Your Top 3 Favorite Moments of Evo 2K11

Well I just want to know your guys top 3 favorite moments this year since there were SO MANY!!
1.Poongko going 4-0 against Daigo I mean really NOBODY expected to see Daigo get bodied for free

2.Latif running the gauntlet against Tokido, Daigo, and Poongko to make it to grand finals

3.PR Rog’s LV3 Grab on Viscant’s Phoenix to reset the bracket in grand finals

Honorable Mentions
DR Ray with almost probably the GREATEST MvC3 comeback ever against Mike Ross in pools with Deadpool until he blew himself up with Deadpool’s teleport lmao

Justin sending Mago to losers in AE just got me hype and the crowd raising the roof haha

So what are your guys favorite moments?

  1. Tron grabs Phoenix says bye. Viscant may have “won”, but PR Rog was a beast, perfecting Justin Wong just minutes earlier.
  2. Justin Wong’s Akuma comebackagainst Richard Nguyen
  3. Poongko / Daigo insanity

Almosts: Chris G beating Noah and getting booed for his troubles; D3ATHWISH; the first fatality in the MK Top 8 with everyone cheering.

  1. New faces in the top 8. Proving once again that you don’t have to be a prodigy to succeed at Evo. It just takes sheer determination and practice.

  2. Winning my first match of the tourney and proceeding in the winner’s bracket for the first time. Not only that, but my second match was against Justin Wong on the stage as part of the stream. Another group of firsts for me. (that was MY Evo moment)

  3. The sheer number of comebacks during the MVC3 finals.

  1. Poonkgo/Daigo
  2. Tron Grabs Phoenix
  3. Valle Vs. Daigo
  4. Latif eliminating Daigo
  5. Blazblue being interesting to watch
  6. Hype
    7-100) HYPE HYPE HYPE

Top Moments for me?

Keep in mind I only saw what was on stream as I wasn’t there.

1]MvC3 Championship Final
-Viscant winning,
-Viscant getting his Phoenix snatched with Tron’s Level 3 super

2]DeathWish vs Commy

3]Poongko beasting on Daigo
-Tie Latif making the finals against the characters he had to face [Tokido, Daigo, and Poongko]

1)Level 3 super on Viscants Phoenix
2)The almost comeback with deadpool where he kills himself with teleport(If you can, can someone have a video on youtube or something)
3)All the new Faces at evo

My Top 3 would be:

  • SSFIV: AE, Poongko going 4-0 against Daigo, Latif beating Daigo AND Poongko, also Poongko’s 53-Hit Combo with Seth and his chucking jacket, downing a drink etc shenanigans before playing Daigo, and just most of the AE action in general.

  • MK, the Top 8 was particularly good, and proof that it is tournament worthy.

  • Seeing Tekken Tag 2 and 3rd Strike Online in action

Hell, a fourth highlight, DAT NOAH!

PR Rog’s Tron Grabbing Viscant"s Phoenix in the grand finals… I was there live… and the whoollle place blew up!

Who else saw the grab coming?

My top 3 would be:

1.Poongko Vs Daigo. I swear all the commentators were so against Poongko doing well against Daigo and he completely mindfucked Daigo. Also Poongko stripping and downing the redbull was hype.

  1. PR Rog’s Tron comeback
    3.Aris+Kayopolice, nice to see some fun on the stream.