Vergil


Oh god can we not do this?


Hsien Ko because her Gold Armor is broken
Iron Fist because he does too much damage
Phoenix Wright because Turnabout Mode is too OP

  1. Cable
  2. Meta Knight
  3. Scott Pilgrim

  1. Disney
  2. Shaq

  1. dylan
  2. dylan
  3. dylan
  4. dylan
  5. and dylan… because he spits hot fire!


1 Wesker
2 Doom
3 Dante
4 Vergil




1 Chun
2 Yun
3 Ken


5: Magneto
6: Sentinel
7:Hulk Maybe.

Dude seriously. Is there any team that does not have a variation of these guys? It’s like "Oh gee wiz, i’m fighting Dante and Vergil… again…"
example teams:
Dante, Vergil, Wesker
Dante, Vergil, Doom
Dante, Vergil, Zero
Dante, Vergil, Sentinel
Dante, Vergil, whatever; Obama.


This game will never get patched period
Better start hoping for a Capcom crossover with itself, that’s the only realistic hope you have.

UMvC3 will stay the same just like MvC2 did all these years.