Your Top 3 Stages

So I was just curious what everyones top 3 stages are and why. Im talking about only the new Brawl stages, not the melee stages. These are my top 3 if anyone cares, haha.

  1. Lylat Cruise
  2. Port Town Aero Dive
  3. Pokemon Stadium 2

Lylat Cruise is my fave because it has a simple play interface and has some nice background effects. Port Town is my second fave because I love the fact that you dont know what will happen in that stage, and also because My favorite music in Brawl comes from that stage. And lastly Pokemon Stadium is my third because it is very basic for competitve play, and yet changes over time meaning I dont get bored of the same setup. So whats your top 3:rock:

  1. Smashville.
  2. Yoshi’s Island. (Mostly because of the music) >____________>
  3. Pokemon Stadium 1.

I dont see how you can like Stadium 2. D:

I dont see how u like the music in Yoshis Island, hehe. Brawl stages only though, not melee, thats why I chose Stadium 2, Although I prefer 1 over 2

  1. Final Destination. The new Ledge is top tier
  2. Theres other stages?

Oh. =/ Pokemon Stadium 2 is just annoying to me. Between floating around like an asshole, and being pushed around on conveyor belts like an asshole, I’d rather play the first one.

  1. Spear Pillar
  2. Halberd
  3. Yoshi’s Island

Oh yeah.

Shadow Moses: Pimp Music
Halberd: Pimp Background
Frigate Orphan: Pimp Music

halberd- epic level with epic music
port town-epic music, not as good as melee mute city though.
smashville- fun level, good music. GO! K.K. RIDER!

well it depends on who I’m using but if I really want to pound someone in the ass with no vasoline I’ll take them to hanenbow with Jiggly.

  1. Green Hill Zone. THE MUSIC GIVES ME POWER!!! And I just love the shield offered by the save points, but I hate the falling platform (Sonic player).
  2. Bridge Of Eldin. Big and flat. What I wanted of Hyrule Temple since day one.
  3. Spear Pillar. Two levels of brawl. Enough said.
  1. Spear Pillar - I can pretty much just set a bunch of explosives and claim the bottom section for myself.
  2. New Pork City - I have a nice, big TV, which allows me to see shit most other people can’t.
  3. Mushroomy Kingdom - I just tend to do well here, for some reason.


Luigi’s Mansion
Shadow Moses

  1. Battlefield
  2. Spear Pilliar
  3. Lylat Cruise

Shadow Moses Island, Port Town, and Delfino Plaza get an honrable mention.

Delfino- I always do really well with mk on this level and I really like the way the level is designed so much fun:Tup:

Port town- Just a lot of fun to play on and provides many random WTF LOL moments.

It’s a tie between FD, smashville, and lylat cruise all are just simple fun levels with great music especially star wolf music on lylat:rock:.

  1. Smashville
  2. Delfino
  3. FD
  1. Lylat Cruise - Very Simple, Basic, No Hazards. Has platforms and Star Fox Music.(CAN’T LET YOU DO THAT STAR FOX!)

  2. PKMN Stadium (Melee) - Simple stage with platforms, morphs around to become slightly more complex. Also where people tend to show you thier Pokemanz.

  3. Castle Siege - Starts out as a basic level then morphs twice, the one with walk off ledges and statue structures that STOP projectiles. Bowser LOVES IT!!

Mario Kart

Although really I like quite a lot of them. Even the WarioWare one.

Final Destination

No bullshit to interfere.

Port Town - Cool stage, has the godlike Fire Field song
Yoshi’s Island - Pretty neutral for when I want that sort of thing, cool design
Castle Siege - Cool design, awesome FE themed music

Did I mention how ridiculously PISSED I am that you can only hear Bramble Blast in fucking Rumble Falls unless you go custom stage? That’s seriously like the best song in the whole game.